macOS Sierra: The essential guide to using Siri on your Mac

“Scheduled to ship in Fall with a public beta next month, macOS Sierra brings numerous improvements, with Siri making its debut on the Mac,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“You’ll be asked to enable Siri when you install macOS Sierra, however, if you don’t do it then, don’t worry as Siri can also be enabled in System Preferences where it has its own ‘Siri’ section,” Evans writes. “Once you have enabled Siri you will be able to speak with your Mac in natural spoken language — you don’t need to learn specific commands. (You may need to figure out how Siri thinks — sometimes you need to restructure your questions).”

“You don’t need to switch out of the application you are in to use Siri, just tap one of the shortcut to invoke it and you can then ask it to do whatever it is you need, from searching the Web to making a call and more,” Evans writes. “In very broad terms, Siri on the Mac has three key roles: Communication, Information, [and] System control.”

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MacDailyNews Takte: As Jonny notes, the first thing you should ask Siri on your Mac (and on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV, and/or iPod touch) is simple: “What can you do?”

If you haven’t used Siri lately, you haven’t used Siri.


    1. Siri: If you have iPhone 7 or greater it is now in the Lightening Port.

      Idiot: But the included EarPods that came with the iPhone 7 have the old jack interface. How can I plug this into the Lightening Port?

      Siri: Look carefully in your box and you will find a small adaptor. Look carefully because it is quite small.

      Idiot: But I thought the lighting Port was digital. Will I need an external SAC?

      Siri: I think you mean DAC. A “SAC” makes no sense in this conversation. Don’t worry about external DAC’s, iPhone 7 is designed to detect what is connected to the lightening port. When headphones are detected the lightening port adapts to output analog signals.

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