MacNN to shut down on July 1st

“Cast your mind back to the spring of 1995. Apple was making Macs — the last of the Performas, among other models — and the Clone Wars were already underway, all while MacNN was starting out as a serious journal covering Mac technology. Nothing has changed since then, and yet everything has changed: Apple is now a cultural force, it’s shaping new industries, and it’s even making some money now, we hear,” Charles Martin writes for MacNN. “From when the company was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and irrelevance, to the crowning of Apple as the most valuable and influential tech company in the world, MacNN has been there. As of July 1, Apple will carry on — but MacNN will not, we’re sorry to say.”

“It’s kind of amazing we made it this far – only TidBITs and MacWorld are older and still around – but we’ve been told we’re packing it in,” Martin writes. “We’ve joked before that Apple becoming a huge mainstream company is the worst thing that ever happened to us, but it’s true: there’s less need for an Apple-specific news site when news about Apple is plastered everywhere, on every site, all the time.”

“As mentioned, we’ll be around through the end of the month, and we hope you’ll stay here until then — we plan to continue our coverage of major Apple news, though we’ll be ratcheting down our columns and such,” Martin writes. “We’d like to tip our hat to the other Apple-Mac news sites — they have never been thought of as our competition, more a part of a larger family.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wow. The end of an era, for sure.

We’d certainly like to tip our collective hat right back at MacNN! As you might image, we have some Apple news bookmarks that go way, way back and MacNN is among our very first. We’ve gone there every day since the days of dialup. We’ve read MacNN for over twenty years! We were reading MacNN daily while we were designing our MacDailyNews logo during Macworld 1999 in a hot NYC in July. (Noah Wyle appeared onstage at first as “Steve Jobs.” Later, a regally-bearded Steve Jobs had Phil Schiller jump 2 stories into an airbag to demonstrate the first iBook’s Airport wireless networking. The excitement that keynote day was absolutely electric!) MacNN was there throughout, even as it took us three more years to finally start up in earnest in 2002. We’ve been carrying their headlines in our left column for as long as we can remember!

We’re sad to see MacNN go and we wish the staff the best of luck in their future endeavors.

MacNN, you will be missed!


  1. Wow is right. When I saw the notification pop on the screen I thought it was MDN that was bailing! NOoooooo!!!!! Whew. RIP MacNN. As for MDN – don’t follow please. There is only ONE Apple site that religiously posts pithy, concise & often hilarious comments 90% of the time. Stay MDN. Stay. We need you..

    1. Agreed. It’s a shame to see MacNN go, but i have been coming here for over 10 years. Love the comments, and the best place for my Apple news. MDN has a following, so don’t even think about it!!! 🙂

  2. Yea I’m sad about this……I have a Favorites folder in Safari and open all my sites I check multiple times a day in tabs and sad to loose macnn as one of them!

    1. Why can’t ads be made less obnoxious. Seems to me some simple rules would help.

      1. When I go to your site, allow me to go to the site. Do not interrupt me with some big full page OBNOXIOUS ad that only makes me angry, with some stupid button that says continue on to site.

      2. When I land on your site, nothing that I don’t click on should be moving our making noise. If I’m interested in the ad I’ll click on the damn thing. Otherwise IT’S OBNOXIOUS AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS MAKE IT STOP.

      3. Ads should not be mixed in with content, they should be on the sides.

      If you make the experience tolerable, people will be less likely to use adblockers. As it is, webpages look like the trash bin next to the mailboxes in some crap apartment building.

  3. I’m so disgusted with Apples Liberal nonsense lately that I’ve pretty much lost all interest in the company and don’t read the news sites daily or even more often like I used to. I’m not alone feeling this way either. I used to wait with baited breath for the tiniest glimmer of amazing new products. I’d set aside a whole day to watch a keynote to make sure I didn’t miss a second. Nowadays I couldn’t be more disappointed with what’s left. Tim Cook has ruined it for so many of us Apple lovers. You know what Jobs would have called him if he saw this today? A Gay panzy wuss princess fag. Nice job giving out participation trophies you looser. I’m glad the rifle emoji you banned won’t get up and hurt anyone on its own.

    1. You are truly deluded if you think Steve would call Tim Cook anything of the sort. Having worked with him for so many years and chosen him as his successor I am sure he knew a lot more about the fella than you could ever imagine. I think Apple is better off with people such as yourself having interest in them. I suspect Dell would probably be more suited to your limited intelectual capacities which I guess hit a high in connecting news of a Apple related site closing down to a personal attack of Tim Cook. But I guess it displays the warped nature of many.

    2. @DJFired If you’ve lost interest in Apple because Tim Cook doesn’t meet your sexual guidelines, then you may want to take other steps. I’m sure there’s somebody gay at your grocery store. Just to be safe you’ll have to grow your own food. And when you order the seed, be sure the delivery driver isn’t gay or doesn’t know someone who’s gay.

      And when you give up on finding something important because gay people are involved, then you’ll have to book a flight to Saudi Arabia. Scratch that idea. There might be a ticket agent or flight attendant who’s not certifiably hetero. I guess you’ll have to row a boat over. Have a safe trip.

  4. Sadly MacNN chose to keep their website design in 1997 and their political leanings far left. Plus they required logging in to make a comment.

    MDN is the place to be.

  5. Wow, no more “fresh” weekend news…My bookmark goes way back too…

    All good things come to an end…thanks for keeping the flame alive all these years MacNN.

    1. Unfortunately someone did buy out (possibly still when it was MacCentral but I no longer remember) and the site quickly went downhill. My favorite thing is when they have stories reviewing purely Windows gear. I’m like this is right? Unfortunately, has been doing the same thing for years. They did still have some good content though so I am sad to see it go.

  6. Remember when Mac news sites were about Macs? Remember when there was Mac news? Yeah, that was great.

    Perhaps Apple’s market has changed from people who innovate to people who like to watch.

    1. That’s certainly true. Years ago I used to go on MacRumors forums for all sorts of conversations about creative things. The forums were full of musicians, writers, designers, artists, photographers, or those that appreciated their work. The threads were either informative or just witty off-topic nonsense.

      These days that site is full of whinging millennials bitching at each other, and I think the same is true of the wider Mac audience. The Mac is still my computer of choice, but it’s just a computer now. The community feel there used to be around it has gone.

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