Activist campaign seeks to shame Apple, other U.S. companies over Trump

“Disturbed by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, U.S. activists have taken out online advertisements, circulated petitions, put up billboards and even chipped in for an airplane banner to try to shame companies into dropping their sponsorships of the Republican National Convention in July,” Emily Stephenson reports for Reuters.

“The campaign, led by the political arm of California-based advocacy group Color of Change, seeks to weaken Trump’s White House bid by pressuring companies to skip the Cleveland convention where he is expected to formally become the nominee,” Stephenson reports. “Minority groups and others have been outraged by Trump’s rhetoric and positions on immigration, including proposals to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country, deport millions of immigrants who enter illegally and build a wall along the Mexican border.”

“The anti-Trump effort, which has yielded mixed results, has included letters to executives of more than 30 companies including Coca-Cola and Apple Inc, and conversations with officials at Amazon, Hewlett-Packard and others,” Stephenson reports. “‘As you must know, Mr. Trump has implied that Mexican immigrants are drug dealers and rapists,’ said the letter from Making Change at Wal-Mart, which became public on Thursday… The effort appears to have had little effect on overall fund-raising for Cleveland. Emily Lauer, a spokeswoman, said the event is on track to raise the $64 million needed to meet its budget.””

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  1. No, liars, Mr. Trump DID NOT imply “that Mexican immigrants are drug dealers and rapists.”

    Mr. Trump WELCOMES legal immigrants from Mexico who comply with immigration laws. Mr. Trump does not welcome illegal aliens who, by definition, break the law with their very first step into the U.S.A.

    “I don’t see how there is any room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the statement I made on June 16th during my Presidential announcement speech,” – Donald J. Trump

    Full transcript of Donald J. Trump’s June 16, 2015 Presidential announcement speech:

    When Mexico (meaning the Mexican Government) sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you (pointing to the audience). They’re not sending you (pointing again). They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people! But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people. It’s coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over South and Latin America, and it’s coming probably from the Middle East. But we don’t know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop, and it’s got to stop fast.

    1. To be fair, Mexico does not send anyone, people come by themselves, and, more importantly, the inflow of people from Mexico is net negative in the latest years — more people are leaving USA than coming in.

      1. To be even more fair, the Mexican government puts out publications about migrating to the USA, some of which have been shown to have sections about how to avoid our immigration restrictions. They have also spoken out publicly and critically about Trump’s call for a wall along our southern border, calling it “discriminatory,” while continuing to maintain a similar wall along their own southern border.

    2. No, never getting used to ‘President Trump. Rectal pore, classic Ugly American Trump, yes.

      Meanwhile, Trump is getting somewhat needlessly dumped on for his terrible inability to express himself coherently or wisely. He’s an idiot, judging by how he speaks. And yet, he never did imply that ALL Mexicans were THIS or THAT. If you read past the STUPID of his speaking abilities, you’ll notice that he actually means SOME Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists and other forms of criminals. NO ONE can deny that this is indeed the case. Trump did NOT paint all Mexicans with one brush. Equally STUPID people are taking what he said and twisting it into their own STUPID speech.

      Summary: A STUPID STORM.

      The really NAUSEATING problem is that the only other choice is going to be another form of STUPID called ‘Hillary Clinton’.

      This is easily the WORST presidential election in US history.


      1. I’m heartened to read you get what Trump says that he did not paint all Mexicans with the same brush.

        Unfortunately, opposition groups are brain dead and this is a silly exercise to save the FAILED STATUS QUO. Whatever, have at it.

        I don’t understand your ‘ugly American’ characterization of the Don.

        No one in politics today is MORE American that Donald Trump.

        Peace. 🌞

        1. Think ‘Jersey Shore’ and you’ll get the complete classic picture of what is known in ‘foreign’ countries as the ‘The Ugly American’. In the ‘old world’, where classism is still standard in their cultures, emulation of aristocracy is expected. When a Donald Trump sort of character walks into a situation, the immediate snarky response from the old worlders is ‘Ugly American!’

          Here are a couple useful links:

          No one in politics today is MORE American that Donald Trump. <–I know. And it's sad.

    3. Exactly right.

      Unfortunately, groups like this make the CONSTANT mistake and take and TWIST a few words out of CONTEXT for their self-fulfilling delusions.

      They represent the FAILED status quo the last seven years and work hard to promote the same misery they do not recognize.

      Entitled to free speech and it is what it is.

      The Brexit vote should tell them something.

      Then again, the politically correct minds are DEAD.

      1. So Trump is the only person this happens to? SOP on all sides of the political aisle. The status quo has just been a failure for the last seven years? Man, you don’t get it and you sure don’t get Trump if that is what you think. The idea that the failed status quo is particular to one party or the other is incredibly ignorant of what really ails America. Donald Trump is a different flavor of the same kind of menu. There are two things that must happen before there is any fundamental change that will get America back on the correct path. Term limit for all elected state and federal positions and strict campaign finance controls/reversal of Citizens versus United – perhaps the single most damaging decision to ever come from the Supreme Court.

        WISE UP and cut the rhetoric. You are no different than the people you criticize. You just prefer a different sauce on your bullshit.

        1. What you FAIL TO RECOGNIZE is the political elites, the globalism elites, the media elites have been resoundingly rejected.

          The Brexit vote is just the beginning …

  2. Your post does not address:
    – His gibbering about Mexico SENDING “its people”.

    – or “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”
    Selling hard drugs and using them is an epidemic in every racial group. And rape! Do you have ANY idea what he incidence of rape is amoung whites? Another sickening epidemic – and nothing to do with the immigration situation.

    1. Are you calling Trump a “racist?’

      Trump has never mentioned race beyond pointing how how many African-Americans and Latinos support him.

        1. I must be a fool. Either that or you’re a typical liberal that has no idea what racism is, other than a word you use to denigrate those who disagree with you. Here, let me help.

          noun: racism
          1. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
          * prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

          I’ve heard Trump say nothing that indicates such feelings.

          “Racist. Racist. Racist.” It really is time for leftists to learn a new song. No one takes this one seriously anymore. It’s a shame too because there are REAL racists in the world.

      1. No one has to call him a racist. It is so plainly evident it is completely unnecessary to say it.

        BTW, the number if Afro-Americans and Latinos who support him is minuscule. Do you have credible research that says otherwise or are you relying on Donald’s word?

        1. Hey brainless, just post ONE QUOTE proving the Don is a racist.

          I’ll save you the trouble: you can’t, because it does not exist.

          Well, maybe in your closed mind, but not in reality.

          Have a great day.

  3. YES, he is implying that the majority of Mexicans are criminals and rapists. “And SOME, I assume, are good people!”

    Anyone who supports Trump is a bigot, racist, birther, and misogynist, too. They should come out of the closet and admit it, along with their White Supremacist and Ku Klux Klan brothers and sisters.

      1. Those facts are about as relevant as the fact that Fred Trump was arrested for disorderly conduct while participating in a KKK rally. Interestingly, the issue was exactly parallel to the Black Lives Matter movement. The Klan was recruiting supporters like Trump with the claim that the (mostly Catholic) NYPD was engaged in racial profiling and a pattern of excessive violence against Protestants. The sins of the father, whether Nathan Bedford Forest in the 1860s or Fred Trump in the 1920s, should not be attributed to their sons. Fred apparently got over his anti-immigrant bias, since he married a woman who came to America during the Great Depression to seek work at the very time when unemployment among natural-born Americans was at its peak.

        1. Amazingly you still defend the Democrat Party by quoting the Bible. Incidentally, Franklin Roosevelt, Democrat, was president during nine years of The Great Depression, January 20, 1933 to December 7, 1941.

          “This who cannot remember the past are condemned to be libtärds.”

        2. Are you seriously suggesting that The Party of Lincoln and the Party of Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion did not essentially reverse their positions on almost every possible issue over the course of the 20th century? The last presidential election where the Republican was the more progressive candidate was in 1916. So, holding the Democrats liable for the KKK is like crediting the Republicans for TR’s trustbusting. Pointing that out isn’t defending the Democrats—as I have repeated until I am red, white, and blue in the face, I have been a Republican for roughly fifty years now—but merely refusing to make up facts to support an argument.

          Yes, FDR was President of the US during most of the Great Depression. I doubt that had much to do with the price of tea in China even during the 1930s. It is utterly irrelevant now.

          My point was that in 1930 when the future Ms. Trump arrived in America, unemployment was rife and rising. If her son’s immigration policies had applied at the time, the US would never have admitted a barely 18-year-old girl with $50 in her pocket, no employment prospects, minimal education, and no qualifications except as a domestic servant. She survived by taking jobs that Americans could have filled if they had been willing to accept the wages and working conditions. If foreign competition for jobs is an evil thing now, it was even worse then, when the American unemployment rate was several times higher. She became a citizen only after living in America for twelve years, escaping her career as a maid by marrying a wealthy American, and giving birth to a couple of “anchor babies.” Given that history, the attitude of both Fred and Donald Trump towards immigration seems a bit odd.

      2. It isn’t relevant what political party founders of KKK belonged to 151 years ago or is it relevant what party the President who first appointed a woman to the Supreme Court was.

        He may be a jackass, but one thing I know for sure from reading your posts is you are an asshole, bigot and racist who thinks the minimal degree of eloquence you possess can cover what you really are.

    1. No, he never said that the majority of Mexicans are criminals and rapists, and I kinda suspect you know that. You just want your brutish and ignorant vitriol to have some sort of basis.

      “What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.”

      You know, if illegal immigration proponents would just tell the truth, that yes, in many cases we are importing violent criminals, including drug dealers and rapists, but we feel that the contribution of the good people overwhelms the cost of the bad, I could respect that. I’d say, I don’t necessarily agree, but I respect truth.

      Liars only make things worse. People who say things like Trump supporters are bigots, racists, and misogynists, are not only liars, but silly liars. Shame on you.

    2. Your binary-type of thinking is EXACTLY in line with how bigotry erodes logic and produces blanket statements..just like the one you made…Shame you can’t see the irony in your own statement.

  4. No matter how bad you think (or know) a candidate is, using pressure to sway opinions is bad. I work with a lot of people who vote the party with the same passion people have with a sports team, blinded by some psychological block on being objective… and they are like a pack of wolves when someone even suggest there is another opinion that differs from theirs. Dangerous way of thinking.

  5. Now that Britian has its country back. Trump can concentrate on getting USA back.
    Wouldnt it be great to have pride in your country again. Make America Great Again.
    Go Trump 😀👍

    1. See how well getting their vile corrupt government out of the way has worked out for the Iraqis, Somalis, Libyans, etc. There is a function for government, folks.

  6. Getting back ON TOPIC:

    Too late to bother attempting to shame Apple. The company already pulled out of supporting the Republican Convention.

    A better target: Tim Cook supporting a Republican fund raiser with Psycho Paul Ryan, the most dangerous, deceitful politician I know of in the USA. Yeah, I’m saying Ryan is worse than Trump, for those wondering. Trust Ryan not-an-inch.


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