Apple planning a big price-drop for the 12-inch MacBook?

“A report from last night suggests that Apple is planning to drop the 11-inch MacBook Air when it unveils new MacBook Pro models later this month,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac.

“Macotakara has an above-average track-record, but the move would – on the face of it – seem surprising. The 11-inch Air has always served two purposes,” Lovejoy writes. “First, it has been the machine of choice for those who want a Mac in the sleekest possible form-factor. It of course lost that role when Apple launched the 12-inch MacBook, so that side of things makes sense.”

“But the 11-inch machine also served a second role since the plastic MacBooks were phased out: as the entry-level machine designed to bring new customers into the Mac world,” Lovejoy writes. “In particular, it appealed to students on a tight budget – customers whose lifetime value to Apple would be huge once hooked on Macs from a young age. It’s not a market Apple would want to abandon.”

“So what might Apple be planning if the rumor is true?” Lovejoy asks. “One way or another, Apple is going to want to keep that entry-level path open.”

Lovejoy looks at Apple’s current line-up and four possibilities her sees in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: With our eyes firmly on the 12-inch MacBook for our road Macs (until we’re distracted by the new MacBook Pro), we’re certainly amenable to a “big price-drop.”

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    1. “Sad stories”? REALLY? Want to hear some REALLY sad stories, PC? How about the one found in the letter to customers (late 2015) in which Microsoft apologized profusely to one and all for the piece of crap the Surface Book and Pro 4 were?

      And how about the sad story Bill Belichick just told today explaining why he and the Patriots were unceremoniously BANNING the Surface abomination from sideline and in-practice use because of its complete unreliability?

      Can you read? Or do you just ignore anything you don’t want to see or hear? PC Apologist, indeed. That’s full-time work if I’ve ever seen it!

      1. I was pretty clear that I haven’t used the mini macbook, only heard stories from owner/users. Every one has been complaint about poor performance and spotty reliability (troubles with power management / wake from sleep, laggy responsiveness, etc.)

        I also haven’t used the Surface devices. I’ve got plenty of first-hand problems with Microsoft, but I’m actually pleased to hear they apologized. Apple’s response to the faulty GPUs in the Mac Pro cylinders was a double-secret recall, and response to bad design in one model of iPhone was to tell customers they were holding their phones wrong.

        1. Just like Trump, you disparage stuff by stating that you “heard something” and close out by saying “I don’t know.” Classic.

          I have heard from a number of sources that PC Apologist is a total twat and spanks himself at night. Now I don’t know PC Apologist personally, but people are asking questions. And that means something. So, what does it mean? I don’t know. But people should be asking questions about those rumors.

    2. The only stories I get from people are folks who have quad core MacBook Pros and they’re trying to do all those things with the CoreM processor in the MacBook. It will do those things, but not like a quad i7 will. If you expect that, you’re in for disappointment. I tried one at the AppleStore and opened a bunch of stuff including about 10 Safari tabs, Word, Mail, and FinalCut. FinalCut playback started choking when I moved it to the background, but was OK when it was in the front. I bought it.

      1. Agreed. The MacBook is a smaller, lighter, less expensive device targeted for folks who are not looking for high performance. If you have reasonable expectations, then it is a fine machine.

        I bought a second generation MacBook Air several years ago and it has been great around the house. My wife and the kids use it all of the time for shopping, web surfing, YouTube videos, etc. It is similar in nature to a large iPad with a keyboard, except with OS X, not iOS. It has served its purpose just fine.

  1. That’s always been the plan… The “big price drop” may also correspond with the first Mac to use an Apple “A-chip” instead of the low-power Intel processor.

    Then, you have an entry-level Mac that’s optimized for the iPhone fans, who don’t want to use an iPad as their “computer.” The “traditional” entry-level Intel MacBook, with non-Retina display and more ports, becomes the 13-inch MacBook Air with its own price drop. And the “high performance” MacBook remains the MacBook Pro, in its various configs.

  2. In the new generation of machines the MacBook has been the intro MacBook. I used one during my dissertation. Good machine. The MBA 13″ is barely usable on some flights. I know Tim probably has not flown coach in a few years. For us that have to for work; please keep the 11″ inch model.

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