Leaks shows Apple may ditch entry-level 16GB iPhones

“For iPhone users who didn’t spend the extra cash to get a handset with more storage, the 16GB capacity of the entry level phone can prove to be a real nightmare,” news.com.au reports.

“Sometimes it feels like after a few videos, a few photos, a few apps and a few podcasts there’s no space left for anything else,” news.com.au reports. “But from the looks of things, Apple might have heeded the call from annoyed customers and abandoned the smaller capacity device.”

“Chinese shopping site Weibo has posted prices for three iPhone 7 models, with storage tiers starting at 32GB, reported CNET,” news.com.au reports. “According to ZDNet, it’s rumoured Apple will also shelve its 64GB option, instead offering a 128GB device and a 256GB device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We would have liked to have seen it sooner, but we’ll take it!

Obviously, 16GB is for a certain target market, one that can live in the iCloud. The problem with that model, however, is that inexperienced buyers and inattentive resellers foist 16GB iPhones on people who really cannot manage to live in the iCloud and therefore could end up hating their iPhone (it won’t update, it’s perpetually packed full and therefore runs poorly, can’t take any photos, can’t download any more apps, etcetera).

Apple needs to ask themselves if the benefits of having a 16GB iPhone (“low” entry price and upselling platform for higher capacity iPhones) are worth the risk of disappointing those who are likely buying their first iPhone. For Apple, the quality of the user experience should always come first. — MacDailyNews, July 4, 2015

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  1. Woohoo!!!! Right as I was deciding to make the jump up to the middle tier. I still will make that jump, but it may be even further than expected. 😀

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