Ireland’s Finance Minister Noonan: Apple tax appeal may take four years, maybe more

Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan talks about the rise of European populism, the European Union’s tax claim against Apple, Ireland’s tax structure, and potential tax retaliation from the United States. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

We think that the decision [regarding Apple’s taxes] made by the competition commission was the wrong decision. We think it’s based on very fragile, illegal principles and we’re appealing it. And we have very strong grounds for appeal and we have very strong legal advice that we’ll win the appeal. But, beyond that, there’s a process. They kind of constituted themselves as a quasi-judicial, they made a decision, we’re appealing it, and there are two phases to the appeal… and it’ll probably take four years, maybe more.

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Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Bloated bureaucratic efficiency at its finest.

“It’ll probably take four years, maybe more.” In the meantime: Anyone who decides to set up a business in a European Union member country today is insane.MacDailyNews, August 30, 2016

The EU’s antitrust commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, is a fool.

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  1. Wow, four years, that’s like blistering speed compared to bringing those at Guantanamo on the bay resort to justice. I mean some of them have been over there for a decade and they haven’t even been charged.

    I’m sure it will keep the media entertained.

      1. Who decided to hold suspected terrorists at the Guantanamo facility?

        What was the POTUS supposed to do when states refused to accept prisoners from Guantanamo and when many of them could not be released, as least not immediately?

        And, to follow up on that, do you recall the largely partisan uproar when Obama supported limited releases of prisoners from Guantanamo?

        Bush handed Obama a huge bag o’ crap and the Republicans did their best to smear it on Obama, hoping that people would think it came from him. The primary objectives of the Republican party of “no” has been to block and disparage Obama and Clinton for the past eight years. It is an unflattering aspect of the American populace that the Republican partisan smear campaign on Obama and Clinton has succeeded to some degree. Some people will believe nearly anything if it is repeated often enough, and in very simple words.

      1. Well since Apple is doing neither I don’t see your point. If you think the Apple Car (decidedly will NOT be a toy) will be overpriced then don’t buy one. Railing against items you can’t afford (and there are plenty neither you or I can afford) is pointless. Buy what you can and let others buy what they want. No need to put it down.

    1. If Trump gets elected he will have four years to pass laws that will LOWER the tax rate and Apple can bring the cash home as Cook and MDN have been advocating for years. Will we then see where the EU socialists will go from there.

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