Which is the best iPhone to buy: iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 7 Plus? Jet Black vs. Rose Gold? 32GB vs. 265GB?

“With the release of the iPhone 7, customers have a lot of choice when it comes to purchasing the best iPhone for their personal circumstances,” Jeff Benjamin writes for 9to5Mac. “If you’re in the market for a new iPhone 7, which new iPhone should you consider buying?”

“I’m convinced that the new sweet spot for storage space is the 128GB version of the iPhone. 128GB lends users a high storage ceiling,” Benjamin writes. “Only the most prolific storage users might look into the 256GB models of the iPhone 7. But if money is no issue, it certainly can’t hurt to opt for that much storage.”

“Color is highly subjective, but there are some definite things to consider here as well. Do you want to make it obvious that you have the latest and greatest? If so, then Black and Jet Black are your best options,” Benjamin writes. “Do you use your iPhone naked, i.e. without a case? If so, and you aren’t worried about scratches and micro abrasions, then the Jet Black iPhone is by far the best feeling iPhone from a tactile perspective. I’ve long held the opinion that the plastic iPhone 5c was the best handling iPhone up until this moment in time, but the Jet Black model easily dethrones it.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We chose Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus flagship over iPhone 7 for three reasons: Display size, camera, and battery life. We’re willing to carry something larger in exchange for those three things.

The amount of time spent on iPhone’s exquisite design, in general, and the copious extra effort spent on the Jet Black finish, in particular, means that our 256GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus units will be used without cases. Just like Jony Ive’s iPhone.

iPhones are meant to be used. And use creates a certain patina. You don’t buy a leather sofa and immediately encase it in plastic – unless you’re Great Aunt Aunt Edith (who’d never a buy sofa in leather anyway, but you get the point).

If resale value is your main concern or if you’re prone to dropping your iPhone, then use a case (something like this $14.99 Caseology clear case; there’s no need to break the bank). But, of course, as with any full-body case you’re making your iPhone thicker, heavier, and potentially causing it to run hotter, so, if you’re willing to absorb the mere $25 dollar or so difference in resale value between a year old iPhone with normal signs of wear vs. “flawless” (which, serious, have they ever given that designation to you even after having it entombed at all times?) you might want to consider eschewing the case.

We treat our iPhones like the pocketable personal computers they are (no dropping), so we’re willing to take the $25 hit in resale value each year in order to be able to enjoy the craftsmanship of Apple’s industrial design, nude, in all of its glory.


  1. I love the Incipio Stowaway wallet case. Carry my Drivers License, Discover Card and $50 emergency cash in it. Buying 256 matt Black 7 Plus. Glossy Jet Black doesn’t really do it for me. Love the Black Apple on Black matt finish. $963 fully paid for with Perk Points.😜

  2. Been using the 256GB jet black iphone7 for almost a week now with no case and not a single scratch yet. (Although i don’t just lay my phone on random surfaces, it’s usually in my pocket or on my bobine charger that keeps it off the desk.

    Battery life has been epic, i’ve had 20-30% charge left at the end of the day. I don’t think the dual camera on the + is good enough yet to warrant having to carry around a huge phone. I’m waiting to see what happens next year, and hoping they can shrink down the + body. If they can, then I might switch to the +

  3. question to MDN staff / other readers:

    How / Where do you keep your phone on the go? – I have mine (still a 5S; soon to be upgraded to a 6S) in my front left pocket (right front are coins & keys). I am very wary of losing the PLUS if kept in a back pocket, and there is by no means enough space in the front pocket… – In fact I am considering changing my clothing style to cargo pants for this singular reason 😉

    So? …

  4. 256Gb is still chump change if you shoot lots of pics (now in bigger file RAW) and 4K video. I’ll never order anything less than as much storage as possible on an iPhone, or iPad, or MBP. Something you will never regret. Man I can’t wait for my iPhone 7 Plus! (In basic flat black since I cover the darn thing up with a rubber case anyway and the flat black has much lower “FBI approved” clear fingerprint visibility. Jet Black is also much harder to get right now.)

    1. Good point, yes with increase of image capture size and video quality — more storage is greatly needed. This is why the 256Gb is offered on the Plus.

      chump change? I must have a different understanding of that term. 256 Gb comes as a fairly big expense to the buyer. And I still believe Apple can offer a phone with micro SD expandability for these reasons. Wouldn’t be great on a iPhone 7 to have a SD slot? A Lexar 200 Gb micro sd is far less then Apple charges. Seen at 78$.

      1. I meant chump change meaning even 256Gb isn’t enough. SD slots might be a challenge for water resistant phones. The easiest and most obvious method is to transfer data off the phone and clear storage for another round of stills & video media acquisition. Micro SD cards are so small they’re scary! I actually feel better using the internal storage. But, to each their own.

  5. Never ever had a case. I like the iPhone the way it is. They have been aging beautifully from day 1.

    Beside a screen protection, I ordered the 7 Jet Black 128.

    Can’t wait to see how aging goes on this new finish… Pretty sure it will be like a good old tool you keep on using and scratch and wear are only witness of time.

  6. Unfortunately, over the years, I’ve become more of a butter-fingers and opt’d for a case on my Jet 7, and previous 6, and really like Apple’s leather case, doesn’t add too much and protects it when I can’t seem to find my pocket or place it on the table correctly.

    Has nothing to with wanting more money on a trade-in, has everything to do with not having to take the time to get my phone fixed/replaced at usually the most inopportune time.

  7. MDN crazy if they think they’ll never accidentally drop their phone. I am very careful with mine but even so, accidents happen. If I didn’t have a case on my iPhones I’d have broken their screens and whatnot long ago.

    MDN writers might be robots but the rest of us are human. I love MDN and agree with 99.9999% of what they say but vehemently disagree on the no-case iPhone policy they have.

    Don’t be dumb. Get a case. Even if it is the lightest, most see-through case you can get. Just get one. Don’t be like MDN on this one issue.

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