“Why does my Mac keep switching to another Wi-Fi network? How do I make it stay on my network?” Lory Gil writes for iMore.

:The Mac provides a convenient feature that remembers the Wi-Fi settings of places you’ve connected to in the past,” Gil writes. “This makes it possible for you to reconnect when you visit a location again without having to go through the sign-in rigmarole.”

“It can also be a problem if a nearby wireless network you’ve joined in the past is stronger than your own,” Gil writes. “It can also be a problem when someone in your neighborhood is an XFINITY customer. Your Mac might switch over to the stronger signal, whether you’ve asked it to or not.”

“You can stop your Mac from switching to a different Wi-Fi network by removing it from your stored settings,” Gil writes. “You can also stop an XFINITY Wi-Fi network from popping up and asking you to join all of the time. Here’s how.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good instructions. We do this all the time, especially with our Mac notebooks.

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