Get ready for Apple’s Q316 iPhone SE surprises

Paulo Santos writes for Seeking Alpha that “it seems likely that Apple will beat revenue guidance on account of SE sales.”

“This isn’t entirely surprising,” Santos writes, “since even 5 million iPhone SEs would add $2 billion in revenue, never mind 9 million ($3.6 billion).”

“Apple will show less deterioration in number of iPhone sold than expected, on account of SE units sold,” Santos writes. “Even though the iPhone SE is lower margin than the overall iPhone product line, the difference isn’t so large as to destroy Apple’s gross margins. This is a positive surprise.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes. As we reminded this morning: “Importantly, iPhone SE counts toward iPhone unit sales, too.”

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    1. In other news, Tesla up nearly 3.5% due to the likely Solar City merger. You won’t see any good news like that for Apple shareholders. Only bad news about shrinking profit margins.

      Apple has a lose-lose situation going for them. The cost of regular iPhones are too high, so sales numbers slip. The cost of the iPhone SE isn’t high enough, so profit margins suffer. Apple seems to be the only company losing value no matter what they do. It’s no wonder investors won’t touch the company.

      1. If you don’t understand how the market works it’s real easy to explain something as a sooper seekrit conspiracy led by a vast array of unknown and diabolical forces.

  1. Some of us would not be at all surprised if the SE sales figures are impressive Ever since the large screen smartphones appeared, I’ve been saying that it’s a trend that doesn’t suit everybody. Before smartphones, being smaller was the sign of a more desirable and sophisticated cellphone. While I can see the advantage of a larger screen ( for those who don’t also have an iPad or Apple Watch ) I can also see the advantage of a phone that’s small enough to carry without being intrusive.

    Different users have different preferences, but I think that there is a much bigger market for small phones than most people imagined.

  2. Hopefully the SE, alone in its category (the only 4” supercharge cell phone in its market), will show WS anals some good…

    Oh, I forgot, these anals are anals for life anyway. They will find a excuse to bring the stock down…

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