Anticipating an Apple special event in October

“Now that the predictable, yet nice, updates to iPhone and iOS have hit the streets — with great success by the way — it is time to turn our attention to the Mac product line,” E. Werner Reschke writes for TGAAP.

” October is the beginning of Apple’s new fiscal year. All companies, especially Apple, like to start their fiscal year’s strong because it makes meeting annual sales, revenue, margins much easier as the year goes along,” Reschke writes. “In addition there was this recent email from Tim Cook posted by MacRumors about Tim’s love and commitment to the Mac. Tim’s ‘stay tuned’ comment is basically an admission that Apple is not done in 2016 with product launches.”

Reschke writes, “Apple has historically revealed new hardware, Mac hardware, in the month of October and we think this October will be no different.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Last October, Apple announced the updated iMac family via press release. The last October special event Apple held was on October 16, 2014 (iPad Air 2, Mac mini, iMac, Apple Pay launch date).


    1. You won’t be the first….people are leaving the mac in droves. As of October 1st, worldwide Mac shares declined another 6.1% from 7.37% to 6.92%. That folks is a WHOPPING 27.7% decline in FIVE (5) MONTHS.

      Apple is leaving Macs in the dust, and a rumored fancy OLED touch bar is not going to cut it. Millions of college kids just bought winblows machines and will further be indoctrinated to desire winblows for the enterprise. They all might have iPhones and iPads but they will own PCs, not Macs.

      WTF Apple!!!!

      1. Long story short for myself: if I think a new iMac or Mac Pro could handle all my needs I will only have that Mac or two Macs. And that is what I wish from Apple.

        Windows only is not an option for me because If I leave the Mac world 1)- I will have to re-buy some license to use those applications on Windows (added cost), I will have to move all my Mac files to Windows (painful). And 2)- I love OS X as much as many of you surely do.

        A few years back I decided to build a Windows box to to offload my dependance on the peculiarities of working on only one OS and because 3D graphics are way faster in PCs (that is beyond question), but this increased my costs and also the time it took me to support 2 OSs and work with them together.

        Today my iMac is in deep therapy and I bought a newer top 27 iMac model on eBay for half of what I payed for my top featured iMac 27 in 2012, it was a very good deal and I don’t think I could depend on Apple to announce exactly what I need. The next update will have to go to my PC.

      1. At over 85% market share, it’s not desperation, rather the other “D Word,” Dominance. Ask any successful corporation how desperate they are using Windows. Ask any IT guy what they want, and OS/X is a distant third to Linux (variants) and Microsoft. Ask any liberal man bun Hillary supporter, and you’ll gain your army of Emotionally invested fan boys. I would not stand on a soapbox with less than 5% soap.

        On the other side of the BSD argument, I like Apple and think my Rose Gold iPad Pro 9.7 128gb, and iPhone 7 128gb are awesome tools, if not incomplete when it comes to remote control of my data center (filled with Windows and Linux servers, and one older iMac Pro – where is that solution?). The difference is that my phone and pad are very new, have great battery life, with new CPU’s.

        Most companies will not allow a MacBook Pro, Air, or Mac Pro’s in the door as they are at best 2 year old tech, and desktop/laptop resources are at a premium with mobility and cloud. Putting new glass or a CPU in that is always at least a generation behind is nothing more than a refresh. I want Apple to succeed, and not on the backs of a few fanboys, but on merit, technology advancements ahead of others, and unmatched function. The last three to four years have been horrible for Apple relative to tech advancement. The guys at Bestbuy call the Mac Pro the trash can no one can afford. Not the top flight tech advisors, but the face of Apple most see and hear, and that’s bad news. I want a new MacBook Pro as mine was old the day I bought it new at the Apple Store. I bought a quad Xeon Mac Pro and its been fantastic for my vinyl side business, but the OS limitations continue to fore me onto my Windows 10 pro box for so many other functions.

        The emotional responses discard fact as inconvenient, but the facts don’t allow for an increase in market share.

    2. Troll. I am far from senility or dementia. Windows and android are simply not relevant to me. No appeal whatsoever. It’s really a no-brainer, though. Learned, know, experienced too much…

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