PC Magazine reviews Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus: Editors’ Choice

“For the first time, we’re recommending the big phone — in this case, the iPhone 7 Plus — as the iPhone to get this year,” Sascha Segan writes for PC Magazine. “The main visual changes are a larger camera bump on the back for the dual 12MP rear cameras, and the lack of a headphone jack on the bottom, replaced by a grille for the barometer vent. The Taptic home button looks the same as last year’s, but it’s a virtual rather than a physical button. According to various sources, Apple made the switch in part because of an urban legend about mechanical home buttons wearing out and reducing the resale value of phones.”

“Phones are fashion objects, and two new colors join the iPhone array this year. Jet Black, which is glossy but very grippy, is gorgeous,” Segan writes. “It’s also the world’s worst fingerprint magnet. Our Jet Black review unit was impossible to keep pristine — it practically picks up fingerprints out of the air.”

MacDailyNews Take: It is and it does, but, boy, is it worth it!

“What excites me the most about the dual cameras isn’t what they do now; it’s what they could do in the future. Apple has promised (but not yet delivered) bokeh, a trick involving short depth-of-field that blurs the background of images while keeping the foreground sharp. But that’s only the beginning,” Segan writes. “There’s going to be a dual-camera API. That means we could start to see stereo depth-sensing and augmented reality applications using the camera.”

“The iPhone 7 Plus, with its fast processor, high-quality display, and dual cameras, [is] your best bet — and our Editors’ Choice — for large phones,” Segan writes. “The iPhone 7 is still highly rated, and a good upgrade if you have an iPhone 6 or earlier.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is easily the best iPhone we’ve ever used (unsurprising, since it’s Apple’s flagship) and the Jet Black has already turned many a head when we’ve flashed them around while out and about.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is unfathomably fast with an indefatigable battery and takes unbelievable photographs. Guess what? Big surprise, it’s our Editors’ Choice, too!

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  1. >Apple made the switch in part because of an urban legend about mechanical home buttons wearing out and reducing the resale value of phones.

    I thought Apple made the switch primarily because it’s easier to waterproof a fake non-mechanical button?

    Also, MDN…how the heck did you get a Jet Black 7 Plus? Those are rarer than unicorns! I was up pre-ordering as soon as pre-orders went live and I’m still not getting mine until October.

    1. I got a jet black 7, and my partners best friend got a jet black 7 plus but we were lucky. My order is time stamped 3:02 am eastern time. His was about the same. I know some people had issues loggin into the app or the website until 330 or later. But both of us used the AT&T app and got lucky.

  2. The mechanical home buttons *do* wear out. It may take several years, but they get less and less reliable/responsive over time. That is true for my hand-me-down iPhone 4 and my iPad 3 (first retina model). I don’t know about “urban legends” and “resale value,” but I can attest that the home button can become an irritation as it ages.

  3. LOVE my new iPhone 7+ thought I was clever ordered a headphone adapter BEFORE it arrived and was ready but didn’t realize one thing. I travel ALL THE TIME and usually only carry one pair of headphones. With my new phone i moved the lightening ones to my bag. Was sitting at Chili’s surfing the web on my mac. Saw a funny item on YouTube and went to move my headphones from my phone to my Mac but OOOPPPSS. Won’t work. And i can’t find an adapter anywhere that takes you from Lightening to 3.5mm (plenty the other way). So now I have to carry two pairs of headphones? Didn’t see that coming. AirPods can’t get here fast enough.

  4. Due to the huge fingerprint issue with jet black and the fact i always put a rubber case on the phone anyway (and usually very glad I did) I’m going with the regular flatter black, which is also much more available. Only about another month and a half to go…

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