What went missing at WWDC 2016

“Apple Music subscribers are getting plenty of new features this fall with iOS 10. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for iTunes users as a whole,” Bryan M. Wolfe writes for App Advice. “The app remains bloated on Mac and Windows. The iOS version is a little bit more streamlined, but some tweaking here would also be helpful.”

“Apple spent almost 15 minutes discussing all of the new features in iOS 10’s Messages app. Unfortunately, it didn’t announce a rumored version of Messages for Android devices. Whether we like it or not, the majority of smartphone owners in the world use Android,” Wolfe writes. “Therefore, it would make sense for Apple to bring its Messages app to that platform.”

“We love the single login for Apple TV and can’t wait to use it,” Wolfe writes. “We’re also thrilled that Sling TV has finally arrived for the device. What we’re still hoping to see is Apple’s long-rumored video streaming service.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The scuttlebutt is that iTunes is being worked on, so hopefully, we’ll see that sooner than later. The same goes for Apple’s skinny bundle(s) for Apple TV. And, don’t give up hope for Messages for Android just yet.


  1. Totally disagree about porting Messages to Android. Why do they think Apple added third-party iMessage Extensions? Just to delight its customers? I don’t think so. To strengthen the Mac/iOS network effect.

    If I have an iPhone and/or a Mac, and I chat with somebody else with an iPhone and/or a Mac, we get all of these awesome features. I assume if they’re on Windows or Android, they just see GIFs and static placeholders where my awesome animated content is. It’s smart. Porting these features to Android would be stupid. Especially the iMessage Extension SDK. Does this guy really think Apple would want to be the gatekeeper for Android software? You an buy iOS iMessage Extensions through Apple’s App Store. I don’t see Apple added that to Google Play.

    This was just a silly, uninformed assertion.

    1. It was unfounded rumour that has turned out to be totally wrong, but media somehow still stick to it.

      As to iTunes, there is no doubt that the reformed version is in the works. Apple takes a long time, though, so no wonder it is not ready yet.

      1. I think we will see the reveal on the iTunes update at the next hardware event. Either Apple needs more time to work on it or they didn’t want to cram it into an already full presentation. I would think a serious revamp of iTunes will need some time to show

  2. The black chick trying to get software developers to clap to ghetto trash was embarrassing for Apple.

    Yet another thing Jobs would not have allowed.

    1. I find it demeaning and manipulative getting the audience to do something it would not spontaneously do on it’s own. Those are forced Microsoft monkey boy “Developers! Developers! Developers!” tactics. And people don’t like being manipulated.

      1. You’re a dickhead. You’re horrible. You’re disgusting. You make me sick. Fuck you. No one has the right to make fun of, or hurt, or abuse, or exploit, or murder, any other animal, for any reason. Humans are no more special than any other creature.

    2. I didn’t think it was embarrassing, but we all knew that that crowd wasn’t going to jump up on a Monday morning developers conference to start rapping. I suspect that she did too.

      1. Because why would a bunch of white nerds know anything about the song that is the origin of hiphop? BTW, referring to her as the “black chick” is more demeaning by a long shot considering her rather important position as an executive in the company. Scratch that, it is demeaning even if she was a janitor.

        1. Apple is good at placing its affirmative action tokens in the spotlight as props. You think she got her job based on being the best and her race had nothing to do with it? lol

    3. The ‘black chick’ was Boz Saint John, the head of global consumer marketing for Apple Music.
      No, I would never buy that track and no I don’t listen to rap, as I find most of it to be offensive and insipid, but I found the segment she did to be delightful.

      Jim, please go and boil your head.

    4. I find that most people aren’t aware of the variety of personalities among we humans and just how incoherent one personality can seem to another. She was clearly a ‘people person’ or Relational personality. Little did she comprehend that she was yelling ‘Come On!’, encouraging people to dance, to the exact opposite personality group, the Producers. They tend to look at the Relational personalities as if they’re a bit deranged. Thus the classic clash between marketing people and R&D people.

      IOW: She should have had a better understanding of her audience. But it was all in fun on her part.

    5. Rap is not music, is offensive in the extreme and has no place at a developer conference.

      And Ms Thang needs to be told the 1970’s called and wants her ‘natural’ back.

      If I paid to attend a Developer conference and some random marketing chick tried to waste my time and insult my intelligence with rap I would be very pissed. Rappers are people too stupid or lazy to learn a musical instrument.

  3. As for the topic of the article…. No way was Apple going to take time from introduction of new software and service to discuss the rebuild of iTunes. I saw a couple of empty seats and think those were the guys left back at Apple to work on it.

  4. Do you think Android users would use an Apple Messages app if Apple made it for them?
    The biggest convenience for me would be to have text message conversations with Android users from my Mac. But talking them into installing Apple’s software would still be a challenge.

  5. Who uses Apple music? i find it weird and not at all what i want. I find it full of pop junk and odd choices. Nothing like what i get with Slacker radio.
    Slacker i swear is under loved because pandora gets talked about more but i honestly one thing i don’t get with apple is Apple Music.

    1. uuuhhh my family and I love Music. Never heard of Slacker. Used Pandora didn’t like it. Music integrates with my Sonos system, works great in my car and at work. Look forward to the upgrades but all in all LOVE IT!

  6. iTunes music ( bought and paid for ) and Apple Music ( rented like Real Networks and Microsoft pioneered ) should be separate apps. And we should be able to install or delete one or both at our choosing.

    The 13 million suckers that intend to rent their rap & bubblegum pop can have an app and the 800 million plus of us who choose to buy our music do not have to be afflicted with Beats One, suggestions, and all the other BS. Let the people and free market decide.

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