See Apple’s huge new auditorium before it’s buried forever

“Apple’s new futuristic, UFO-shaped home continues to rise out of the California dirt as we can see in the video shot by drone pilot Matthew Roberts in 4K,” Eric Mack reports for CNET.

“Roberts has been posting periodic construction updates to YouTube for the past few years, and the latest shows some of the finishing touches going on the massive circular main building,” Mack reports. “Solar panel installation on the roof — a key component to Apple’s plan to generate as much of its own power as it can — is nearly halfway done.”

“Perhaps the most interesting thing in the flyover is the chance to see Apple’s planned underground auditorium while it’s still above ground,” Mack reports. “Sitting ominously nearby the facility is a massive mound of dirt that will be used at least in part to cover up the place where we’ll meet the gadgets of the future.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: TGIF! Only 3 days and 6 hours left! Mehrere Bier, bitte! 🍻


    1. Ben Elton wrote “Stark” about the richest men in the world building a resort in the Australian desert. But many begin to notice that the resort seems to be spaceship shaped. Of course, the company furiously denies this. Until of course, it takes off…

      Surely this isn’t what’s happening at the Campus!

  1. Put Steve’s statue dead center middle of pond w/fountain.
    Tim gets to take the tunnel into work…or, does he even need to go home? Looking for helicopter landing pad area.
    is there an internal circular shuttle around the building? How do you get to another department on the other side quickly?
    Looks like the tunnel can hold about four 18-wheelers at one time.

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