iPhone 7 rumored to get second speaker, larger camera

“Apple’s iPhone 7 will feature a dual speaker and a bigger camera, if the latest round of leaked images is legit,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“A photo posted by French tech blog site Nowhereelse.fr shows the phone’s casing with the standard audio jack missing, replaced by a second speaker grill,” Whitney reports. “That means the iPhone would offer stereo speakers for the first time. Rumors have gone back and forth as to whether Apple will jettison the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.”

“A second photo, also allegedly of the iPhone 7’s casing, shows a dual camera lens that slowly rises in height into a full ‘bump,'” Whitney reports. “If rumors prove accurate, that dual camera may be part of a 5.5-inch-screen iPhone 7 Plus model or even a special “Pro” edition — but not part of a standard 4.7-inch-screen iPhone 7.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We know a surprising number of people who actually (try to) listen to music via their iPhone’s speaker. We suppose anything Apple can do to improve that currently awful experience is a good move.

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    1. Interesting fantasy you have there One Note Joe from Doofus, MO. Like the same fantasy you have every day.

      Some people have a Napoleon complex and you have a Tim Cook complex. Personally I think you’re actually a closeted buffoon not yet outed with a severe crush on Tim Cook.

    1. If so, then Apple should port the speakers forward. High and mid tones are directional…they would would be shooting sound away from your ears.

      Many intentionally, or unintentially “cup” their hands around the speakers while watching videos to direct the sound to their ears. Listening to music via iPhone speakers is like, “dang, I have no other options…”

      1. Yes indeed. I have a couple subwoofers. It’s always surreal to me to realize I can’t tell where the bass is coming from, so why bother worrying where I put it.

        I always have an old crap edition set of Apple earbuds in my bag. I think of them as punishment if I forget to pack one of my two pairs of modern, most excellent Apple earbuds. But I’d rather use that crap old pair than listen from an iPhone’s speaker. So it’s not really a BFD what Apple does with their speakers. But I muse about it anyway.

        1. Totally DC. Speakers on small devices, no matter how hard they try, are a severe concession to decent quality sound. Mono, stereo, quad, it don’t really matter. It all sounds mediocre compared to even modest cost headphones/earbuds.

  1. Too lazy to look it up, but I read somewhere that the second speaker isn’t expected to be for stereo sound, which is why they aren’t trying to move them away from each other. But perhaps they’ve found a way to separate higher and lower frequencies for improved sound quality (‘woofer’ and ‘tweeter’, as it were). Or perhaps they needed two to make up for making the iPhone more water-resistant.

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