Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon: Apple Music is ‘literally a horrid platform’

“Last year, when Apple launched its streaming service Apple Music, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon made his displeasure known in a series of barbed tweets,” Jazz Monroe reports for Pitchfork.

“‘Just literally wish that the humans who had the power, USED it to literally make things better,’ he wrote at one point,” Monroe reports.

Now Vernon has again tweeted his displeasure with Apple’s rapidly-growing Apple Music service:

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MacDailyNews Take: Perhaps Justin missed WWDC 2016? Apple has begun to address his (and our) concerns:

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  1. Look if you look around enough you can find a person that is against any topic you can imagine, or does not like any food you can imagine, or any product you can imagine. Take these jerks with a late salt pellet and remember there are a lot of people paid by Apple’s rivals to post bad reviews.

    1. I’ve had Apple Music since day 1 and I am still struggling to work out what all these negative reviewers are so mad about.

      Sure it can (and will) get better but at the end of the day, it’s something that plays songs and does it very well.

    2. Look at the quote, not the headline. He says “APPLE” has become a horrid platform, not “Apple Music”. I think he is possibly referring to Apple’s overall treatment of music, inclusive of Apple Music, iTunes, the iTunes Store, and possibly even the hardware that we listen it on. I read his tweets to say Apple has squandered a great start in music and is no longer putting “usability” as the prime design aspect.

  2. Anyone can trash talk about Apple without any repercussions. It’s become a great company to vent one’s hatred at. Apple gets more hate directed at it for AppleMusic than Volkswagen did after the emissions scandal. People really get bent out of shape for $10 a month when they can quit the service at any time they want. Why not just go to another service and leave it at that? I mean, no one ever ruined their lives by using some music service.

  3. Apple’s continuing evolution toward services (something are simply not very good at going all the way back to e-world) suggests they see this as the future of the company since innovation in the electronic device space has limited potential in terms of possible profit growth. It’s sensible. But so far very very badly handled. It’s literally saddening to see them slow the pace of innovation for professionals (Final Cut Pro is still a mess and the Mac Pro line of desktops is 2 years old and just sort of wrong in some ways. It’s obvious the iPhone 7 will be transitional.. the iPhone 8 a triumph.. and the integration of all the platforms likely a success but until they truly FIX the problems at the core of their philosophy about services and make them dead simple and rock solid.. they will be letting people down..

  4. I am certainly not Apple’s target audience especially with the insipid talk-sing, tinny arrangements so-called music crowd. I’d rather spend the $15 a month on a current or past real music CD I might actually like.

    1. I don’t thin you understand what Apple Music is. For $15 per month, my family and I have unlimited access to practically entire world’s catalogue of all music ever recorded. I can stream, or download, and add to my playlists any album ever released on iTunes, which is, for all intents and purposes, practically all of the world’s commercially recorded music.

      I don’t care for, or ever listen to, apple’s streaming radio programme. I only use Apple Music for downloading (or streaming) the music I like. For fans of classical, like me, I can find dozens, sometimes hundreds of different recordings of the same popular classical work (such as, for example, Tchaikovsky symphonies), by various orchestras and conductors. I have been discovering amazing new details in these works by comparative listening. For me, Apple Music is the greatest thing that could ever have happened to music lovers.

      Your mileage may vary.

      1. If you’re not a music collector, I entirely see your point Predrag. I’m a classical music kid and even used to sell it at a record store! This sounds like a brilliant way to learn classical.

        I enjoy messing around at Pandora and YouTube in order to find music I’ve never heard before that I’d like. (I’m never going to hear much I like on terrestrial corporate radio these days!)

        But as a collector, no way am I going to depend upon paying a $15 monthly fee in order to KEEP my music. Bye-bye tunes collection, all gone! I BUY the music I want to keep. What I enjoy buying of classical: Videos of operas. SEE the opus, as well as hear it, the way it was meant to be seen.

      2. You sound like Apple is the only music streaming company. I could understand if you said streaming music is the greatest thing, but Apple was late in this area and its version was petty bad.

        1. No, it wasn’t the first, and arguably it may not be the best, but factually, it has the largest catalogue, bigger than Spotify, bigger than Pandora, bigger than Amazon.

          For me, the catalogue trumps other arguments.

          Again, your mileage may vary.

      3. I tried it and it has some nice advantages but overall it wasn’t for me. I am not actively looking for new music having other time occupying interests (I already have a pretty huge library). Glad it works for you and others however.

  5. After having Apple Music for a year and spending several hours/days fixing my music collection, my biggest issue is the lack of social sharing. I want to access peoples’ playlist history. This lack of this basic functionality is on par with Apple not having a comment section after most Apple News stories. It’s a social world, and Apple seems to be hidden away in a basement mumbling to the shadows.

  6. Apple Music is a wasteland of bullshit.

    As the owner of a considerable library of PURCHASED music and iTunes Match, I should not have to ever see the fucking button for Beats One on my iOS device if I opt to roll my own. I have no intention of renting music for $10 month, Tim.

    Rental Music was pioneered by Real Networks and Microsoft and is fool’s gold. It fucks over the content creators with micro-payments and undermines the market for purchased music.

    The UI sucks like a Dyson on iTunes and Apple Music on iOS.

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