Apple to offer iPhone 7 with up to 256GB storage

“NAND flash vendors have increased chip prices citing strong demand for new smartphones particularly the iPhone 7 featuring up to 256GB of storage, according to industry sources,” Josephine Lien and Jessie Shen report for DigiTimes.

“Module firms and distributors intend to stockpile to boost their inventory value,” Lien and Shen report. “As a result, the supply of NAND flash has fallen short of demand, and the shortage is more severe than previously expected, the sources indicated.”

“Apple’s purchases remain critical to the overall consumption of NAND flash, the sources said,” Lien and Shen report. “The vendor, with its iPhone 6 and 6s series, consumed about 15% of overall NAND supply in 2015.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s our iPhone in Space Black, if possible, or whatever black-faced iPhone 7 Plus Apple ships.


  1. More storage and removal of a headphone jack, is not an upgrade. Camera improvements, meh. The camera is great now, why aren’t the working on areas that aren’t already great, like battery life, water/drop proofing, or not having the phone lock every 2 seconds while in use. I have to unlock the phone constantly to un-mute. Why can’t their be a setting that won’t lock the phone while i am using the dame thing? It doesn’t lock when I use any other app.

  2. Now that we are on the Apple upgrade program there is a likelihood that we will be upgrading every year from now on.
    The pain is transferring everything over to the new phone. Not just the apps but also all the settings for the phone and apps.
    The last time it took ages to figure out how to get messages to the mac. So it would be good that the migration process is a bit more seamless.

  3. 256 GB for the price of the current 128 would be overdue. Memory prices have come down, it’s time for Apple to start sharing the wealth with its users. Piling up cash overseas that will only be repatriated via stock buybacks is the sign that Apple cares more about pleasing Wall Street than their own customers.

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