Put your old iPhones and iPads to work as home security systems, international travel phones, and more

“Many of us keep a dusty box or drawer of cast-away tech, even if we don’t all treat them like antiques,” Geoffrey A. Fowler writes for The Wall Street Journal. “These gadget graveyards fill up because we upgrade our phones, on average, once every 29 months and buy cheapy ‘disposable’ tablets and other gear without thinking twice.”

“So what if you could give that old smartphone or tablet a second life? This week, I resurrected five old phones and three tablets dating back to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the iPhone 3Gs, and the first iPad,” Fowler writes. “With a few simple weekend projects, you can awaken your tech Rip Van Winkles—and even save some money.”

“Some of us turn old devices into hand-me-downs for family who don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest,” Fowler writes. “If you’ve got a phone or tablet so old nobody even wants it as a gift, here are some of my favorite ways to make it part of your life again. None require breaking them open—just updating the operating system, and then downloading some apps.”

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