Apple CEO Tim Cook to host Hillary Clinton fundraiser

“Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook will host a fundraiser with Hillary Clinton next month,” Hamza Shaban reports for BuzzFeed News.

“Cook, joined by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, will help raise money for the Hillary Victory Fund,” Shaban reports. “The fund is a joint fundraising committee that contributes to the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and 38 state parties… The invitation for the Cook-Clinton fundraiser lists three different contribution levels: $50,000, $10,000, and $2,700.”

“Cook is hosting the event as a private citizen, as Apple does not have its own political action committee and the company does not donate to either party’s candidates,” Shaban reports. “Last month, Cook hosted a fundraiser for one of the Republican party’s star figures, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a sign that Apple’s chief wishes to build relationships with leaders of both parties.”

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        1. Many of our problems, caused by years of stupid decisions, or no decisions at all, have grown into a huge mess. If I could wave a magic wand and fix them, I’d do it. But there are a lot of different voices—and interests—that have to be considered when working toward solutions. This involves getting people into a room and negotiating compromises until everyone walks out of that room on the same page. – Donald Trump, Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again, 2015

          1. Why would an openly gay, hugely successful businessman like Tim Cook throw a fundraiser for a candidate who intends to increase Syrian muslim immigration by 550% into his own country? A cult “religion” that advocates the wholesale slaughter of gays and the complete and utter degradation of women?

            one of you enlightened libtärds explain that to me.

            1. Specifically, Steve Jobs was the son of a Muslim from Homs who had spent some time in jail as a protester while he was a student in Beirut. Job’s biological mother did not marry the father when she got pregnant (during a summer spent with his family in Syria) because her family violently objected to his religion, not his ethnicity. The path of least resistance was for her to have the baby in California and give it up for adoption. So, there is a direct connection between Apple and Syrian-American Muslim immigrants.

            2. …until, Jobs made something of himself after being raised by Christian Americans…then “ol’ dad” showed up later wanting some dough. Jobs told him to go fück himself.

              In the spirit of Jobs’s own epiphany, you can go fück yourself, you rat bastard phony.

            3. No, I think you have already made the case that some Trump supporters–certainly not all–are not only bigots but literally raving maniacs.

              It’s Sunday, so I guess I better go someplace where they’ll know we are Christians by our love, not our hate.

  1. Peter Thiel vs. Tim Cook catfight!

    Hey, good luck with that, Tim. There’s no amount of money that can elect an incumbent, especially Crooked Hillary, in a change election.

    She wears her scandal-filled life of lies and corruption, her seedy criminal “husband’s” history, and the Obama malaise around her neck like a noose. Must be why she’s constantly trying to clear her throat when she’s not in the midst of a prolonged coughing fit. This one is already over.

    Enjoy your rubber chicken, Tim!

    1. My wife and I are, modestly put, major shareholders of AAPL. We have ridden the company’s fortunes up and down for almost 30 years now, and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. That said, we absolutely loathe the public nature of Tim Cook’s political stance here, for it manages to potentially alienate 50% of those who would otherwise support him and Apple Inc. Were he fundraising for Trump, Sanders, Johnson, or Stein, we would still object most vehemently to such a high-profile endorsement. What he’s doing is bad for business, pure and simple, and for that his actions are, in our opinion, reprehensible.

      1. If Cook were doing this as a representative of Apple and engaging Apple in politics, then I might have some sympathy for your position. I would prefer for corporations to stay out of politics – they typically represent large and diverse ownership (shareholders) and there is no way that a partisan stance can reasonably represent the owners. Corporations are not people and the corporate management and BoD should not utilize corporate resources to further their personal political preferences.

        Fortunately, this is not the case. Cook is exercising his personal right to engage in his Constitutional rights, and you are free to exercise your right to loathe and vehemently object. Come to think of it, I see a lot of loathing and vehement objecting on this forum, mostly led by a small group of vocal political malcontents. Freedom is a double-edged sword and sometime this results are not pleasing. But I would suggest that we attempt to find common ground and areas of compromise. This political radicalism pushing people into diametrically opposed far right/far left is harming this country. I sometimes wonder how long this dysfunction can continue before our democracy devolves into anarchy and chaos.

      2. Me too I have a considerable stake in Apple and I basically agree with you. However, the past has shown that a company as big and influential as Apple cannot stay away from politics. Politicians are greedy and they have power. Apple had to learn to consider that. So I welcome that Cook supports leaders of both parties and I prefer him doing that than Apple as a company.

    2. You picked the wrong winner in the last two presidential elections. Given that you are SO sure that you are right this time and Hillary is going to lose in November, I have a simple proposition for you: if Hillary becomes the next POTUS, how about you agree to change your MDN screen name to:

      Republicans Fail – 2008, 2012, 2016

      No big deal right? since you are 100% sure Trump will win in November!

      1. I knew McCain and Romney would lose. Who thought otherwise? I mean you Ron 2 moderate left leaning republican against an ass kisser who talks good and has the wool pulled over people’s eyes of course they lose.
        Now has Romney not stole the election from Ron Paul then we would have him in office as every poll showed him wiping the floor with Obama.

        Problem here I have is cook must be stupid. Clintons are millionaires many times over they don’t need money. Oh wait maybe Hillary can do a ghost speaking engagement again and get millions for it.

    3. I’ve followed you for a while. You’re that little bitch who pretends to be a neocon know ir all. Turns out you’re a pimply faced little jerk off. And now, you have a dilemma. You have to support Donald Drumpf, a man who represents none of the drivel that you’ve shit out of your mouth on this site for the last several years.

      Enjoy that infection in your ass, you disgusting little pervert.

  2. Hillary was riveting last night, as usual. You can see Kaine thinking, “Seriously? I’m doomed.”

    Bill Clinton always chose someone else. You should, too.

      1. In all fairness, Americans aren’t voting to sleep with her, so the fact that Bill didn’t want to isn’t really material.

        Let us not forget: Trump cheated on his first wife Ivana (with Marla), and then on Marla (with Melania). One can’t blame him; he kept marrying fashion models, and their shelf life is rather limited; as each grew old and unsexy, he had to replace her with a younger and sexier one… Melania is now approaching her expiration date (age 43, at which Trump dumped Ivana), so we can expect a fresh new fashion model in Trump’s private life.

          1. “…can’t handle anyone questioning…”

            The Rapist Enabler® hasn’t held but one press conference in nearly 250 days as a presidential candidate. She cannot allow the scrutiny that loses control of the “narrative.”

            Further, a hundred bucks says she will refuse to debate Trump.

        1. No he was not. Misdemeanors are not felonies.

          Typical Trumpyness (term thanks to Steven Colbert), as we might expect from Comrade Botvinnik: make an assertion of fact that is demonstrably untrue and repeat it if called out by a fact checker. If the fact-checker persists, call him a name rather than providing a reliable source for the untruth. This tactic works perfectly when both the speaker and his intended audience _know_ that the assertion is untrue but simply do not care.

          For another example, see below where Steve Job’s father is accused of abandoning his pregnant girlfriend when, in fact, she abandoned him due to pressure from her family. Unwed fathers had no legal rights in 1954. I assume that Botvinnik gives her a pass because she was Christian, so the Muslim must be at fault. Facts don’t matter when Trumpyness is at play.

            1. My response to this yesterday was dropped because I was in an area with poor cell coverage. I doubt anybody is still reading, but for the record:

              Dr. King was in Birmingham jail charged with a misdemeanor, not a felony.

              The “” link to “Was MLK convicted of a felony” yields a one-word answer, “Yes.” That may have been posted by Botvinnik himself, since the poster was anonymous and cites absolutely no authority for his answer.

              Dr. King was arrested about 30 times, but rarely convicted of what were almost entirely misdemeanor offenses. He was indicted twice. In 1960, he was charged with tax fraud and acquitted by an all-white jury in Montgomery, Alabama.

              In 1956, he was charged and convicted (under a statute that would certainly be found unconstitutional today) for organizing the Montgomery bus boycott. The maximum penalty possible was a $1000 fine or six months in jail, so this was also a misdemeanor—insofar as engaging in free speech can be a crime at all—under most standard definitions. Dr. King was fined $500, the equivalent of most traffic fines nowadays.

              So, again, we have Trumpyness at play from somebody who condemns me above as ignorant about God because I go to church on Sunday, rather than on his Sabbath. It would seem that a member of one religious minority should be more tolerant of the views of another, but that would involve a logical consistency that Botvinnik rarely demonstrates.

    1. You picked the wrong winner in the last two presidential elections. Given that you are SO sure that you are right this time and Hillary is going to lose in November, I have a simple proposition for you: if Hillary becomes the next POTUS, how about you agree to change your MDN screen name to:

      Republicans Fail – 2008, 2012, 2016

      No big deal right? since you are 100% sure Trump will win in November!

    1. Your little Instagram is a LIE. Which is typical for a Democrat Party backer. That you, Debbie? The actual video from which your image was lifted:

    2. And a fine Republican he is. What we know now about his positions:

      Abortion: pro-choice
      Religion: doesn’t care (rarely goes to church)
      TPP (and other trade deals): staunchly against
      Gay marriage: no objection

      So, the only issues where he is actually aligned with the Republicans is the taxation / minimum wage.

      As a foreigner, I am fascinated by the American people’s loyalty to their political party. The quality of the candidate, his/her official positions, personal qualities or character seems to matter nothing at all. As long as (s)he is the candidate for the party, that’s all that matters. As a foreigner, I shouldn’t really care about the outcome of your political process, but since America is the most powerful economy in the world (still, for now), what happens there affects the rest of us. This is why the world is observing the current American electoral suicide with trepidation and concern. Never in American history has the nation chosen two such profoundly flawed people as presidential candidates in an election.

      I just hope that on 21 January 2017, the world doesn’t end up waking up to a 3rd world war…

      1. Sad, isn’t it? This political party crap has to go. It is a crutch for the mentally weak and a tool for the power mongers.

        As far as the flawed nature of the two candidates, you are probably right that this is one of the worst pair in history. But I am actually not as worried about that as I am about the situation in Congress. A functional Congress would go a long way towards compensating for a poor President. But the combination of a poor President and a dysfunctional Congress? How much can this country withstand without fracturing?

  3. I like Tim Cook and think he is going a fine job running Apple. But, him sponsoring a fundraiser for Hillary that requires contributions of $2,700-$50,000 will do nothing but create more Trump voters.

    The majority of citizens in the US are pissed off at the “elite” and people who attend a fundraiser for Hillary with a minimum admission charge of $2,700 are seen as the elite by guys in Ohio who lost their jobs when their plant closed and moved to Mexico.

    So if you are a Trump supporter, thank Tim Cook for showing that the rich in this country are almost totally behind Hillary.

  4. I was thinking the $2,700 level got you the opportunity to be a server.

    OTOH, a friend of mine ran for a state level position as a Republican a few years ago, was invited to Washington to some event and offered the chance to have his picture taken with a CARDBOARD CUTOUT of GWB for a mere $3,000, so what do I know about this stuff.

  5. I’m asking for serious answers, not rhetoric, because I’m curious, what is Trump seriously going to do for a regular working person who makes $40-$50k?

  6. In a country with over 330 million we should have far better choices than Shrillary and The Donald and his Brown Shirts. Same on the undercard with Tim ‘Third Way’ Kaine and Mike Dense (spelling intentional) who has managed to be an unpopular Republican in bright red Indiana.

    At this poont I would vote for a third Obama term and I did not vote for him in 2008 or 2012.

    Maybe it will go into the House of Representatives and we can get some NeoCon dumbass like Paul Ryan.

    I do have vacation property (Point Roberts, Washington) within walking distance of Canada…

    1. Hillary is great; she will make a great president. She’s gotten a bum rep from the GOP hate machine all of these years, just like Bill did. But Bill did a great job as president and we had 8 years of peace and prosperity.

      Trump represents a unique threat to our nation, its democratic institutions, and its very existence. Great historians like Ken Burns and David McCullough have noted that, as well as many honest Republicans. He must be defeated. Nothing else is as imperative.

  7. It’s interesting that earlier today a Noble winning economist claimed that Apple is committing tax fraud. Then a few hours later this story appears. Someone on another blog just proclaimed that this economist is friends with Clinton. It’s also interesting that CNN just reported that Facebook probably will be facing $5B in tax scheme fines. Does this mean Zuckerberg decided against a “fundraiser”? Or maybe Obama has requested to be on Facebook’s board, but the geniuses over there said he needs to learn how to code first.

      1. It’s funny to read the comments of those who will never even begin to have the intellect or deep knowledge to even begin to win Nobel prize, to actually criticize those who have won.

        You can disagree with them, but first, please present a reasoned case, and second, no need to attack them as a person and dismiss them. But again, the critics know nothing of what they speak.

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