Analyst bemoans lack of iPhone 7 ‘redesign,’ predicts unit sales decline of 6.4% YOY

“Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 7 in September, and rumors of an extremely minor hardware update have spurred least one bearish research firm to ratchet down its sales predictions,” JP Mangalindan reports for Yahoo Finance. “The iPhone 7 is ‘unlikely to either drive enough existing users to upgrade sooner or attract more switchers than before from Android devices’ — due to what pundits speculate is a slight update, OppenheimerFunds [sic Oppenheimer & Company] senior analyst Andrew Uerkwitz wrote in an August report.”

“The smartphone apparently won’t get the major design revamp Apple traditionally unleashes on consumers every other year,” Mangalindan reports. “What they can expect instead, if rumors and alleged leaked photos prove true, is a device that looks a lot like the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, albeit with a slight change to the back of the phone at the top and bottom. Also possible: a dual-lens camera to improve image quality, particularly in shots with less light; the removal of the classic headphone jack; a pressure-sensitive home button that provides feedback to users through vibration; and the ability to charge the phone wirelessly.”

Mangalindan reports, “The Oppenheimer Funds analyst is taking a contrarian view to many Apple analysts and predicting a decline of 6.4% year-over-year in iPhone shipments to 197 million units vs. the consensus estimate of 5.5% growth, or 221 million units for Apple’s fiscal year 2017, which starts Sept. 25 this year and wraps September 2017.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Poor Andy hasn’t a clue.

Calendar fourth quarter will set an all-new quarterly iPhone unit sales record. — MacDailyNews, August 8, 2016

And iPhone sales will return to YOY unit sales growth in Apple’s fiscal 2017.

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      1. is ‘Mac’ a troll?
        Is he wrong?
        Absolutely, definitely not.

        Retina MacBook Pro: 455 days with no refresh.
        MacBook Air: 525 days with no refresh.
        Mac Mini 620 days with no refresh.
        Mac Pro: 971 days with no refresh.

        Cook apologists are the losers.
        1. You cannot defend the fact that only 1 of 7 Macs are worth buying so you attack the people who point out the patently obvious reason why.
        2. You also cannot defend the fact that Cook is buying Chinese rideshare companies to ingratiate himself with COMMUNISTS and stashing the rest in foreign banks, $200b and counting.
        (And on a side note – homosexuality is banned in China, as is voting and other basic human rights. Oddly, Cook is silent on that one isn’t he?)

        One star for Cook and his brainwashed defenders.

    1. Yup,

      Here’s my roadmap: revoluntary trapezoid design for 2018, followed by iPhone Oval for 2019. In 2020 it’s fully round on keeping with th 0’s in the year. 2021 marks the return of a mac design with iPhone Cube only to be eclipsed by iPhone Flat debuting in ’22. Next is iPhone Escher, where when you hold the phone correctly, it enhances reception and looks like the top of the phone seemlessly merges with the bottom forming a continuum. For 2024 I got nothing. Hey, I’m no Steve Jobs.

      1. @GeoX… Using your philosophy, cars should never be redesigned. After all, styling doesn’t contribute to functionality. Are you still driving your 1976 Chevy Impala? Steve Jobs knew the value of design in marketing and sales and to differentiate new models from previous versions — but you are clueless.

        @MacArtist is correct. The iPhone deserves a new look after several years.

        1. Fundamental redesigns are good for things with excessive ornamentation or poor functionality, like fins or bumpers, but Jonathan I’ve, to his credit, hit very close to a bullseye in his first phone design. Materials and size may change, but the basic design is timeless.

          1. Let’s examine your statement that Jonathan Ive created a near perfect design:

            1. The front is essentially the same as previous models. A screen, and a home button. You can give him credit for the beveled glass edge, which is nice, and the rounded sides.
            2. He moved the On/Off button to the side, which was a mistake.
            3. He added a camera lens bump, which is annoying.
            4. He added two antena bars — not a particularly breathtaking design.
            … Anything else that distinguishes it as a masterpiece in your eyes?

            1. I’m just wondering where the Samsung major redesign is. Every Galaxy phone looks the same, except for the edge models, which Samsung can’t get developers to back. Every Galaxy phone has a camera lens bump 3 times as big as the iPhone, yet no-one says a thing. The Chinese manufacturers are just making iPhone clones, they all look alike. There hasn’t been a major redesign of any phone for 3 years

        2. Porsche’s 911 similarly nailed the form in it’s first iteration and hasn’t changed significantly. Haha comparing Chevy’s design chops to Apple’s…that’s rich.

  1. The only way Apple is going to sell more iPhones opening week than last year is if they increase the number of launch countries. Remember, that’s the only reason they beat the number last year. It’s a bit of smoke and mirrors because we aren’t comparing apples ot apples.

  2. Funny how the critics who claim that Apple products are mostly style over substance are so critical when there is no change in ‘style’. Seems to me that technically there is already quite a list of significant upgrades and developments. I mean just how much new tech can you update a phone with each year or two, without it literally becoming style or gimmickry over real substance?

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