UBS: Don’t laugh at Apple Watch and AirPods, they’re part of Apple’s ‘ambient paradigm’

“Apple shares are being undervalued because investors are too bearish on the ‘ambient paradigm’ – an era of technology where the company’s iOS operating system is everywhere through different devices – according to a note by UBS on Wednesday,” Arjun Kharpal reports for CNBC.

“‘The ambient paradigm consists of a many devices providing different input/output methods that can be flexibly utilized depending on the situation (sitting, walking, running, driving). Collectively these devices offer the capability of earlier products and more delivered as a seamless user experience,’ UBS wrote in a note,” Kharpal reports. “Focusing on the iPod as merely a music player would have indicated little about Apple’s future in mobile, UBS argues.”

“So investors need to see the Apple Watch and wireless AirPods as transition products into whatever the next paradigm for Apple might be. ‘Apple often introduces important long-term technology in a more modest form that reveals only part of its eventual capability. For instance, Apple appears to have settled on the recent version of the Watch as a fitness play, but we expect health and Internet of Things interactions to become integral over time,’ UBS wrote,” Kharpal reports. “For the ‘ambient paradigm’ to be achieved, Apple will need to integrate the user experience so that all these devices connect seamlessly. For example, you could speak to Siri – Apple’s digital person assistant – via the AirPods and ask for directions which then show up on the Watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Meanwhile, Google’s hard at work building an Ambien™ paradigm.

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  1. Nobody is laughing. Everyone is crying at how Apple under Cook has slipped so much. The watch is an embarrassment for Apple.

    Steve, We REALLY miss you. Why did you leave us???

    1. What I find most ironic/moronic about guys like you on this website is your use of “we”. Talk for yourself. Don’t lump other people in with you. Open your ears and your mind. You will be surprised to find how so few people agree with you.

      A bigger embarrassment is you calling yourself the equivalent of Apple lover. You are deeply welded to the past and what you want is simply a modernized version of a regurgitated past. It’s not going to happen and that is a good thing. I f Apple were to do that, they would die faster than you can imagine.

    2. After an illness, I bought the Apple Watch Original. It is amazing! I never thought for a minute it would be useful but after using the fitness and health apps, I love it. I even like being able to reach over and touch it at night while on the charger and get the time. I usually have 30+% battery remaining at bedtime. Using Siri for reminders and shopping lists works to really simplify my day. At 83, my memory sucks.

    1. Agreed…makes me think (now somewhat clear) that Apple’s infrastructure acts as an ambient “Echo” and whatever gaggle’s device is. The point is, a device is so last decade, but the ecosystem can be everywhere. Please Apple, stay away from the sieve nature that drains to unfriendlies…NSA et al.

  2. Technically, it is tough. Users expect so much and to make everybody happy is almost impossible. Nitwits and LameBrains don’t understand this, and never will and there will always be somebody that will complain about something. Apple cannot win, Good luck with this Apple, you will need it.

    1. “Apple cannot win…”
      …as they laugh all the way to the bank. There will always be naysayers; there always has been with Apple. But Apple doesn’t have to win over everyone to win in general. I wish for more on the Mac side, but I like all my Apple products. Don’t care about anyone else’s opinion.

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