Pokémon GO helps two U.S. Marines to catch murder suspect

“Whether you’re a Pokémon Go enthusiast or not, only a few are blissfully unaware of the new smartphone game which has taken over everywhere,” Alison Daye reports for CNN. “Now, it has helped two unsuspecting gamers to catch out an attempted murder suspect.”

“The reality-game-meets-exercise app was instrumental in aiding two Marines to help local police officers catch an attempted murder suspect,” Daye reports. “Seth Ortega and his roommate were playing Pokémon Go close to Fullerton Park in California when they noticed a suspicious looking man approach a mom and her three kids.”

Daye reports, “Following the incident, the Fullerton Police District were keen to remind Pokémon Go users to exercise caution when playing the game.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This going outside stuff seems to have myriad benefits.

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        1. … killing suspected ‘criminals’ of one ethnic background while arresting those of another ethnicity you have WITNESSED committing a violent crime … that’s a bit racist, wouldn’t you agree?
          While most officers are above this level of racism, there are way too many – especially in the LAPD – who find it convenient and who find that their co-workers applaud such action.

  1. I read this on Twitter today:

    In the 90s, kids went outside to play.
    In the 2000s, kids stayed inside to play video games.
    As of a week ago, they’re now going outside to play video games.


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