Apple iPhone 7 goes scuba diving, records 4K underwater

“Apple’s iPhone 7 is claimed to be IP67 rated, making it suitable for water resistance at a depth of 1m for up to thirty minutes,” Oliver Haslam reports for Redmond Pie.That’s great if you happen to drop your iPhone in the bath, or for some reason, feel the need to reply to emails in the shower, but there will always be someone who takes things a little bit further.”

“Perhaps too far, in fact, but it usually makes for great entertainment when they do,” Haslam reports. “So when we heard about one YouTube taking an iPhone 7 for scuba diving, our ears pricked up.”

Haslam reports, “If you check the video out, you will notice that the iPhone was recording 4K video throughout the testing, which shows that the device was still functioning A-OK during all but the final depth tests.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now all we need is an Apple TV that can play back 4K video!

The 4K video shot by iPhone 7 Plus is rather amazing (especially to those of us who formerly worked in the television business; the amount and weight and size of the equipment replaced by an iPhone 7 Plus is amazing, as it the indescribably huge increase in quality, resolution, image stabilization, etc.)


  1. Essentially due to compression if you down-res to 1080p you have a helluva image. 4K is great (and I shoot projects in 4K but with better 24p Prores 422 HQ gear) but really 1080p still ain’t bad either. Especially at the viewing distances people watch anyway. When I finally buy into 4K it’s be at least 85″ or why bother? Younger eyes mileage may vary but with 4K I think bigger is better with more of a payoff.

      1. Just as a note I have a 75″ 4K Sony and I can see this resolution as I sit about 9 feet from the screen….It will also upscale my Apple TV4 to 4K….Night scenes of a well lit City looks so 3D it’s simply incredible….still ATV4 should have native 4K capability since the iPhone does…

        1. Oh Magoo you’ve done it again. 🙂 Glad it works well for you. I am looking forward to it as we lose the long since unneeded (but old fashioned wife clung to for far too long) Shrine Living Room (that no one went into) into a better totally transformed media room with a giant 4K HDR screen and Dolby 7.1 sound system. Yay!

    1. Here’s my judge of what is mainstream:

      When I walk into a Costco and see pallets of a product on sale at very compelling prices, then I know that product has arrived.

      Costco, for good and bad, doesn’t take risks with low volume, bleeding edge products. Often the electronics sold there are special runs of last year’s model, tailored to meet the Costco price point.

      Go to, there are:

      39 of the 4K televisions (3840 x 2160 or better)
      11 of the 1080p TVs
      3 of the 720p TVs

      If you can afford Apple, you can afford a current 4K television.

    2. Oh, one more thing — I should clarify that I am in no way endorsing Costco for your next TV purchase. I think you can buy better quality TVs elsewhere for about the same price/value.

      For whatever reason, Costco doesn’t sell Panasonic or Sony. Both of these brands I think offer impressive value and best of all, they aren’t Samsung or LG. If you buy a TV at Costco, you’re pretty much relegated to Korean brands only. You can do better.

  2. Where do these idiots get these phones they are totally willing to destroy?? They surely can’t be buying these with their own money….?? Like the idiot who drilled into the bottom of a iPhone 7 so he could stick his Headphone jack in there….just kills me to see willing destruction of a sophisticated electronic instrument..???

    1. They make ad revenue on their Youtube channel. The crazier the stunt, the more viral it goes and views gotten. The more views the more ad revenue. These guys are actually getting the cost of these destroyed iPhones paid for pretty easily from the ad revenue, with enough left over to buy scuba gear.

  3. When you take a snorkeling cruise at a Caribbean island, they often have one of their crew record underwater video while the guests are snorkeling. During the trip back to the port, they quickly edit this video and burn DVDs for sale. All the templates (intro, credits, titling, B-roll stock footage) are already in place, they simply drop in the clips shot on the day, add a bit of narration and show the product on a TV screen while the DVDs are burning. Often, they would sell 20 of these by the time they’re in port, which brings a bit of extra pocket change for the young crew.

    I can already see tons of underwater iPhone 7 home movies cutting into this little side business…

    1. I bring my own underwater camera on those trips – an old Olympus Pen Mini in an Oly underwater housing. Ended up with that after an iPhone 4S in a Lifeproof case turned out to not be life proof underwater. The new iPhone 7 would probably suffice now that it’s IP67, at least for snorkeling.

  4. Water resistance is for accidental dropping or exposure. It’s not meant for recreational use. It’s fun as all get go to watch otherwise. Cool crawfish, but sadly no fish.

    Most of these guys testing iPhones, have developed quite the network. Crazy Russian, techrax, and this guy, I don’t know his name. They all speak Russian/Ukrainian, sometimes. It’s all for fun, money and geek enthusiasm. Techrax used to do real tech reviews, but now it’s a bunch of stupid stuff. How stupid is 10 million views though? techrax recently claimed he reached 1 billion views total. Also he dropped an iPhone 7 off the tallest building in the world, in Dubai. Not the smartest thing to do, dangerous and stupid, but not cheap. This is new media for you.

  5. This one has the same flaw as the other tests that I’ve seen.

    They go down a short distance for a short time period and come back up. It works… let’s immediately go deeper!

    The problem is that we don’t know exactly where and when the iPhone failed. The iPhone could’ve failed early on, but the damage wasn’t apparent until much later.

    To properly test them what they need to do is test in stages with a new iPhone at each stage, or at the very least waiting a day before going to the next stage.

    Also in this test, he did the one thing Apple says not to do when you iPhone gets wet. He plugged it in. That might have been what caused the damage.

    The one thing all of these tests have convinced me of is that that you should indeed avoid water activity with your iPhone. Don’t intentionally go swimming with it.

  6. 20 feet isn’t really that deep even whilst snorkelling. It’s nice that it’s proven robust enough to survive being dropped whilst paddling in a river, but I don’t see myself swapping my GoPro for an iPhone 7 any time soon.

      1. I don’t doubt that having an iPhone reach that depth and survive is a good thing. I’m just saying that it isn’t a suitable alternative to a proper underwater camera and housing. It won’t survive a full 45-50 min dive even at shallow depth. Same problem most likely if you’re just snorkelling for the same length of time too..

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