Apple still plans all-new MacBook Pro this month, new USB-C MacBook Air also in the works, sources say

“Apple still plans to announce its new MacBook Pro ‘in the month’ with shipments to begin at the end of October, according to new information shared by Japanese site Mac Otakara,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Citing a ‘reliable Chinese supplier,’ the site says that Apple will launch both 13 and 15-inch models, continuing to offer the machine in the same sizes available today,” Clover reports. “Apple is also expected to launch a new 13-inch MacBook Air, but will not debut a new 11-inch MacBook Air machine.”

“Previous rumors and part leaks have suggested the upcoming MacBook Pro will include four USB-C ports, doing away with an SD card slot, an HDMI port, USB-A ports, and a MagSafe connection,” Clover reports. “It is also expected to feature a redesigned, thinner body with a flatter keyboard, an OLED display touch panel that replaces the physical function keys at the top of the keyboard, and Touch ID support.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If true, sounds like they’ll be announced via press release. Soon, our quest to replace our beloved 11-inch MacBook Airs in our backpacks will begin in earnest!

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  1. This would be great. I’m still using my 4 year old 1st gen rMBP. This machine is still works great and looks fantastic. Never has a mac performed this well for so long after several major OS upgrades.
    Still would like to upgrade to something with newer features. And the old rMBP may replace my Mac mini as a home server.

    1. I’m using my Late-2013 rMBP and it still feels new, but it’s just not capable of gaming (or a few other more resource intense tasks) which forces me to continue using consoles, which my friends make fun of me for lol

      1. I have that same model but it’s fully loaded and still fast as lightning. I use it for many things including hooking it up to an LG 34″ 3440×1440 Ultrawide monitor (which is fantastic especially for video editing) and it’ll be good for years to come. What I really need is a redesigned more pro-designed Mac Pro (not a Jonny Ives one) like many here. Still waiting…

    2. At work I’m using a 2012 MBP, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, an SSD, and the optical drive replaced with a HDD for extra storage. Runs really well.
      I’m hoping Apple can produce something I’d want to upgrade to.

  2. So……no desktops?
    Announced via press release doesn’t sound real promising for the hoped for new ‘Pro’ machines, Minis, etc….

    Tim Cook – pissing off Apple’s core customer base, one grouping at a time…

  3. Would be nice to see Apple make its laptop lineup sensible again.

    MacBook — current 12″ netbook needs a price reduction, and a 14″ model with better connectivity

    MacBook Air — kill it off already

    MacBook Pro – 15″ and 17″ would do nicely, with all the bells and whistles

    1. But ditching the SD card on a Pro model is sad, especially as many people use it for photography. Yeah, I get that there are wireless cameras, but replacing equipment isn’t cheap.

      HDMI also comes in handy on a pro model.

      . Looks like we’re going to be dongle-land on the MBP.

        1. You know what this reminds me of? PCs. Where the sticker price does not reflect the actual total cost of ownership.

          With PCs it’s having to buy or get anti-virus and anti-malware software, pay for tech maintenance and support if you’re not techy enough, etc.

          With Macs, more and more it’s having to buy additional dongles for stuff that should be built-in on a modern laptop.

          (If anyone’s going to respond with strawmen about floppy drives or SCSI ports, don’t bother wasting my time).

    1. The solution is painfully obvious: If you’re going to keep using obsolete technology like SD cards, then keep using an obsolete MacBook that still has the port built in. Or there are also adapters out there, just like the old disk drives you can still buy.

      1. So the cards that are still used in the overwhelming majority of digital cameras are “obsolete”? The two Nikon bodies I use on a daily basis cost more than most laptops, even MBPros.

        Maybe I should tell my editors that the thousands of dollars we spent on camera bodies was wasted because of this “obsolete” technology.

  4. New Mac Pro – if the powers that be at Apple haven’t seen how many people have and are decrying the design of the 2013 Mac Pro and address it in this coming cycle I’d look to that as definitive proof Tim Cook doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Apple’s core group of customers.

    Ditching ports (and especially Mag Safe) on the MacBook Pro – Really? What kind of an asshat would it take to think it’s a good idea to go this route on a supposedly Pro machine? What’s next? 2-core i5 processors ala the latest Mac Minis? 4 gigs RAM max?

    I know these things are all speculation at this point but the reason so many people, I think, are reacting as we are is because these types of boneheaded omissions are entirely feasible with today’s Apple.

    I realize that w/o Steve Jobs it can’t be the same company but is it too much to hope for at least somewhat competent leadership? Stock price doesn’t tell the whole tale of a company – leading as if it did will kill the company…

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