NFL’s Detroit Lions’ star Larry Warford wary of mind control, stops playing Pokémon GO

“Like a lot of people this summer, Detroit Lions guard Larry Warford started playing Pokemon Go,” Carlos Monarrez reports for The Detroit Free Press. “The location-based augmented reality app caught the world by storm. When it was it released in early July, Warford was living in Tempe, Ariz. He downloaded the app and started to play.”

“Then something happened that made Warford delete the app on the second day after it came out. Something disturbing. Warford described it as a scene right out of the zombie apocalypse,” Monarrez reports. “‘I’ll tell you why I stopped playing it,’ he said Monday. ‘I was walking down Mill Avenue in Tempe, Ariz., pretty much on (Arizona State’s) campus. … I was walking down and literally everyone that was on their cell phone walking down that same street was playing Pokemon Go. I was looking at their screens and it was about 30, 40 people walking down Mill (Avenue). It was a bunch of people playing it and I was like, ‘I don’t like this.’ I deleted it because I was like, ‘This is some mind-control stuff.’ I don’t like it.'”

“Warford was on his way to meet friends at a restaurant when he ran into an unnamed Lions teammate on Mill Avenue. He was playing it, too,” Monarrez reports. “‘I was like, ‘This is bad, this is bad,” Warford said. ‘They were playing it and I was like, ‘Nope!’ And I deleted it right there, right when I got to the restaurant. The funny thing is, the people I was eating with, they were playing it, too.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: To each his own.


    1. No idea why this Pokemon thing is supposedly so big.
      Playing Hearts and FreeCell is enough before I start
      living the day. Wandering the streets to get hit by a
      bus or robbed by a miscreant has no attraction for

  1. 1. Larry Warford has watched way too many zombie movies!

    2. It’s like . . . like everyone being mind controlled into watching one of his NFL football games.
    Deleting that sports channel!
    “This is bad, this is bad”

  2. Well, the US government did help out with this game. The game was developed by the same people who developed Google Earth, and since the US gave that data to Google, it would only logically make sense that the system is still using that data. The game’s camera feature is also being used to gather info for the government to gather information on “geographic features”. Remember, this is the same government that has illegally invaded peaceful nations, staged false flag attacks, and illegally annexed sovereign nations and made them “states”. I would not put it past them to make an innocent game to target the world’s youth.

      1. I don’t think he was speaking of any other nation. Nor was he implying that the one specific nation he was talking about was the only one doing the things he said it was doing.

        In other words, we all know that US isn’t/wasn’t the only one doing these things, but unlike others, US claims superiority in every way above all other nations.

        1. “… but unlike others, US claims superiority in every way above all other nations.”

          Because no other nation, since the beginning of recorded history, has ever done that, either.

        2. Looks like you are looking for something unique from that particular nation, so here is my try. I could be wrong of course but I believe it is the only country that has:

          1- Ignored a white flag of truce, heck even the Nazis respected the white flag.

          2. Dropped atomic weapons on a civilian population, a fact that MDN reminds people of nearly every time they post an article about a certain South Korean country.

          3. Re-instigated torture. Now I know that a lot of countries have had torture in part of their history but I don’t know of any other that has evolved away from torture then embraced it again.

          4. Landed manned vehicles on another planet.

          5. It is the only country in the world that has not ratified the the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  3. Larry isn’t too far off. Americans have numbed themselves with digital distraction for too long. The only thing you see of adolescents is the top of their heads and their thumbs — and their social graces are abysmal, much like you see on full display on internet forums. Successful civilization requires empathy and personal interaction that digital media does not provide.

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