Apple Music Festival 10 returns to London in September

Apple Music Festival 10 returns to London in September for 10 exhilarating nights of live music.

Apple Music Festival 10 runs 18-30 September @ The Roundhouse, London.

Residents of the UK can win tickets to the gigs.

Apple Music members around the world can watch the performances for free.

Apple will open ticket applications soon. Follow @AppleMusic on Twitter and Snapchat for up-to-the-minute information and join the #AMF10 conversation.

Apple Music Festival 10

MacDailyNews Take: Only on Apple Music.


      1. For the life of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!, why Apple doesn’t give music fans that same ATV app but with ALL the artists that played in this last ten years.
        I fell in love with Charlie XCX two years ago
        She’s gorgeous

      2. God help us when a benign statement is given one star. It portends the collapse of civilisation. Between you and me, that’s already happened, and my family are stockpiling supplies for the encroaching Winter of Discontent.

    1. There are hundreds of music festivals around the UK at this time of year, so a lot of artists are over here. British music and artists are popular worldwide but particularly in Europe and China. Apple Music Beats 1 also broadcasts from London as well as NYC and LA.

      1. Nothing against London, I attended quite a few great concerts there when I lived in Germany, but moving it around from year to year would be nice.

        Zurich, Geneva, Dublin, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Budpest, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon would all be nice locales in Europe. San Diego,Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and Denver could be great sites on this side of the pond.

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