Apple-target McLaren is a tech company disguised as a carmaker

“On the face of it, U.K. supercar maker McLaren would seem an odd partner for Apple Inc. as the consumer electronics and software giant seeks to crack the global auto industry,” Christopher Jasper reports for Bloomberg. “With its racetrack heritage and gas-guzzling models priced from 126,000 pounds ($165,000), Woking, England-based McLaren is a world away from the mainstream auto market, which Apple appears to be targeting and where it would face brands with a global profile to match its own.”

“Yet McLaren’s rich history in Formula One, the most elite level of auto racing, means the company has as much in common with Apple as it does with more-conventional carmakers such as Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co.,” Jasper reports. “Formula One is a technology-led circuit in which engines and chassis are highly regulated and minute electronic enhancements can make the difference between winning and finishing last.”

“McLaren has also achieved the transition from developer of industry-leading technology to a full-scale producer of street-legal cars in just six years, presenting a blueprint for making a splash in the auto market in short order,” Jasper reports. “Apple is exploring a strategic investment with the carmaker, people familiar with the matter said, though both parties denied that talks are under way.”

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MacDailyNews Take: McLaren can issue non-denial denials all they want, but there are too many reports with too many sources to believe them.

Supercar-maker McLaren says not in discussion with Apple ‘in respect of any potential investment’ – September 22, 2016
Apple in talks to acquire British supercar maker McLaren – September 21, 2016


  1. For now only The Financial Times claims there are talks; other serious organizations, including Bloomberg, did not independently confirm the fact of negotiations; they do not mention anything on that in the linked article.

    So the rumour can be true or false; anyway, Apple is going to be fine.

    1. McLaren have also been working on electric cars and they have tremendous expertise in creating carbon fibre bodywork for cars, together with being world leaders in sophisticated in-car electronics systems.

      There is a great deal of common ground between the two companies and a similar attitude too.

  2. Yup… they denied investment but not a buyout ..!
    the price tag, to me is, perplexing tough!
    1.5 million for one the most hightech, kick ass supecar makers and one of the most Famous F1 names !
    3 billion for Beats ….🤔😳

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