Google is axing Chrome apps for Mac and Windows

“Are you an avid user of Google’s Chrome apps for Mac or Windows? No? Apparently not that many people are, which is why Google will be killing them off for both Mac and Windows in the next few years,” Christian de Looper reports for Digital Trends.

“Chrome apps are basically apps that run within Google’s Chrome web browser, and some look and act like stand-alone apps. There are a number of apps available, including the likes of Hangouts, Google Keep, an so on,” de Looper reports. “Chrome needs to be running and open in order for these apps to work, even if they seem like standard apps.”

“Google’s decision comes as part of an effort to make Chrome a little simpler. For example, Google removed the app launcher, which allowed users to access Chrome apps, from Chrome in the past few months,” de Looper reports. “The apps won’t disappear immediately. Google has a plan to get rid of the apps over the next two years.”

More info, including Google’s timeline for axing Chrome apps, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our Lady of Transitory Endeavor strikes again! (Not that we ever used Chrome apps, but still.) Anyone who commits to a Google app or service is the only one making the commitment; Google sure isn’t.

No wonder the enterprise doesn’t trust Google – besides the rampant disregard for privacy, debilitating fragmentation, and widespread security issues, of course.


    1. I can’t say I’ve installed many “apps” from the Chrome store but I do like to bookmark certain websites as an “app”

      For example, at work I have my Google Inbox as an app and the same for the YouTube upload page

  1. Another day another google failure. Not sure what else to expect from a ponzi outfit – they’re way too busy fiddling the books to do anything actually productive.

  2. I tried to install Google Play Music on a friend’s Mac the other day, and unlike when I did it for myself a few years back it was a ton of hassle, partly because it was insisting on installing Chrome appified version instead of the just plain version – which works perfectly on all browsers.

    After I finally found the app app I had to uninstall the Chrome one. And after only an hour of swearing had the setup I wanted.


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