Apple shakes up retail with new and renamed positions, a new credo, and more

“Apple held all-hands meetings with retail employees this weekend to introduce major new changes, including new and renamed positions, a new credo, and new store layouts, according to multiple retail sources,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Apple is implementing three new retail positions in the United States and United Kingdom, and likely elsewhere, including two pro-level positions and an all-new Technical Expert position to complement the Genius Bar/Grove,” Rossignol reports. “Meanwhile, the Back-of-House is now called Backstage, where the Inventory and Operations teams work, and the Red Zone, which encompasses the sales floor, is now called the Product Zone. Apple’s existing retail locations will use the same tables from the old Red Zone for the new Product Zone.”

Rossignol reports, “Apple has also updated its credo, a motto that the company encourages its retail employees to follow.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That credo manages to be both cringeworthy and smirkworthy. A notable achievement.

A “Here’s to the Crazy Ones,” this most certainly isn’t. However, it holds much promise as a replacement for ipecac.

Otherwise, we’re sure these changes have been pored over for quite some time and will fix certain aspects of the Apple store physical locations that have been identified over time. Ahrendts continues to put her stamp on Apple locations actual and virtual. BTW, it might be time to change her title to drop the “Stores” (Senior Vice President, Retail and Online Stores) as well.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t know about other places, but the two Apple stores I visited were a mess, overcrowded and noisy.

    Impossible to even touch the computers etc.

    Perhaps Ahrendts (as she and Ive fiddle with the layouts in the Flagship store like hobbyists) maybe can also implement some emergency procedures in some of the other stores…

    like if the stores are overcrowded and they can’t expand as in a Mall perhaps they can RENT ANOTHER location in the same mall temporarily and move the repair sections there, leaving retail at the old spot. That is not ideal but might solve the congestion somewhat. (maybe they’ve already done this elsewhere but i’ve not seen it)

    Google “Four hours in Apple Store Hell” for a story from ZDnet reporter on trouble at apple stores. (can’t provide link as MDN treats the post as spam). He shows Apple store noise decibel range hovering over ‘Window Air conditioner’ levels etc. Ahrendts should deal with THOSE issues mentioned by the Zdnet writer before doing fancy stuff…

  2. I hired some young movers to help me move my vinyl record collection to a new storage space. After picking up all the boxes one of them picked up a 7″ vinyl disc with a large hole in the middle. “What do you want to do with this weird CD?” he said.

    I thought “he’d be perfect for the Apple Store.”

  3. Maybe the credo should include “always return the contact you promised the customer” when they submit a service request. Having a system based on e-mail service requests and then never responding is a complete failure. A 95% response rate is a failure, a 99% response rate is a failure. The only acceptable outcome is 100% engagement. The customer doesn’t have to like the result, but there must always be a result. All the fancy tables and flashy web sites don’t make up for failure to engage the customer.

    Maybe some nice plaid t-shirts would help.

  4. As inspiring as the credo Orson Welles wrote for the front page of his newspaper in Citizen Kane.

    When can we expect the Bono song, “Credo,” then?

    Apple has become too big and slick for their own good. This credo is as genuine as Google’s “Don’t Be Evil.”

    1. Credo, same as Google’s? Um, no, but I do think it’s cultural mumbo-jumbo-generia. It’s not surprising as it’s consistent with Cook’s aim to position Apple as a socio/politico “leader.”
      I wish Apple’s focus would be more singularly focused (again).

      1. Not the same as Google, simply as “genuine.”

        You have a solid point about singular focus.

        Ask anybody working for a great company their “credo,” and they can give it in a few words or maybe a sentence.

        Steve Jobs would have shredded this credo and had them written something concise. This was a committee project.

  5. Hopefully the new credo reaches all stores. 2 months ago I went into Denver’s Aspen Grove store to purchase an Apple Watch and a 9.7 iPad Pro (I have purchased 2 iMacs and a MacBook Pro from this location). I was immediately insulted by the gatekeeper. I almost decided to forget my purchase as not really necessary. But, I left and drove to the Park Meadows store (quite a ways further) and purchased the items there … I was treated as a customer should be treated.

  6. Maybe they should rename it Hipsterville. Gotta have tats like a jailbird to get a job in Apple Retail these days- and know absolutely NOTHING about the Macintosh.

    Why is it that Apple sells computers with Thunderbolt Cables but I cannot see or buy a Thunderbolt Dock in a store with room for endless iPhones,iPads and shitty Beats stuff that can be seen and bought at any Wal-Mart, Target or Best Buy?

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