Apple brand power climbing, holds lead over all tech firms

“Apple is standing fast for a second consecutive year as the fifth most powerful brand in the U.S. and the top ranked technology company, beating rivals Microsoft, Google and Sony,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“Tenet Partners calls the company ‘one of the fastest-rising brands among the companies tracked’ in the index,” Wuerthele reports. “In 2016, all of Apple’s metrics rose, with overall reputation climbing the most since last year’s assessment.”

Wuerthele reports, “Apple is only led on the overall index by Walt Disney, Bayer, Hershey, and Coca-Cola.”

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MacDailyNews Take: King of the mountain.


    1. It always had been in poor company. Thankfully, there is a thing called “moving”. Game company Sega used to be based in the puppet state of Occupied Hawaii in the 1950s until they moved to Japan. If Apple leaves the United Terrorist States to a decent country, then maybe they might gain respect.

      1. Some of your colonial themes were referenced in The Descendants starring George Clooney. What did you think of that movie? Did the preservationist theme resonate with you?

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