How to keep your Mac from automatically switching to other Wi-Fi networks

“Why does my Mac keep switching to another Wi-Fi network? How do I make it stay on my network?” Lory Gil writes for iMore.

:The Mac provides a convenient feature that remembers the Wi-Fi settings of places you’ve connected to in the past,” Gil writes. “This makes it possible for you to reconnect when you visit a location again without having to go through the sign-in rigmarole.”

“It can also be a problem if a nearby wireless network you’ve joined in the past is stronger than your own,” Gil writes. “It can also be a problem when someone in your neighborhood is an XFINITY customer. Your Mac might switch over to the stronger signal, whether you’ve asked it to or not.”

“You can stop your Mac from switching to a different Wi-Fi network by removing it from your stored settings,” Gil writes. “You can also stop an XFINITY Wi-Fi network from popping up and asking you to join all of the time. Here’s how.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good instructions. We do this all the time, especially with our Mac notebooks.

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  1. Now how about BLUETOOTH Networks? Why in Jobs name can I not set a priority for Bluetooth,i.e. only jump to my car if my headset is not on >< every time my wife goes out and starts our Truck…there goes my business call.

  2. I have several networks at home. Some 802.11AC, some not. I like that the iOS devices will fail over to slower networks when I walk out of range. But how about finally adding network prioritization?

    1. Cheule – The Mac does have this, by letting you manually set the order in which the Mac will attempt to connect to a WiFi signal.

      If you go to the “Advanced” pane of the Network panel in System Preferences, you can simply DRAG networks into the order you prefer.

    1. Yep, me too, but it happens on all my devices. When forgetting a network, a pop up says that all devices with this same iCloud I.D. will also forget this network. Why would that be the case anyway? I might want my iPhone with unlimited internet to stay on cellular internet, but my iPad to switch to a know, but very slow WiFi. I have the original ATT plan still so can’t use hotspot for the iPad. Anyway, not only do the other devices not forget the network I just forgot, but usually it eventually shows back up on the very device that I forgot it on. Must have something to do with iCloud.

  3. I have two networks on my property, one is very strong and covers my shop and a lot of my backyard, the other is in my home. When I enter my home, my phone stays on the signal that isn’t stronger than the one in my home. I wish that if IOS switches, it switches to the strongest signal, not stay on the weaker signal.

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