Apple’s ‘Global Apps for Earth’ campaign with WWF raises more than $8 million

Apple and WWF’s Apps for Earth campaign raised awareness among hundreds of millions of people and generated more than $8 million in total proceeds to support WWF’s conservation work. WWF announced the results this week at WWDC in San Francisco.

During the ten-day campaign in April, Apple, WWF and 24 developers worked together to help the planet, one app at a time.

Through interactive and educational content created exclusively for Apps for Earth, the campaign gave participants an opportunity to actively engage in conservation and contribute to WWF’s mission.

100% of the proceeds from participating apps and In-App Purchases go to support WWF’s conservation work.

The campaign is the second time Apple has partnered with WWF. Last year, they kicked off a multi-year partnership to protect up to a million acres of responsibly managed forest across China, furthering Apple’s work to lower its footprint and conserve resources throughout its entire operation.

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MacDailyNews Take: Environmentally conscious smartphone users have one very clear choice: Apple Inc.’s iPhone.

Buying an Android knockoff likely means contributing electronic waste and damaging the environment.

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