Apple, ARM Holdings, and skating to where the puck will be

“SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son wants to spend $31.4-billion to buy chip designer ARM Holdings, the same ARM that Apple uses as the foundation for its A-series CPUs that power the iPhone and iPad,” Ron McElfresh writes for McSolo.

“Son is betting on IoT; the so-called Internet of Things which many say is the future of technology,” McElfresh writes. “Son and SoftBank’s record for bets is enviable. The company was an early investor in Alibaba and Yahoo!, among others… [Son said], ‘There are all kinds of direct and indirect synergies. This year they will be small. And next year they will be small. Ten years from now those synergies will be gigantic. In 10 years to 20 years from now people will be jealous.'”

“My fear is not that Apple does not know where the puck is or where it’s going,” McElfresh writes. “My fear is that Apple has forgotten how to skate.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Reportedly, Apple was caught by surprise by Softbank’s ARM acquisition. Hopefully, they had generally expected and anticipated something along the lines of ARM being purchased at some point, especially post-Brexit with the weak pound.

Imagine Apple’s level of surprise if Samsung bought ARM yesterday.

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  1. Hmm, it’s not like technology doesn’t change. Apple is already significantly vertically integrated, more than any other technology company. Buying ARM would effectively lock Apple into this technology, potentially causing them to actually miss out on new innovation. Too much buy-in to existing technology isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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