Apple’s first R&D Center in China will develop hardware, employ 500

“Apple Inc.’s first research center in China will be a $45 million facility located in the capital to develop hardware, the site’s landlord said, announcing some of the first details of the project,” Yang Jie and Eva Dou report for The Wall Street Journal.

“The new center will focus on developing advanced technologies, including computer hardware and communications, audio and video equipment and other devices, state-owned Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee said in a social media post Thursday,” Jie and Dou report. “It said the center will have 500 employees.”

“Chief Executive Tim Cook said during a meeting last month with a senior Chinese leader that Apple planned to set up its first research center in China,” Jie and Dou report. “The new research center will be located in a new science park in the city’s Wangjing area, according to the Zhongguancun committee. The committee said Apple’s decision to open the center will help boost to the Chinese economy, creating new employment opportunities, and Apple’s competition with local phone makers would inspire designs suited to the China market.”

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  1. This is excellent news.

    It will be so much faster and easier for China to knock off Apple technology now.

    Apple, like other American companies are chasing after a dream. They will sell their mothers to try to get more of the China market.

    The China govt dangles the carrot in front of the US companies, and once China has your IP, they will take it and spit you out. We’ve seen this many times.

    1. Apple may indeed need to rework their “Designed in California Assembled in China” marking, given that more design work is being done overseas. An article in the Israeli press yesterday, referencing the roughly 1,000 people working for Apple in Herzliyah and Haifa, claims they are working on the Apple 8.

      The fact is a complex instrument like the iPhone is a “world product” with design elements and components coming from all over.

  2. Uhhh, don’t do it Apple. Can you REALLY trust that everything you might develop there might not be stolen right out from under you surreptitiously? I think not. Better not develop anything there important enough you’ll regret it later. Because I have a feeling you WILL. China is the proverbial scorpion and it’s in their nature.

    I still fail to understand that with billions in the bank why you can’t build more manufacturing facilities here in the U.S. (or UK, Ireland) for a relative pittance and still be competitive.

  3. Wow
    Rarely are all the comment in unison. I also agree China is a thief of Intellectual Property. The US turned a blind eye to Japan, Korea, Tiawan, etal, indiscriminately taking our IP, it only emboldened China to do it on a scale never foreseen.

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