New Gorilla Glass helps prevent smartphone display smashes

“Dropping your smartphone when taking a selfie could soon be less risky, says specialist glass maker Corning,” Dave Lee reports for BBC News. “It has launched its next generation of Gorilla Glass – the material used in more than 70% of smartphone screens, including on Samsung and Apple devices.”

“Corning said Gorilla Glass 5 could survive more than 80% of drops from as high as 1.6 metres,” Lee reports. “As well as drops, the company said it was twice at good at resisting scratches and other damage compared to what’s currently on the market.”

“Device manufacturers are expected to unveil products with the new glass within the next few months,” Lee reports. “‘We’ve been working with our closest customers for quite some time now,’ Corning’s vice president and general manager John Bayne told the BBC. ‘And there’s tremendous interest in this product for obvious reasons.'”

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  1. LOVE THIS but actually my iPhone 6s+ is the first phone I have not put a screen cover and no real “case” upon. I have a very thin “case” on the outside but its really just to provide “traction” as the damn thing was sliding out of my hands. I don’t have any scratches or scrapes after a year’s use. Truly Amazing how resilient phones have become compared to earlier generations. I will never foul my beautiful work of art by putting a screen protector nor a “otter box” or “life case” over them again!

  2. It is irrelevant since two years ago Apple has started to use their own glass, and Cornig since then is only contractor manufacturer.

    <The new iPhones, Apple Watch, et cetera, of course, well not use Gorilla Glass.

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