Apple Watch 2 rumored to feature built-in GPS, swim tracking

“The Apple Watch 2 is said to include GPS for accurate workout logging without the need to carry an iPhone, and the Workout app reportedly will gain the ability to track swimming – suggesting a higher level of waterproofing in the next Apple Watch,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“While Apple has not declared the current Apple Watch waterproof, users have found that it holds up well in Splash, Shower, and Swimming tests,” iClarified reports.

“The source of this information does not have a proven track record,” iClarified reports, “however, the improvements do seem like a logical progression of Apple’s plans.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The current Apple Watch might as well be considered waterproof – ours have been through numerous showers, in pools, and soaked during outdoor runs in the rain with no problems.

GPS is the key. We so want to finally be able to leave our iPhones at home and still get accurate distances and route tracking during runs!


  1. Speaking of waterproofing, why isn’t the iPhone more resistant to water? Those samsung ads showing their phones dropped in the fish tank drive me crazy.

    My screen when out because I got sweat from working out in my power port. $100. I wasn’t happy.

        1. This statement is a fact and some people voted it down. Why would they do that? Denial? Jealousy?
          Apple has fallen behind on features. It’s the plain and simple truth.

  2. The word “waterproof” isn’t a legal term here in the USA. The term “Water resistant to …” Is the proper usage.

    There is no such thing as a waterproof product.

  3. My Gen 1 watch without my phone is crazy accurate with distances of my outdoor runs – a routine loop that’s 2.45 miles in never more than .05 miles off – would love to have a GPS in the watch as long as it doesn’t hurt battery life – but accuracy currently is plenty accurate for me!

  4. Apple needs (and just may) include a built in Apple sim in both their iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2. If that’s the case, you will have your phone number work on both devices making the Apple Watch 2 the ultimate accessory that can stand alone. Also, neither watch nor iPhone will have a headphone jack and will go wireless with the exception of a lightning port headphone for times when your wireless headphones are charging.

    Add in advanced medical sensors for oxidation and hydration levels (glucose monitoring may still be an iteration away) and this thing will sell 10x the current model. Hands down.

  5. One more thing……

    The wireless headphones will charge using a lightning port and will look like wireless headsets when charging from your iPhone or iPad…….will use the Apple Pencil charging cable.

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