U.S. Army’s Special Ops Command dumps crash-prone Android phones for faster Apple iPhones

“The Army’s Special Operations Command is dumping Android and moving to Apple’s iPhone, after field tests demonstrated that iOS devices outperformed their Android counterparts,” Joel Hruska reports for ExtremeTech. “Currently, the Army’s special forces uses the Android Tactical Assault Kit (AKAT), but the devices have been plagued with problems.”

“DoDBuzz reports that their source, who isn’t authorized to speak to the media, claims that the ATAK will freeze and fail to properly refresh the screen when soldiers attempt to simultaneously view the camera feed from an overhead drone while displaying the drone’s projected route,” Hruska reports. “It’s obviously important to keep both sides of that particular feed updated in real time, or soldiers won’t know if what they’re seeing from the feed is accurately synchronized to the drone’s current coordinates.”

Hruska reports, “‘It’s seamless on the iPhone,’ DoDBuzz’s source claimed. ‘The graphics are clear, unbelievable.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: And, now, the U.S. Army’s Special Ops Command knows what we’ve all known since 2007:

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

Now, how much U.S. taxpayers’ money was flushed down the toilet due to some bean counter’s stupid decision to saddle U.S. Army special forces personnel with inferior wares in the first place?

U.S. Army Special Operations Command dumps Android for Apple iPhone – July 18, 2016
U.S. NSA, U.S. Army buy thousands of Samsung devices – February 18, 2014


  1. This is a good thing, I mean if that military army is mindless enough to go into a war over hallucinations and used that “aim for Bin hit Saddam guidance system” and doesn’t even have the intestinal fortitude to bring their leader to the Hague to face up to his crimes against humanity they’ll need something working for them.

    After all, defending inferior morality requires superior weaponry.

    1. It took me a minute to get your drift, but I agree wholeheartedly, only I think the Bush duo should be facing the Hague also. If you are realistic their actions have caused more wholesale death and misery across multiple nations than Sadam did.

      1. Definitely, anyone with any intelligence and semblance of morality can see that what they did was a threat to global security, and it’s still playing out.

        Sad to see a once great nation wallow in the mud like it’s doing.

        1. I should, as usual, point out the trail of tears goes more like this:

          Israeli Intelligence –>Neo-Conservatives–>PNAC (Project for the New American Century)–>GW Bush Administration.

          There’s lots of blame to go around. And there’s a lot of 9/11 dirty doings unrelated to Arabs that are not yet public knowledge.

        2. Hey Derek great to see you round as per usual.

          Your point is all nice and dandy, and the general idea is that your nation went to war (against the tenets of the UN) based on flawed intelligence. If that wasn’t bad enough, your nation then proceeded to legalize torture the Guantanamo on the Bay resort is still open for business.

          No apology, and with your current president’s “we must look forward and no back” brilliant defense no responsibility is required in that above the law move.

          Sad to say your nation has become so solipsistic that freedom and justice have left it.

          You do know sooner or later what goes around comes around and one day it’s going to come back to your nation. I hope you are prepared for it.

          As always a pleasure. Enjoy the day.

        3. …The general idea is that your nation went to war (against the tenets of the UN) based on flawed intelligence

          Baloney propaganda, IMHO. We have data that the GW Bush Administration started planning the invasion of Iraq the week after 9/11. And if you go back further, PNAC (Project for the New American Century) had been planning the invasion back in 1996, posting their manifesto to do so in 1997. And no surprise, the majority of GW Bush’s cabinet AND his VP were members of PNAC. And where did PNAC come from? Neo-Conservatives. And where did the Ne0-Conservatives get their marching orders? Israeli intelligence.

          So shenanigans on the Bush administration invading Iraq on faulty intelligence. They didn’t give a rat’s about intelligence, right or wrong. The invasion was going to happen no matter what, no matter who got upset over it.

          Eventually, we’ll get all the REAL details of what happened on 9/11 and why. It will ALL be for the purpose of invading Iraq and assorted other chaos in the Middle East, as per the wishes of Israel and their allies.

          sooner or later what goes around comes around and one day it’s going to come back to your nation

          Not news to me! I’ve been pointing this out for years. It’s one of the key points I make about why the use of robotic drones for killing is one of the stupidest ideas ever, and WILL result in same being used against us. When you look from the side of those being killed, those things are abominations of cowardice and lack of conscience. They’re psychopathy expressed through machinery. Lawd help the poor soldiers who have had to pilot them.

          Is the USA prepared to get back what it gives? Hell no.

          Oh: Solipsistic. What a BRILLIANT word and concept. It’s part of what I call the greatest enemy of mankind: Our ability to believe almost anything to be absolutely true, then kill for it. It’s what I call ‘deceptive truth’ and its deception lies in the fact that we think what’s in our heads, our inner world, is reality, ignoring the greater reality in the outer world. Thank you!

    2. America has always been a ruthless terrorist state. Iraq got off easy though: At least they aren’t an illegally occupied puppet state like the “State” of Hawaii. I can’t believe that the UN is letting the US get away with stealing our islands, yet they get angry when China does something they don’t like. Not that I’m supporting China in any way, but it goes to show that the UN has skewed priorities.

      1. I believe it was an apology that was offered a while back by the USG and that’s all the true people’s of Hawail will ever get for that act. Independence for Hawaii is a dream for some but in reality it would be a nightmare they’d never awake from!

        Tourism being the largest contributor to the economy is plainly not enough to sustain life there in its current form. Consider the economic consequences and the negative impact upon people’s lives of an independent nation of Hawaii. Most residents in regards to independence, upwards of 98% I’d estimate, when properly explained in terms of what would stay, what would dry up and what would completely vanish from being never to be resurrected, would not simply say “no” to such a referendum, but say HELL NO!!!! Big benefit to being a State. Having lived there for 20 years I’ve heard just about all of the arguements concerning this but do agree that the occupation was not only wrong but highly illegal. This issue will never make its way out of the employee breakroom there much graduate to being a topic spoken about on the floor of the UN! Ain’t gonna happen as the residents of Hawaii will themselves prevent it!

    3. Now, now Road Warrior! As a dual-citizen with the UK I have to point out that they have had their own moral downfalls. Not that I’m a GW Bush League / Neo-Con-Job apologist, mind you! 😉 It’s just that I can point to a lot of chaos in the Middle East as being due to British meddling after WWII. And of course more than a few people are calling for former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s head on a platter…

      Tony Blair ‘could face war crimes charges’ over Iraq War

    4. The prize for the biggest crime goes to Barack Hussein Obama for surrendering Iraq to ISIS. The war was essentially won. Iraq was liberated. But Barry thinks that walking away from war (i.e. surrendering) is equivalent to ending a war.
      Thousands of Americans died for a good cause. Barry squandered that victory. Obama is a traitor.

    5. The Army is subject to civilian control and our Army was sent to Iraq and Afghanistan at the order of George W Bush with the consent of Congress. As they tell newly minted Privates: “we are here to defend democracy- not practice it.”
      US Forces had OBL bottled up in Tora Bora, but Dubya and Rummy pulled many assets out to prepare for his war of choice in Iraq. Again, that decision was a political choice made by civilians in D.C.

      As to the selection of an Android device prior to now, that decision is subject to many rules and we do know if iPhones at that time met those requirements. We also do not know if Apple submitted the iPhone for consideration. For years Apple put heavy restrictions in the EULAs of it’s OSes to keep them from being used for activities with potential liability like Nuclear Plants , Air Traffic Control and Medical procedures,

    6. Some brief feedback from the excellent replies I’ve got, thank you one and all.

      Hang ’em high: Thumbs up on your post, spot on.

      Heir To The Throne: Nice post, but the brilliant thing about that country is that they never let legalities get in the way of what they want, at least for now. They either circumvent the law or make laws to suit what they want to do. I bet it’s a lot of fun but I don’t think anyone with a sense of ethics and morality could do it.

      Joe: That war should have never happened in the first place and Iraq was never liberated, that country just put in a puppet government that was atrocious. There are a lot of parallels to that and the terrorist act that country inflicted upon the world during the first 9-11 attack. Going into Iraq in the first place was not a good cause, it was an act of terrorism and you are still paying for it with blood.

      DavGreg: I like your post though I think that you should be precise because saying that “The Army is subject to civilian control” is kind of an insult to the thousands of civilians that the army killed in Iraq. Actually you did so when you pointed out the civilians in D.C. later on in your post. It’s no different then the Nazi soldiers who swore an oath to Adolph so that army is in good company.

      Practicing democracy is the best way to defend it. If those civilians in Washington had practice it when it came to the democratic principles and tenets of the UN then the whole Iraq thing would have been avoided and the real culprit Bin Laden would have been caught way earlier as you suggested. So I agree that within your nation, you enjoy democracy but when your nation steps on the global stage, it practices demoncracy and there is a big difference between the two.

    1. Indeed. Here’s more about the latest pile of Android malware, downloadable from the Google Play store and elsewhere:

      Silently clicking on porn ads you can’t even see – this could be you…
      Pokemon Go mobile malfeasance spinning out of control

      Security firms have repeated warnings that unofficial versions of Pokemon Go are likely tainted with spyware or trojans.

      RiskIQ has found more than 215 unofficial versions of the app in more than 21 app stores.

      Two-hundred and fifteen. What do you call that? A plague of malware? An epidemic? A scourge? A blight? A torment?

  2. Personally I’m not impressed that our forces are relying on hardware coming out of China, be it Android or iOS.

    They really should be making a version of the hardware here on US soil if our military is relying on it.

    1. Right, and then it would be a simple matter to build in a back door, too, so that the government could easily snoop on our soldiers, and so could someone else’s government!

      Wait, what are really hoping to accomplish there?

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