IBM: ‘Swift is now ready for the enterprise’

“‘Apple is smartly creating great digital experiences and I think they know that great digital experiences mean unleashing tons of innovation from the community overall,’ Mike Gilfix, IBM’s VP of MobileFirst and Smarter Process told me, discussing Swift 3.0,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“I was speaking with Gilfix to mark IBM’s official introduction of IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift, new software developed by the company to unlock all the server-side capabilities now available in Swift 3.0 for building microservice APIs on the cloud,” Evans reports. “The release is incredibly important as it means enterprise developers will be able to build next generation apps in native Swift from end-to-end, client-side to server-side, on the IBM Cloud. It has been made possible by Apple’s decision to make Swift open source.”

Evans reports, “‘With this release, Swift is now ready for the enterprise,’ Gilfix says. ‘I used to be a language hacker back in the day… It’s not every day you see the birth of a new programming ecosystem like Swift is going to be. I think we’re only getting started.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Buh-bye, Microsoft crap.


  1. I make sites using wordpress or drupal, sometimes I need to do some custom php and some sql queries to create new functions, but is am so happy with the results because for such an easy software, you get some pretty powerful results.
    But every now and then came an I diot that want me to use “dot net ” because he thinks that because it is from Microsoft it is more powerful even that he can’t point me to any site that use dot net and does not have a ton of programmers “trying” to maintain the site updated and working. Besides all the expenses you have to do in licenses and support.
    I really expect swift to became another tool for web server process.

  2. Everyone keeps saying how Apple has left the pro market. I believe this shows how committed Apple is. They have worked with IBM to fill in the gaps with enterprise. All the Microsoft fans can say what they want, but for mobile MS has blown it. As far as the Mac goes Intel is the ones that has been holding them back. Yes, others have thrown together boxes with the new chips, however Apple has never done that. In some ways Apple is their own worst enemy here. They have made the mobile market an annual upgrade, now people expect the same with PC’s.

    1. Somewhere between laptops and cloud servers, there should be a real “Pro” Mac.

      The current Mac Pro is a great Mac, just not Pro in any sense of how that word is normally associated with PCs. I.e. PCs for people who want a personal computer with the most compute power possible.

      Apple used to sell great Pro machines.

  3. It is all about economics. You need a language that makes development cheap (easy to learn and use) and that minimizes hardware investment (efficient and fast). Until recently you needed to choose between speedy (Go) and easy (Ruby, Perl, PHP). Swift has the potential to win in the long run by providing both performance and ease of use.

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