Why Pokémon GO is an even bigger game-changer than you think

“Nintendo finally allowed a mobile game version of one of its biggest money-spinners to be made,” Tero Kuittinen writes for BGR. “One thing that has not been widely discussed is the truly monstrous revenue performance that Pokemon GO has delivered right out of the gate. This app is a beast of truly exotic and unprecedented nature. It has delivered the hottest first 72-hour revenue performance in US mobile content history.”

“We are witnessing a decisive turning point in the mobile content industry,” Kuittinen writes. “On Monday morning, traders in Tokyo were trying to get a grip on this seismic change, bidding Nintendo’s share price up 24% in the first hour of trading — after a 9% jump on Friday. That meant adding more than $8 billion to the company’s market cap.”

“This kind of phenomenon has never been witnessed by the mobile content industry,” Kuittinen writes. “Whatever the precise formula for the instant madness spawned by Pokemon GO is, it will force a profound rethink of many industry tropes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re seeing people everywhere looking for Pokémon. Be careful driving, please!

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  1. It’s funny how neighborhoods look like scenes from the walking dead now with the Zombie kids and adults walking around mindlessly. Pretty funny and crazy how this took off.

    1. It’s actually nice seeing more people going out for a walk and bike ride. As long as they are careful and respectful of others. I can’t see this at a bad thing, but good use of modern technology to get our kids and adults off their butts and move around a little.

      The reality, in several weeks it will be over.

  2. This is actually a much bigger “win” than most people realize: contemplate for a moment all of the image data that all of those customers’ smartphones are gathering for the company … for free.

    1. Niantic labs did for Ingress (their predecessor to Pokemon) I played for 3 years. Any speed over 32 mph disables most in-game play. The sad part was that as a passenger, I couldn’t play either. I like Waze solution. Automatically disabled unless you override as a passenger. I admit to having Pokemon open while driving in rural streets. It my phone vibrates, I pull over to look at what has appeared. You cannot safely catch Pokemon or gather pokestop equipment while driving. That’s ludicrous. I expect we will see a few “Darwin Award” winners soon.

    2. Why should they? That is just as annoying as some car companies who disable their navigation systems while driving… If you’re using navigation, you probably aren’t familiar with the area, and you may not know if is a safe place to pull over. Yet, if you don’t pull over, how will you know where to go? How about all of those cars with passengers in them? You want to not only disable co-pilot navigation, but you also want to disable their on-board entertainment? No thank you.

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