How to perform a clean installation of macOS Sierra

“macOS Sierra is Apple’s latest desktop operating system, which succeeds OS X El Capitan and adopts a new name to bring it in line with iOS, watchOS, and tvOS,” Tim Hardwick writes for MacRumors. “The OS will come pre-installed on all new Macs once current stock is depleted and is a free download for existing Mac owners. ”

“The main new feature in macOS Sierra is deep Siri integration, bringing Apple’s personal assistant to the Mac for the first time,” Hardwick writes. “It also adds new features to Photos and Messages, and includes Continuity smarts like Universal Clipboard and an Auto Unlock option for Apple Watch owners.”

“A clean install can remove annoying quirks and strange behaviors that your Mac may have inherited over time due to driver upgrades, wonky apps, and messy installation procedures,” Hardwick writes. “Performing a fresh install can also reclaim lost disk space caused by junk files left by third-party apps, and can generally make your Mac feel a lot snappier, enabling you to relive that feeling of booting it up for the first time. ”

Full, easy-to-follow instructions here.

MacDailyNews Take: Once you get it installed, invoke Siri from your macOS Dock and ask, “What can I ask you?” for a list of everything Siri can now do for you on your Mac!


  1. Will wait three months for their first fix of Sierra, then make the switch from El Capitan.

    El Capitan is great already. I don’t need Siri telling me, “Hi, you may call me Ms Spotlight if you like.”

    Will upgrade when the bug fixes to Sierra are issued in their first update.

  2. II downloaded my update yesterday in 12 minutes with no problem. Install went very smooth and my iMac and Mac Mini are humming along. I like Siri on my iMac, but then again i’m not one of the “Elite Power Users” who always seem to have more complaints than anyone else.😜

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