Apple’s new tvOS 10 release is an essential Apple TV upgrade

“Apple has upgraded its tvOS software with tvOS 10, which ushers in all the promised improvements we talked about here: smarter Siri searches; Dark Mode; Single Sign-on; Photos and Music app improvements along with some smaller improvements,” Jonny Evans writes for

“The new tvOS should install automatically unless you’ve disabled automatic updates in Settings,” Evans writes. “You can update manually in Settings > Software Updates > Update Software on your Apple TV.”

“When you ask Siri to find something you’ll find the assistant has grown smart enough to handle much more complex queries, such as asking Siri to find ‘high-school comedies from the ’80’s,’ or ‘this year’s best superhero movie,'” Evans writes. “Now Apple has shipped the latest edition of the Apple TV OS you can look forward to a fresh selection of apps from third party developers. This is because Apple has introduced new software developers can use to create new experiences. These include tools to rebroadcast and share game play, photo sharing tools, four game controller support and multi-peer connectivity that promises new and exciting multiplayer apps. Apple has also lifted the restriction demanding Apple TV games support the Siri Remote which should make for more complex games.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Once again, Apple TV gets even better – for free!


  1. Well it couldn’t have gotten much worse but, YES, finally I can use the Apple TV. I’ve missed it badly. Dark mode makes it once again an EXCELLENT viewing experience for color-blind users. With the near black background, I can read the text and see the colors that I’m familiar with. Now if I can just figure out why my iPhone 7 Plus shipped to South Korea from China! Please tell me this is not a Samsplode plot to change out my Apple battery with a Note 7 knock off. Hmmm….

  2. We’re still using ATV version 1 at home. It has some issues, but I can’t help thinking, “just work for a few more months and I’ll get the next gen.”

    Wonder when the next ATV will debut?

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