Donald Trump: ‘I wish I had time’ to play ‘Pokémon GO’

“In an interview with the Washington Examiner on Thursday, the Republican nominee said he wishes he could join in the craze over the new smartphone game Pokémon GO,” Eddie Scarry reports for The Washington Examiner.

“Asked if he’s played the game, Trump said no,” Scarry reports. “‘I don’t, but people are playing it. No question about it,’ he said. ‘I do not. I wish I had time.'”

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“The Trump campaign is also using Pokémon Go in a new advertisement targeting Hillary Clinton,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Posted to Facebook this afternoon, the ad depicts ‘Crookèd Hillary’ as a Pokémon who is ‘often found lying to the American people, rigging the system, and sharing top secret emails.’ The Pokémon’s next evolution? ‘Unemployment.'”

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  1. Hillary Clinton plans to permanently resettle nearly one million Muslim migrants during the first term of her presidency alone, according to the latest available data from the Department of Homeland Security.

    This is the choice I put before the American people: A mainstream immigration policy designed to benefit America, or Hillary Clinton’s radical immigration policy designed to benefit politically-correct special interests. – Donald Trump

    1. What dark hole did you pull that number out of? Nobody has EVER suggested that the US accept remotely near a million Muslim migrants in 2017-21. That would mean that a full quarter of all the people coming in would be Muslim, when there isn’t a Muslim country in the top twenty nations of origin. Cite your specific reliable source or admit the Big Lie!

      1. “U.S. Census data shows that if a President Hillary Clinton were successful in passing a Gang of Eight-style immigration expansion bill, the U.S. could permanently resettle roughly 9.4 million migrants throughout the nation during her first term alone. This figure does not include the additional 11 million illegal immigrants already here to whom Clinton has promised amnesty and U.S. citizenship.”

        1. “With regards to Middle Eastern migration, Clinton’s 65,000 Syrian refugees would be added on top of the roughly 96,000 Middle Eastern migrants the U.S. resettled on green cards in a single year. Based on the minimum numbers Clinton has put forth thus far, as President, she could potentially resettle approximately 644,000 Middle Eastern migrants during her first term alone.

          According to a September 2015 Rasmussen survey, women voters oppose Clinton’s Middle Eastern refugee plan by a remarkable 21-to-1 margin. Democrat voters oppose Clinton’s refugee plan by a 17-to-1 margin. Most remarkably, 85 percent of black voters oppose Clinton’s refugee agenda– with less than one percent of black voters supporting her plan.”

    2. Trump don’t know how to build peace. He is an idiot who is against everybody except himself. You have to remember that there are 7,4 billion people in the world and you are only 320 million.

      I hope that you vote for the T-pot and P-pot so that you get your lesson how T-pot will take your money and destroys your economy. We already have the popcorn ready.

  2. Trump is going to have plenty of time to play Pokémon when he takes a page out of Sarah Palin’s playbook, by quitting the race and walking away with all the money chumps have donated to his Super Pacs.

    (For those who still believe Trumps obvious lie about not accepting campaign donations, check out the giant “donate now” button on his webpage which prompts you for credit card digits, along any and every source tracking of political donations such as this one )

    1. Actually, Trump had a major fundraiser last night, asking $450,000 per couple, with an $11,000 “donation” to have a picture taken with him.

      Hmmm. I thought he was going to “self-fund” the campaign. How in the world does someone supposedly worth $10 billion have the nerve to ask others to fund his ego trip?

      At least when other billionaires dipped their toes into politics, they did it with their own money: Michael Bloomberg ($100 million to win reelection as NYC mayor; Meg Whitman, $119 million to run for governor of California; and Ross Perot, who spent $63 million back in 1992 to run as a third-party candidate.

      1. Ummm. Last I checked he has spent over 50 million of his own money. Crooked hillary is outspending 31-1 in FL PA n ohio. One knows how to manage money. One obviously does not!!

        1. He _loaned_ his campaign the money. A big chunk of donations that have come in have gone to repay the loan.

          He certainly does know how to “manage money” – by fooling people into pouring theirs into his pockets. Join them, Braddy! Maybe he can make better use of your money than you can – he could buy a bigger private plane.

  3. Hillary’s poll numbers are dropping like a stone. Why? For the simple reason that most people don’t like her. Even her “supporters’ dislike her personality as they gloss over the other attributes she brings e.g. lying, poor judgement, misogyny, etc.

    Trump is a likeable fellow, a wrecking ball for sure, and something DC has needed for a long time. The election results won’t even be close.

    1. I’ll take a bad hair cut any day. Go ahead and vote for the Crooked Bitch. You might not have to worry about anything head-related. Why..? Because the religion of peace and tolerance might decide it would look better on the ground than on your shoulders.
      To all you dumb limbs on this thread,
      “How many male Syrian refugees are you planning on taking into your home to take care of?” Huh?
      That’s what I thought.

    2. Don’t insult his toupee. The Toupee is running for president. The Toupee can get very angry and order T-pot and P-pot to send angry tweets around the internet.

  4. Clinton is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and Trump is a wolf, plain and simple. There’s no difference between them. I refuse to vote for either of them. I’d rather vote for Bernie, personally, because he at least has the best interests of the people as a whole.

    Secondly, many people in congress are going away, too, so I plan on voting as many people out of there as possible.

    Thirdly… why is an Apple site so obsessed with politics and Pokémon? This is getting weird.

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