iPhone 7 ‘hiss’ is likely just coil noise

“There’s a new iPhone, and, predictable as sunrise, there’s a reported problem that may or may not gain a -gate suffix,” Sebastian Anthony reports for Ars Technica. “This time, some iPhone 7s seem to be making an audible hissing noise.”

“Here’s an audio clip (below) from Stephen Hackett’s iPhone 7. He says the hissing is loud enough that it ‘can be heard while the phone is sitting on a table.’ In the audio clip, though, the microphone is probably right up against the back of the iPhone. Hackett says on his blog that Apple Care is replacing his iPhone 7,” Anthony reports. “Another video by Unbox Therapy puts a mic right up against the back of an iPhone 7 Plus, and then an iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S as well. The iPhone 7 Plus seems to have a louder hiss than the other two… The hissing seems to come from behind the Apple logo on the back of the phone, which an iPhone 7 teardown has shown is roughly where the new A10 SoC is located. Hackett says the hissing sound is louder when the iPhone 7 is under load. Some people on social media report that they first noticed the hissing sound while restoring the phone — a process that would put the SoC under heavy load.”

“The hissing is likely some kind of coil noise, which you’ve probably heard hundreds of times before — but usually from a desktop or laptop or another piece of consumer electronics gadgetry, rather than a smartphone. Coil noise (coil whine) is produced when electrical components hit a specific resonant frequency that causes the circuit to physically vibrate,” Anthony reports. “Usually, the heavier the current the stronger the resonance, which in turn causes a louder acoustic noise. Just about every electric circuit is susceptible to coil noise, and thus it must be damped in some way. It’s not unusual for the damping (perhaps a blob of glue) to deteriorate over time.”


Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That “hiss” is surprising to some users because they’re simply not used to hearing a desktop-class processor perform inside their phone (and, perhaps, their particular iPhone’s damping is too thinly applied or has deteriorated. If so, and if it’s bothersome, contact Apple).

The main thing about the “iPhone” is that it’s really a pocket Mac. — SteveJack, MacDailyNews, January 9, 2007

Also, as Anthony notes, “There are plenty of reports of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus phones that don’t hiss, too.”


  1. Again another non issue trying to be blown completely out of proportion for false equivalencies sake. And yet none of these people have done a PSA or a video telling people not to buy the note 7

      1. The phones literally EXPLODE. One blew up on an airplane the other day. If that would’ve happened in flight in the cargo hold it would’ve brought down the plane. Trying to compare the two is beyond ridiculous.

        1. Who’s comparing anything to Samsung? You are one of the leading advocates that, without a shred of evidence, has declared all iPhones perfect. The hiss is part of Jony’s plan for improved inner peace through subtle white noise reminiscent of ocean waves softly washing upon the beach. There’s no possible way that it coil noise could be an indication of faulty parts or bad assembly. Impossible, because there is an Apple logo on it. Right?

          No large commercial airplane is going to go down because of one cell phone. Airplanes have very sophisticated fire suppression systems designed for much worse failures. Systems on airplanes are distributed and redundant such that no one failure will prevent continued safe flight. By law.

          1. Listen you little anonymous prick, I’ve had enough bullshit from you the other day. All of us have. Has apple ever made a phone that is a literal bomb? No. STFU.

            1. Voice of Reason, you are completely wrong about airplanes. Perhaps you should do your homework before lashing out.

              Also, the article was about hissing of the chipset, nothing to do with batteries. So if you’re going to defend Apple, then bring forth your evidence to show that hissing isn’t the indication of a flaw.

            2. Ok, the only reason I lashed out was because of that little anyonmous asshole who continually calls me names and slurs me for no logical reason. Secondly because he is incorrect about “hissing” being even remotely the same thing as an EXPLODING device. If it’s coil noise? Then it’s normal. False equivalency. Yes I was incorrect about the lack of pressurization in the cargo hold, my fault. The post below me is correct in that there aren’t people around to fight the fire. Sorry for my error

            3. Looking back on this thread it appears you brought up the comparison of hissing and exploding. Are there 2 people using “Voice of reason” here?

            4. Voice of Stupidity: You are the prick, one of many on this site whose apparent life’s purpose is to defend Apple against the evils of free opinion online.
              If it’s not you its that lunatic ‘peterlog61’ or one of the other whack jobs, ready at a moment’s notice to spring into action – and yes, you too are anonymous.

              I’m not here every day, but every single time I do visit this site one of you twats is laying down the law.
              I just wish you would grow the F up and get a life.

          2. Not in the cargo hold you fucking idiot. That’s where it’s not pressurized… that’s why if you’re going to put an incendiary device on an airplane, you do it down there. Do you know anything about physics?

            1. The cargo hold is fully pressurized because of physics! The fuselage is round/oval. The entire thing holds pressure. We don’t pressurize the top half only. That would require significant (heavy) structure for the floor.
              You do not want items in cargo that are likely to catch fire or explode, particularly lithium batteries, because they are inaccessible. If a phone is going to catch fire, it’s better to have it in the cabin where real people can fight the fire.

            2. While true the cargo area is also pressurized, in some commercial craft the cargo hold is accessible to the crew through small elevators and access doors in the floor and ceiling.

  2. Steve Jack from MDN doesn’t know Jack *hit. Stating that an iPhone is on par with a Mac is laughable. An iPhone can not run intensive programs like BOINC or a slew of other apps. An iPhone is a toy, and as such can never be a contender to a full class desktop PC. PERIOD!

    1. What is you point my friend regarding this thread?

      Ah! I see, you need a purgatory for your frustration. Well you should go post your defecated frustration on PC forum. That way, you’d be mixed will all the others.

      The A10 is a entry level desktop class processor, period. Like it or not. PCs are not all workstations btw.

  3. Samsung sucks even when they’re Not exploding. I must admit that he hiss, particularly once first noticed, would annoy the hell out of me, and I’d demand a fix or a replacement. Then again, if you chew gum n my presence I’ll rip your head off. Sensitivity to Sound. Plus, as a recording musician, any noise is most unwelcome. Another reason I’m not a fan of vinyl. I know “life has surface noise,” but I don’t want it in my music.

  4. Resonance is such a fascinating phenomenon, good for all sorts of purposes that are often beyond our imagination. It’s also a PITA in audio (air wave vibration) recording and playback. In this case it gets into the more obscure and interesting area of electromagnetic wave resonance. Overlooking it is no surprise. I hope Apple can easily overcome it.

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