An open letter from Apple co-founder Woz, other techies on Donald Trump’s candidacy for U.S. President

Posted to Medium today, the following “open letter from technology sector leaders on Donald Trump’s candidacy for President” reads as follows:

We are inventors, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, researchers, and business leaders working in the technology sector. We are proud that American innovation is the envy of the world, a source of widely-shared prosperity, and a hallmark of our global leadership.

We believe in an inclusive country that fosters opportunity, creativity and a level playing field. Donald Trump does not. He campaigns on anger, bigotry, fear of new ideas and new people, and a fundamental belief that America is weak and in decline. We have listened to Donald Trump over the past year and we have concluded: Trump would be a disaster for innovation. His vision stands against the open exchange of ideas, free movement of people, and productive engagement with the outside world that is critical to our economy — and that provide the foundation for innovation and growth.

Let’s start with the human talent that drives innovation forward. We believe that America’s diversity is our strength. Great ideas come from all parts of society, and we should champion that broad-based creative potential. We also believe that progressive immigration policies help us attract and retain some of the brightest minds on earth — scientists, entrepreneurs, and creators. In fact, 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. Donald Trump, meanwhile, traffics in ethnic and racial stereotypes, repeatedly insults women, and is openly hostile to immigration. He has promised a wall, mass deportations, and profiling.

We also believe in the free and open exchange of ideas, including over the Internet, as a seed from which innovation springs. Donald Trump proposes “shutting down” parts of the Internet as a security strategy — demonstrating both poor judgment and ignorance about how technology works. His penchant to censor extends to revoking press credentials and threatening to punish media platforms that criticize him.

Finally, we believe that government plays an important role in the technology economy by investing in infrastructure, education and scientific research. Donald Trump articulates few policies beyond erratic and contradictory pronouncements. His reckless disregard for our legal and political institutions threatens to upend what attracts companies to start and scale in America. He risks distorting markets, reducing exports, and slowing job creation.

We stand against Donald Trump’s divisive candidacy and want a candidate who embraces the ideals that built America’s technology industry: freedom of expression, openness to newcomers, equality of opportunity , public investments in research and infrastructure, and respect for the rule of law. We embrace an optimistic vision for a more inclusive country, where American innovation continues to fuel opportunity, prosperity and leadership.

*DISCLAIMER: The individuals listed below have endorsed in their personal capacity and this does not reflect the endorsement of any organization, corporation or entity to which they are affiliated. Titles and affiliations of each individual are provided for identification purposes only.

Marvin Ammori, General Counsel, Hyperloop One
Adrian Aoun, Founder/CEO, Forward
Greg Badros, Founder, Prepared Mind Innovations; Former Engineering VP, Facebook
Clayton Banks, Co-Founder, Silicon Harlem
Phin Barnes, Partner, First Round Capital
Niti Bashambu, Chief Analytics Officer, IAC Applications
John Battelle, Founder/CEO, NewCo, Inc.
Ayah Bdeir, Founder/CEO, Little Bits
Piraye Beim, Founder/CEO, Celmatix
Marc Bodnick, Co-Founder, Elevation Partners
John Borthwick, Founder/CEO, Betaworks
Matt Brezina, Co-Founder, Sincerely and Xobni
Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO, TaskRabbit
Brad Burnham, Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures
Stewart Butterfield, Co-Founder/CEO, Slack
Troy Carter, Founder/CEO, Atom Factory
Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Founder/CEO, Joyus
Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer
Amy Chang, Founder/CEO, Accompany
Aneesh Chopra, President, NavHealth; Former US CTO
Patrick Chung, General Partner, Xfund
Tod Cohen, General Counsel, StubHub
Stephen DeBerry, Founder/Managing Partner, Bronze Investments
Peter Diamandis, Entrepreneur; Author, Abundance and BOLD
Barry Diller, Chairman, Expedia and IAC
Esther Dyson, Executive Founder, Way to Wellville; Investor
Amy Errett, Founder/CEO, Madison Reed
Caterina Fake, Founder/CEO, Findery; Co-Founder, Flickr
Christopher Farmer, Founder/CEO, SignalFire
Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group; Co-Founder, Techstars
Josh Felser, Co-Founder, Freestyle Capital & ClimateX
Hajj Flemings, Founder/CEO, Brand Camp University
Natalie Foster, Co-Founder, Peers
David Grain, Founder/Managing Partner, Grain Management, LLC
Brad Hargreaves, Founder/CEO, Common
Donna Harris, Co-Founder/Co-CEO, 1776
Scott Heiferman, Co-Founder/CEO, Meetup
David Hornik, General Partner, August Capital
Terry Howerton, CEO, TechNexus
Reed Hundt, Former Chair, FCC
Minnie Ingersoll, COO, Shift Technologies
Sami Inkinen, Founder/CEO, Virta Health; Co-Founder, Trulia
Craig Isakow, Head of Revenue, Shift Technologies
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., President and Founder, Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Irwin Jacobs, Founding Chairman/CEO Emeritus, Qualcomm Inc
Paul Jacobs, Executive Chairman, Qualcomm Inc
Leila Janah, Founder/CEO, Sama & Laxmi
Sujay Jaswa, Former CFO, Dropbox; Founder, Witt Capital Partners
Mark Josephson, CEO, Bitly
Sep Kamvar, Professor, MIT
David Karp, Founder/CEO, Tumblr
Jed Katz, Managing Director, Javelin Venture Partners
Kim Keenan, President/CEO, Multicultural Media, Telecom & Internet Council
Ben Keighran, Entrepreneur; Former Design Lead, Apple
William Kennard, Former Chair, FCC
Vinod Khosla, Founder, Khosla Ventures; Co-Founder, SUN Microsystems
Ron Klain, Executive Vice President, Revolution LLC
Walter Kortschak, Former Managing Partner and Senior Advisor, Summit Partners
Jared Kopf, Founder AdRoll, HomeRun, Worldly
Joseph Kopser, Co-Founder, Ridescout
Karen Kornbluh, Former US Ambassador, OECD
Othman Laraki, Co-Founder/President, Color Genomics
Miles Lasater, Serial Entrepreneur
Jeff Lawson, CEO, Twilio
Aileen Lee, Founder/Managing Partner, Cowboy Ventures
Bobby Lent, Managing Partner, Hillsven Capital
Aaron Levie, Co-Founder/CEO, Box
John Lilly, Partner, Greylock Partners
Bruce Lincoln, Co-Founder, Silicon Harlem
Ruth Livier, President, Livier Productions, Inc.
Mark Lloyd, Professor of Communication, University of Southern California — Annenberg School
Luther Lowe, VP of Public Policy, Yelp
Nancy Lublin, Founder/CEO, Crisis Text Line
Kanyi Maqubela, Partner, Collaborative Fund
Jonathan Matus, Founder/CEO, Zendrive
Josh McFarland, Vice President of Product, Twitter
Andrew McLaughlin, Head of New Business, Medium; Venture Partner, betaworks
Shishir Mehrotra, Entrepreneur & former VP of Product & Engineering, YouTube
Apoorva Mehta, Founder/CEO, Instacart
Doug Merritt, CEO, Splunk
Dinesh Moorjani, Founder/CEO, Hatch Labs; Co-Founder, Tinder
Brit Morin, Founder/CEO, Brit + Co
Dave Morin, Founder and Partner, Slow Ventures
Dustin Moskovitz, Co-Founder, Asana; Co-Founder, Facebook
Amanda Moskowitz, Founder/CEO, Stacklist
Alex Nogales, President/CEO, National Hispanic Media Coalition
Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder, Reddit
Mike Olson, Founder/Chairman/CSO, Cloudera
Pierre Omidyar, Founder, eBay
Felix W. Ortiz III, Founder/Chairman/CEO, Viridis; Board Member of The NYC Technology Development Corporation
Jen Pahlka, Founder/Executive Director, Code for America
Barney Pell, Founder Powerset, MoonExpress, Locomobi; Founding Trustee, Singularity University
Mark Pincus, Executive Chairman and Founder, Zynga
Shervin Pishevar, Co-Founder/Managing Director, Sherpa Capital and Co-Founder/Executive Chairman of Hyperloop One
Brandon Pollack, Director of Global Affairs, 1776
Amy Rao, Founder/CEO, Integrated Archive Systems, Inc.
Eric Ries, Entrepreneur & Author, The Lean Startup
Justin Rosenstein, Co-Founder, Asana
Alec Ross, Author, The Industries of the Future
Javier Saade, Venture Capitalist; Former Associate Administrator, SBA
Chris Sacca, Founder/Chairman, Lowercase Capital
Dave Samuel, Co-Founder, Freestyle Capital
Julie Samuels, Executive Director, Tech:NYC
Reshma Saujani, Founder, Girls Who Code
Chris Schroeder, Venture Investor; Author, Startup Rising
Jake Schwartz, Co-Founder/CEO, General Assembly
Robert Scoble, Entrepreneur in Residence and Futurist, Upload VR
Kim Malone Scott, CEO, Candor, Inc; Former Director, Google
Tina Sharkey, Partner, Sherpa Foundry & Sherpa Capital
Clara Shih, Co-Founder/CEO, Hearsay Social
Shivani Siroya, Founder/CEO, InVenture
Steve Smith, Executive Director, Public Policy Institute, Government Relations & Telecommunications Project, Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Jonathan Spalter, Chair, Mobile Future
DeShuna Spencer, CEO, kweliTV
Katie Stanton, CMO, Color Genomics; Former VP of Global Media, Twitter
Jenny Stefanotti, Co-Founder, OneProject; Board of Directors, Ushahidi
Debbie Sterling, Founder/CEO, Goldiblox
Seth Sternberg, Co-Founder/CEO, Honor
Margaret Stewart, Vice President of Product Design, Facebook
Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO, Yelp
Michael Stoppelman, SVP, Engineering, Yelp
Baratunde Thurston, Former supervising producer, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah; Co-Founder, Cultivated Wit
Stephanie Tilenius, Founder/CEO, Vida Health; Board of Directors, Seagate Technology
Richard D. Titus, Entrepreneur; SVP, Samsung
Anne Toth, VP of Policy & Compliance, Slack
Bill Trenchard, Partner, First Round Capital
April Underwood, VP of Product, Slack
Max Ventilla, Founder/CEO, AltSchool
Tabreez Verjee, Co-Founder/Partner Uprising; Board Director
Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia
Hunter Walk, Partner, Homebrew VC; Former Director of Product Management, Google
Tristan Walker, Founder/CEO, Walker & Company Brands, Inc.; Founder/Chairman, Code 2040
Ari Wallach, CEO, Synthesis Corp.
Padmasree Warrior, CEO, NextEV USA; Former CTSO, Cisco
Laura Weidman Powers, Co-Founder/CEO, Code2040
Kevin Weil, Head of Product, Instagram
Phil Weiser, Hatfield Professor of Law, University of Colorado and Executive Director of the Silicon Flatirons Center
Daniel J. Weitzner, Principal Research Scientist, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Emily White, Entrepreneur; Former COO, Snapchat
Ev Williams, Founder/CEO, Medium; Co-Founder Twitter, Blogger
Monique Woodward, Venture Partner, 500 Startups
Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple
Tim Wu, Professor of Law, Columbia University
Andrew Yang, Founder/CEO, Venture for America
Arielle Zuckerberg, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Source: Medium

MacDailyNews Note: Donald Trump’s official positions can be found here:


        1. Trump is Hitler 2.0.

          Hitler in the 1930s: Make Germany Great Again.
          Trump now: Make America Great Again.

          Hitler and Trump: the problem is all the people who are different than us…who are people of color…who are LGBT…who believe differently…who speak differently. Follow me and I will magically cure everything because I am so great.

            1. You confuse labels with reality. Hitler called himself a socialist to get elected. Once in power, his real stripes came out. The man was a tyrant.

              Arguments from both sides using Hitler as an example are weak and off-base.

              Trump is an egoist who has no training in public affairs and surprisingly little knowledge of the world. Republicans apparently think they will be able to control Trump. I doubt it. He can do more harm to American than Hillary ever could.

              Hillary is just a Wall Street shill, so you know what you’re going to get. Hillary represents the status quo with a heavy dose of womens’ rights and moderately liberal rhetoric backed by zero action.

              Trump is a diplomatic nightmare who will isolate America, inflame terrorists and wars, and turn the USA into an economic laggard before you can blink an eye. He has a lot of experience bankrupting his businesses, you know.

            2. So, I’m guessing you’d be really excited to go live in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, right? I mean, clearly, since whatever political label tyrants attach to themselves can be trusted?
              You aren’t really that stupid, right?

          1. Love the endless erroneous labels from left field.

            Obviously, your view of Trump is negatively incomplete in so many ways. He will do more for people different than him because he stands for everyone. Think for one the Pink Pistol movement.

            The other camp only panders to the groups you mention (their diehard voters), so you have it completely backwards.

            Trump will make the effort to fix problems, but it will take HARD WORK. Something the other candidate who rakes in half a million dollars for a 20 minute speech, then goes out and trashes the same group on the campaign trail.

            Certainly, you have to admire that brand of loyalty and honesty … \s

          2. wade just likes to regurgitate things he has heard. From Snopes, wades statement is mostly false:

            “Former president Ronald Reagan used the slogan “Let’s make America great again” in 1980. During a general election address in 1950, Margaret Thatcher said that her goal was to “make Britain great again.” President of the Philippines Ferdinand E. Marcos once promised “with the help of the masses to make this country great again.”

            While an underlying theme of Nazi propaganda was “making Germany great again,” a message that directly contributed to Hitler’s rise to power, this does not mean that Donald Trump (or Ronald Reagan, or Margaret Thatcher, or Ferdinand Marcos, or anybody else) necessarily campaigned on Nazi principles.”

            1. Well said.

              Trying to have an intelligent discussion with Wade is an effort where guilt by association counts more than hardcore facts.

              Waste of time … 🙈

          3. Comparing Trump to Hitler? You leftist fruitcakes are so doped up you can’t tell your ass from your elbow. What a disgrace to utter such grade two nonsense.

            Your friend Obama loves the Muslim Brotherhood, has a few in his inner circle. He and Hilary single-handedly screwed up the entire Middle East but Trump is Hitler. Sure.

            The Democrats believe in open borders and that it’s okay for Mexico to just move up their border so that the illegals could be rushed to citizenship to be democrats. Shame on you! You’re a traitor.

            Wow, Democrats have fallen so far in the gutter. God help us in this coming election.

          4. Your delusional remarks doesn’t do any justice to Trump statements. Perhaps you should go study history of WWII and your own Country, than start wondering why Obama, Hilaria, BS and Co. pushing it into police state and China-type communism.

            Migrants should be vetted 100% and that’s about it! Islam is not a religion of peace! That’s second thing. Apple and many multi-national institutions are pushing for globalism because they wanna be tax-exempt! That’s a third.

            No one in your Country will ever endorse Trump unless he/she is a hard working American and still has integrity. And I feel ashamed of you that I must remind you about these obvious truths. You are a moron and a disgrace to your own nation and people who founded it. People like you hear Obama blames the police straight after Dallas shootings and roll over. People like you read mainstream media titles blaming trucks, not terrorists or Islam for Nice Attack and roll over. You people are joke. Better go back watch football all day and keep drinking water out of your tap – you should be just fine. I’m not living in America but globalised Europe and – trust me – I know what I’m talking about. And Woz is an idiot with a soldering iron in his hand who without both jobs, Steve and loosing his job, after employee reduction at HP, would be just an overweight, jerking milksop on food stamps by now… just like you. 😉

          5. Your delusional remarks doesn’t do any justice to Trump statements. Perhaps you should go study history of WWII and your own Country, than start wondering why Obama, Hilaria, BS and Co. pushing it into police state and China-type communism.

            Migrants should be vetted 100% and that’s about it! Islam is not a religion of peace! That’s second thing. Apple and many multi-national institutions are pushing for globalism because they wanna be tax-exempt! That’s a third.

            No one in your Country will ever endorse Trump unless he/she is a hard working American and still has integrity. And I feel ashamed of you that I must remind you about these obvious truths. You are a moron and a disgrace to your own nation and people who founded it. People like you hear Obama blames the police straight after Dallas shootings and roll over. People like you read mainstream media titles blaming trucks, not terrorists or Islam for Nice Attack and roll over. You people are joke. Better go back watch football all day and keep drinking water out of your tap – you should be just fine. I’m not living in America but globalised Europe and – trust me – I know what I’m talking about. And Woz is an idiot with a soldering iron in his hand who without Jobs and loosing his job after employee reduction at HP would be just an overweight, jerking milksop on food stamps… just like you. 😉

    1. Uhm, no. He’s just shown he’s another stupid ‘smart’ guy.

      Someone of his (supposed) intelligence using hyperbolic lies is…well – it’s just insane! Trump has said and done nothing that could classify as racist.

      And reveals who are the real ‘haters’ in our society: Marxist Socialist Democrats, control freaks whose ideology is ‘their way or the highway.’

      You would think you idiots would learn from history. Hitler was a Socialist. Lenin promised equality. Mao promised no capitalism would cure society (and murdered tens of millions by starvation).

      “You must be stupid, stupid, stupid.” from John Grisham’s The Rainmaker

      You Marxists probably have won…but don’t be surprised when in the middle of the night some Brownshirt thug doesn’t wake you up with a club and carry you off to Camp Not-So-Fun.

      1. smitty??? “Marxist Socialist Democrats”??? really? Lets just list a bunch of names and throw republican at the end and then… we all know that makes it real….

        PS, in case you did not notice, this is about Macs and Apple products not a political BS camp ground.

      2. I was taught a long time ago not to use figures of speech that invoke He Who Shall Not Be Named and his regime in Greater Germany from 1933-45. To do so trivializes the Holocaust by comparing its incomparable horror to everyday very bad politics. So, I would normally condemn the use of metaphors like “Brownshirt thug.”

        However, I woke this morning to find that a former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and finalist for Vice President of the United States has called for rounding up and interrogating everybody in the United States who follows the second-largest religion in the world (and third-largest in the US).

        That amounts to roughly 3 million U.S. residents, some of whom are fourth- or fifth-generation American citizens. Actually, it may be many more, since the former Speaker wants the police to round up not only Muslims, but “every person here who is of Muslim background.” Would that include anybody who has a single great-great-grandparent who immigrated in the 1800s from the Balkans, where the Ottomans ruled into the twentieth century?

        These millions of detainees are then to be interrogated as to the orthodoxy of their religious beliefs. Who is to do this, the FBI or the Grand Inquisitor? If they believe that their conduct should be guided by Muslim beliefs (which is essentially all that “belief in Sharia” necessarily requires), they are to be deported.

        It is unclear where they are to be sent, but we all know what He Who Shall Not Be Named meant when he called for “deporting” the Jews in Western Europe. One assumes that those who abjure their faith (like the ancient Christians who burned incense to the Emperor’s image) will be released under tight surveillance.

        The Speaker says that “Sharia is incompatible with Western civilization.” In fact, Western civilization in built in substantial part on the foundation of early-medieval Islamic mathematics, science, and philosophy, as anyone who can read St. Thomas Aquinas will quickly discover. Sharia is a multivalent term that can cover anything from a nodding respect for the teachings of Muhammed to any of several incompatible systems of strict religious law. One might as well suggest that Christianity or Judaism is incompatible with Western civilization.

        No third-grader capable of reading the First Amendment could possibly think that the government can constitutionally ban the free exercise of one set of beliefs while establishing a rival set as a privileged faith. The suggestion that America could ever constitutionally adopt a religious test for full participation in our rights as citizens is so repugnant to constitutional principles as to exceed anything I have seen in my lifetime or read in American history. Yet this man is seriously proposed to stand one heartbeat from the Presidency. There comes a point when “Brownshirt thug” ceases to be a metaphor and becomes a literal description.

        Meanwhile, another political figure is calling for the formal recognition of the Caliphate as a sovereign state. International law, as incorporated in our national law by centuries of treaty obligations, defines war as armed conflict between sovereigns. So, to ask Congress to declare war on IS is to ask Congress to give IS formal recognition as a state and granting it the rights thereof.

        1. Another brilliant post, thank you TxUser.

          Sovereign nations such as Nazi Germany passed Anti-Jewish Laws that were adopted in the 1930s and 1940s that made it legal to do what they darn well pleased to Jews. Your country has done the same thing with this whole group of people still held at Guantanmo on the Bay resort.

          I think you are starting to get the idea (hopefully) that there are instances of laws being passed that are simply devoid of ethics and morality. At the end, it is the actions that count. Holding people for no reason, torturing them, dehumanizing them can indeed be legal but as such are actions that go against the modern day ideas and principles of freedom and civilized humane behavior.

      1. I am no fan of Hillary, but let’s set the record straight. Former Secretaries of State Powell and Rice, congressmen and staffers have also used private email servers. As a matter of security, not a single one of these emails has been hacked. If you know better, then please go ahead and identify for us one piece of mail that is in the wild from any of these public servants from both parties who are so reckless and have such bad judgment.

        I know they aren’t running for president, but do you plan to tar and feather them after you’re done with Clinton?

          1. Who gives a shit about Hillary’s meeting calendar and boring emails? After full investigation, they found no harm done. If you can prove otherwise, do it now.

            No candidate in recent memory is an IT expert, they rely on staff to set up and control the communication systems they use. As we all know, it’s a constant battle and there is plenty of grey areas. Seems to me that a shortcuts get taken all the time — on this board, you would think that people would be cheering that IT guys are finding more efficient ways to manage communication than the much-maligned federal government processes currently allow. But bottom line, no enemy has leveraged whatever data leak you and you alone claim has existed long before Hillary stepped in it.

            I don’t know how the USA survives without your arrogant national security expertise, trondude.

        1. Powell and Rice did not use private email servers exclusively. And they did not set up private email servers in their bathroom. And they did not pass classified information through their private email. And they did not lie about it repeatedly. And they were not working under the same laws that apply to Hillary Clinton.
          Hillary Clinton is a liar and a crook. She set up her email system without permission to avoid FOIA laws (illegal) and she passed classified information (illegal) and she used the system to funnel bribes to the Clinton Foundation (illegal).

  1. The Libs are getting nervous. They should be.

    Some points of clarification:

    “We also believe that progressive immigration policies help us attract and retain some of the brightest minds on earth — scientists, entrepreneurs, and creators. In fact, 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. Donald Trump, meanwhile, traffics in ethnic and racial stereotypes, repeatedly insults women, and is openly hostile to immigration. He has promised a wall, mass deportations, and profiling.”

    H1-B visas for skilled workers DO NOT EQUAL uneducated illegal aliens streaming across the southern border intent on cashing in on American taxpayer’s largesse while setting up shop in the domestic drug trade and/or other crimes (gangs, rape, robbery, etc.).

    Trump is FOR upholding the laws already on the books designed to protect our borders. Trump is FOR suspending immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats.

    “The bottom line is that the only reason the killer was in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here. That is a fact, and it’s a fact we need to talk about.” — Donald Trump, June 2016

    In 1979, Democrat U.S. President Carter ordered all Iranians with student visas to report to U.S. immigration officials or else face possible deportation. On April 7, 1980, Carter ordered administration officials to “invalidate all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States, effective today. We will not reissue visas, nor will we issue new visas, except for compelling and proven humanitarian reasons or where the national interest of our own country requires. This directive will be interpreted very strictly.”

    Donald’s Trump’s official policy:

    Increase prevailing wage for H-1Bs. We graduate two times more Americans with STEM degrees each year than find STEM jobs, yet as much as two-thirds of entry-level hiring for IT jobs is accomplished through the H-1B program. More than half of H-1B visas are issued for the program’s lowest allowable wage level, and more than eighty percent for its bottom two. Raising the prevailing wage paid to H-1Bs will force companies to give these coveted entry-level jobs to the existing domestic pool of unemployed native and immigrant workers in the U.S., instead of flying in cheaper workers from overseas. This will improve the number of black, Hispanic and female workers in Silicon Valley who have been passed over in favor of the H-1B program. Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Senator, Marco Rubio, has a bill to triple H-1Bs that would decimate women and minorities.

    Requirement to hire American workers first. Too many visas, like the H-1B, have no such requirement. In the year 2015, with 92 million Americans outside the workforce and incomes collapsing, we need companies to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed. Petitions for workers should be mailed to the unemployment office, not USCIS.

    BOTTOM LINE: American companies, in general, want skilled labor as CHEAPLY as possible. That’s a main reason why Apple and other tech firms are not supporting Trump – they want unlimited H-1Bs, so they can pay Ajeet from India half what they’d have to pay Tom from Tulsa who can’t find a job after graduating from college and has to live in his parents basement because Apple got Ajeet from India to do it on the CHEAP.

          1. After you visit the cleaners and put away your pink Apple cheerleading outfit … then we will discuss juvenile terms.

            On second thought, no time for you.

            1. Yup, you should know better than anyone.

              I could tell you to stop voting for yourself OVER AND OVER. But it is what it is …

    1. “Requirement to hire American workers first.” What a hypocrite! He bad mouths other Companies while he makes all is own stuff in China or some other slave labor nation.

      As for Iranian students – that was during the Iran Hostage Crisis. I realize you may be too naive to understand the situation.

        1. A crisis? More people probably die from trying to tie their shoeslaces than are killed by Islamic terrorists on U.S. soil. Maybe we should ban the import of shoelaces since people are so damn clumsy. While we are at it, toothpicks, banana peels, and bad jokes should also be eliminated. Wrongly stepping on a rake and bashing in the skull is also a crisis, since that kills more klutzes than the boogie man. Ban everything, and send the Mexicans, blacks and funny smelling people back to their jungles.

          1. And it looks like some nut job/”terrorist” just killed a bunch of people with his truck in France. Next, the big government Republican and Democrat know-it-all, nannies will scare the muppets into demanding trucks are made out of whipped cream.

        2. First Whatever: What are you talking about?

          What will it take to get you to stop deluding yourself that the USA is not in crisis?

          Terrorism is a tactic that brainwashed desperate people use. Always has existed, always will. Clearly that tactic is having its desired effect on you.

          Allow me to bundle a bunch more ideas for you into this little posting.

          In general, you seem to have a problem of understanding scale and scope of problems. You’ve been taken in by the sensationalism, you actively filter out data from all but a few biased self-serving sources, and have turned off the brain between your ears.

          Think about it. The 9/11/2001 tragedy was awful. But it’s not the most awful terrorist event that has occurred on American soil. Hell, when you get down to it, terrorism is way down on the list of risks to the USA. All kinds of things are more dangerous. Domestic nuclear waste management is a bigger problem. By significant margins, more people in America suffer and die from easily preventable diseases, cardiac arrest, car accidents, or drowning than from any form of terrorism, including domestic terrorism. Lack of economic opportunity in the USA and elsewhere has bred more drug gangs and drug-related violence than ISIS ever will — gang violence costs taxpayers and victims an estimated $100 billion per year in the USA. But large volumes of small incidences just aren’t sexy enough to make prime time news on your favorite channel.

          I won’t bother to point you to resources to put things in perspective since you’ve made it abundantly clear that you have your own pet issues, primarily pinning all evils in the world on the other political party. Facts are irrelevant to you since all your posts focus on minutia instead of grasping the big picture or proposing solutions we can all agree on. But please try it sometime, you can learn to be more balanced and open-minded if you try.

          You vehemently demand that instead of the federal government spending a dime on healthcare or education or research or domestic infrastructure or support for poor/aging American citizens, you insist that the USA needs more military buildup, more restrictions on trade and travel, more Great Walls, and extreme paranoid foreign policy because some blowhard on Fox told you so. Of course Fox is just the tip of the problem, all the other partisan entertainment “news” channels are just as bad. It’s the state of pathetic journalism that sensationalizes and politicizes every little thing that happens in the world. So depending on what propaganda drip feed a person is raised to follow, millions of paranoid chicken hawks in the USA from both corrupt parties seem to feel that it’s okay to stick taxpayers for the bill for multi-trillion dollar foreign nation building, drone strikes and “shock and awe” raids that have killed tens of thousands of people. Nobody knows how many were innocent versus how many were truly militants who had the intent an capability of harming American citizens on American soil. Does violent military response to every problem make you feel better? Why? It can’t be because of your western moral or religious tradition, because I’m certain all Christians are taught “Thou shalt not kill”. There were no exceptions written into that document, either.

          So tell us, does industrialized violence and unending overseas war against a tactic, not a named enemy, make Americans at home safer? Or does it just breed more hatred and more radical IS recruits? Show us the scorecard, First. How has stirring up the hornets nest solved anything? What specifically would anything Trump proposes improve your quality of life or mine?

          I recommend you turn off the TV, meet your neighbors, and get a grip. Probability of you being involved in any terrorist event, foreign or domestic, is as small or smaller than it ever has been in history. The negative effect of all those scapegoated “illegals” to anyone is imperceptibly small and truth be known, most immigrants whether documented or not are doing far more good than harm for you. The real problems America faces are here, in front of our noses, and they are solvable if we work together.

          The sky isn’t falling, your way of life isn’t going to be destroyed unless you support the bullshit knee-jerk reactions that your party inflicted upon us. Like the Patriot Act (thanks, GWB!) and the DHS and TSA (thanks again, GWB!), that’s how your freedom is restricted. That and the federal debt added by bank bailouts that were administered by a Bush appointee, Hank Paulson. Thanks again GWB!

          So stop carrying water for the Republican National Committee, which you seem to do no matter how corrupt they are or bad its candidates degrade over time. GWB was the worst I thought it would get, but Trump is just an airbrained lying sack of effluent. If you had a principled bone in your conservative body, you’d vote for Gary Johnson or write in John Kasich or anyone with a legitimate college degree before wasting a vote on Trump.

          1. Mike,
            I notice you called out Fox News. So your bias is showing, right through your tighty whiteys. The fact is, ALL media is scum, but liberal media more-so, which constantly fans the flames of discontent, and enables most of these idiots who promote violence and hatred and racism (read BLM). It is the media that will destroy this country, more-so than the politicians.

            1. I tend to call out all factless blowhards.

              Fox is just one of many channels that specialize in fearmongering. Almost all media is corporate owned, and their entire purpose for taking all things out of context or proportion is to ensure that the populace is distracted, confused, unhappy, needy, greedy, and dependent. BECAUSE THAT SELLS PRODUCTS.

              Just because I don’t have time to list them all doesn’t mean that MSNBC and others aren’t just as shallow and lazy.

        3. Your want to know what a crisis is……cowardly killer cops gunning down innocent people for no fscking reason and creating a toxic race relations environment!

            1. When I was a prosecutor in one of the most law-and-order jurisdictions in Texas, I expected the police to do their jobs. When they committed crimes, I prosecuted them. When they were convicted, they went to jail. Perhaps they got cookies there. I expect that the jailers treated former bad cops like any other criminal, just as I did. My guess is that nobody got cookies.

              Mere verbal abuse is never, EVER, an excuse for the use of force. That is true even of private citizens, much less public servants who have received specific training in how to evaluate and respond to threats. Deadly force by the police is only justified when, and to the degree that, a reasonable person would conclude that no lesser measure would be sufficient to control an imminent threat to human life. No matter who is involved, the unjustified use of deadly force is a serious felony.

              I have to agree that anybody who can justify criminal behavior, whether by peace officers or ordinary citizens, is a stupid loser who makes it unnecessarily difficult for the rest of us to live in a peaceable society. Texas has a death penalty, and it should be applied to convicted cop killers if it is applied to anybody. However, our death penalty also applies to peace officers who are convicted of committing murder under the special circumstances that trigger capital punishment. I have no problem with that, and neither should you.

      1. We at in the midst of a ‘global jihadist insurgency’ as Liberal Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz describes. We have already had several attacks on US soil, the most recent of which, killed 50 gay men. If anyone is naive, it’s you, sir.

        1. Wil, it is obvious you did not read the comment you are bitching about. It is obvious because you just did what the comment said was very bad.

          You cherry picked a few verbal blurbs and pretended they were the whole story. Stop watching Fox, it is NOT news, it is propaganda.

          1. The only mistake I made was clicking the wrong “Reply” as can happen on a smartphone. Nevertheless, I’m not sure how many more attacks deniers like yourself can handle before you admit we have a real problem in our hands. But of course in your American Left narrowmindedness, you haven’t the foggiest clue who Maajid Nawaaz is, what he has gone through, or what he is trying to do in order to fight Islamic extremism in the UK, Europe and abroad. And yet, you presume to able to speak down to me.

            Typical idiocy.

    2. F2T2-

      Thanks for facts clarification regarding PRESENT DAY IMMIGRATION POLICIES cutting through the leftist smoke screen, as usual, sad specimens of the human race incapable of critical thinking skills and completely out of touch with CONDITIONS in the REAL WORLD … 🤔

  2. Trump’s “official” position is whatever the crowd wants to hear that day -the most racist, bigoted, delusional things he can think of… what’s next?… America needs “lebensraum”??

    1. Leftists have been in control of education for years. How is that going?
      Leftists led the march against morality and now we have 2.4 million in jail.

      Let’s give the left one star.

      1. Leftists have been in control of education? Now that’s an undefendable accusation. In your ideal workd, would you prefer that all new research, facts, and data should be null & void until your Bible Committee canonizes it for publication?

        I think we can find immorality in every age, and under any government regime from any point in the political spectrum. Most sane people agree that the rule of law today tends to overuse prison sentences, but that may be largely due to the fact that proper reeducation and work-oriented rehabilitation costs more than correctional budgets allow. We have to spend our money bombing middle eastern gangs, you see.

        1. Wow, how out of touch you are.

          The left teachers union has been contributing MORE to Democrat candidates, only second to trial lawyers for decades in presidential elections.

          Look up the NUMBERS and get a grip!

    2. Yeah, right.

      Billary is as pure as the driven snow.

      The only STUPIDITY HERE is to keep voting for Democrats OVER and OVER AGAIN and to expect different results and PROBLEMS SOLVED.

      Tell me again, the definition of of

      They had 8 YEARS!!!

      Get a grip …

    1. These “libs” as you eloquently put it are the ones who create new technology for society, and as for Woz, created the first computers for Apple. You know, the company that created the Mac as in MacDailyNews where you post your idiotic comments.
      Regardless of being a conservative or liberal, they have a right to express their thoughts and opinions, but at least you should appreciate the fact that they are people deserving respect considering what they have accomplished.
      All you do is post political comments; why are you even on a technology blog? Shouldn’t you be on a political blog that solely posts political agenda and news?!
      I guess you like being a troll… GTFO!

      P.S. I know you will come back with me being a “lib” idiot or whatever you think is clever, but I tend to side with conservatives. However, I show respect and hear all arguments and opinions to form my own belief.
      You can insult these people but this letter is well-written and professional stated as opposed to your comments.

  3. Steve Wozniak, I never liked you. I’ve tried for decades to give you a chance. I’ve watched you in various settings since the 80s and it’s always a cringe moment when you open your mouth. Please shut the hell up and live happily with your millions. Gawd!

      1. I am not invested, am an outsider, and I do not agree with the most of Trump’s positions, and I think that Trump’s presidency as of now looks like it can be quite unpredictable in both good and bad ways, but what I certainly know that Hillary is a huge danger to humanity in her policies she has consistently voiced and implemented. For example, cases like destruction of Libya is the future that Clinton presidency will bring to the world. And her progressive positions are fake, she only moved on that due to the pressure from Bernard Sanders. Once Clinton will become President, she will forget about those promised and will only be the correct corporate tool as she always was.

    1. Oddly, I see the most racism from liberals. Have for the last 50 years. Liberals are not just race baiters, racial opportunists, they are race aficionados, who derive an almost sexual pleasure from their lowbrow interpretation racial issues.

        1. @Mikey-

          You do know that NOT arguing one counter particle of TMac’s SOLID LOGIC puts you into intellectual DENAIL. Move on, nothing to see with you …

          1. What solid logic? Thelonius states opinion, and labels, and accusation only. Please crawl out of the mud, all of you. There are assholes on the extremes of any issue. Why do you choose to join in that juvenile behavior?

            1. TMAC cites personal experience. While not factual to you, understandable, close your eyes and ears and crawl back under your rock.

  4. Some of the idiotic conversation is too much. “If Trump wins we will officially become a bankrupt third world nation and kill each other.” Wow, some liberals simply snort to much coke every day.

    Wanting to stop illegals coming into America doesn’t make trump a hater of immigrants in general. Stopping Muslims flooding into the States from Terrorist regions, doesn’t mean anti-immigrant.

    I’m really disappointed in the propaganda by tech firms run by gays like Apple who need to have slave labor in China, in India and anywhere they can find it and pretend it’s Trump who’s the problem.

    If wanting to bring back jobs to America is killing innovation, then American is toast. These companies are traitors of America, greed to no end.

    The fear of the Democrats is beyond comprehension. Within 10 years you’ll have to speak Spanish in 50% of your country because you’re so stupid to see you’re at war with a country who wants their country back, Mexico.


  5. Although these tech leaders might have some issues/fears about Donald Trump, it’s virtually impossible to get a worse candidate than criminal, above-the-law Hillary. She, as a liar and top-notch deceiver, has no basis running anything more than her household.

    If these tech experts are, thus, in support of Hillary, they they are also in support of American citizens freedom of religion and conscience rights being taken away through despicable pro-gay bullying. This is actually undermining the fabric of our country more than most things since it directly destroys trust in the federal government. Any government that cannot show restraint and thus respect citizens ultimately loses the trust of the people as ours has now. Thanks to Mr. Obama’s ridiculous and stupid social actions, Christians are actually being punished by authorities due to misguided understanding of life and a warping of the Constitution. HRC will simply continue this and even make it worse, as she has clearly stated.

    Donald may not be a top-notch choice, but he’s better than criminal (if the FBI would have the balls to really do their jobs) Hillary.

    1. Amen X 1000.

      Anybody who doesn’t believe this is incredibly naive.

      A great exposé is by progressive activist Abby Martin in this YouTube video:

      Christopher Hitchens, journalist and essayist, in his books and interviews has said the Clintons are the worst. THE WORST.

  6. Leftists campaign against non-leftist.

    Note please that most of these people sit fat and happy on massive cash hordes while millions starve to death and over a billion suffer under the yolk of communism.
    (M$, Google, Apple, Cisco & Oracle – all leftist-run – have $450b)

    Afraid they are of Trump.
    Scared witless.
    Vote Trump for that reason alone.

    1. They’re scared of Trump because they know what a crap businessman he actually is – bankrupt 4 times, Trump University scandal cheating students, screwing his contractors, the only thing Trumps good at is convincing suckers and morons that he knows something they don’t.

  7. Donald Trump is the worst presidential candidate for this years election except for his opponent.

    When Obama said that HRC is the most qualified candidate for president that the nation has ever had, I didn’t think even the most ardent liberal would buy into that. Since I am seeing that I was wrong, I think we are deserving of what we are about to get.

    1. That assumes a voter would be able to decide what Trump would do. It seems he has no plans and tells different audiences whatever they want to hear off the top of his head.

      With Hillary, you’ll get a continuation of the corporatocracy that has gridlocked the USA for decades. I don’t like it, but it’s better than a bitterly divided and paranoid nation under Donald, who guaranteed will do great financially harm to us all as he kills business and trade. The man has no credentials and zero diplomatic ability. I am actually surprised that he recruited a somewhat sane VP when he could have teamed up with his British clone, Boris Johnson.

  8. “Christians are actually being punished” Oh bullshit! They just don’t like being told they can’t discriminate – it’s the law of the land, and they don’t like it. Like that nut case refusing to issue marriage licenses. She should have been fired. Even the Bible says you should obey the laws of the land, but Christians think their religion comes first. Unfortunately for them the Constitution says otherwise. the US is not a “Christian” Nation – it’s a Nation of many religions, all equal under the Law.

  9. Anyone supposing the lying, treasonous Hilderbeast is a f’ing idiot. Please stop breeding and voting. You have already done too much damage to this Country.

    As bad as Trump may seem to the ignorant he is far better than the Hildebitch

  10. PROBLEM: Where are the better leaders who should be running for elected offices? We’re leaving leadership up to the WORST of all possible people, the ‘Relational’ personalities who are the OPPOSITE of the ‘Producer’ personalities, aka the people who get things done, invented, innovated, created, organized, future ready.

    IOW: Much as we Producers hate it, we are the better leaders and our countries go to hell when we sit back and complain but refuse to take leadership roles. Shame On Us!

      1. How come I can see through the invisible clothes on the would-be emperor and you can’t? Obviously, you’re not alone. But I find this all thoroughly scary. The guy is nuts, and vigorously so. But we humans have a very difficult time sharing one another’s perspective. So I find it wiser to speak up but expect no affect upon other’s perspective. The best I can do is watch and learn.


        1. Invisible clothes emperor? I think it is painfully clear Trump does not need to be hired for ego, money or anything else. We need to hire him to fix the ABSOLUTE MESS OF THE U.S. the last eight years. The cunning and corrupt blond bland platitudes empty pantsuit will do NOTHING to fix the problems. She is the emperor you speak of. Hard to believe you just don’t see it.

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