iPhone 7 battery over 13% bigger than iPhone 6s, source claims

“Another day, another iPhone 7-related rumor or leak of some sort,” GSMArena reports. “This is becoming the norm as we’re approaching the September event where Apple will finally make its new handset official.”

“This time around, a ‘pretty reliable’ source apparently thinks the iPhone 7 will ship with a 1,960 mAh battery,” GSMArena reports. “That would be great news for lovers of good smartphone battery life, considering that its predecessor, the iPhone 6s, has a 1,715 mAh cell.”

“So we’re looking at an increase of over 14% in capacity if this turns out to be true,” GSMArena reports. “Let’s hope that it does, for battery life has been a pretty neglected aspect by Apple for the iPhone 6s.”

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MacDailyNews Take: FYI. iPhone 6 packed a 1810 mAh battery and most former iPhone 6 users can notice that their iPhone 6s battery isn’t as robust as their previous iPhone. We all have Apple Watches here, so iPhone battery life is no longer an issue for us.

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  1. I have one, my wife has one and two of my sons have one.

    Mine lasts almost two days!
    The wife says 48 hours. Don’t know why she doesn’t say 2 days.
    The kids both say 2 days.

    Seems like you are talking a load of bullshit!

  2. I always find these technical discussions puzzling. How you use your phone determines battery life not what the spec says.

    I have to tell you that my friends and family that use Android phones do nothing but phone calls, text messages through What’s App, post Facebook stuff and take pictures.

    iPhone is for USERS of the computing power of their phone. I talk so little in my phone but Ininteract with the world using my phone. My banker was in shock that I could calculate my mortgage payments faster than he could with a simple Bumbers spreadsheet.

    1. That’s true, but if the next generation iPhone has X% longer battery life, your battery life is likely to go up correspondingly. The good news here is in the relative increase.

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