Check out Apple’s insanely ambitious tree-planting plans for its new spaceship campus

“While construction crews work furiously to finish Apple’s mammoth new headquarters in Cupertino this year, another critical piece of the campus’ design is taking shape 100 miles to the east,” Chris O’Brien reports for VentureBeat.

“In a cluster of East Bay nurseries, Apple has been growing more than 4,600 trees, which are nestled in large, wooden boxes,” O’Brien reports. “Some time later this year, Apple’s team of arborists will start shipping these trees two or three at time to Cupertino, where they will be painstakingly planted as part of the broader landscaping plan. The investment in these trees represents the kind of attention to detail, quality, and finish that is classic Apple. Rather than just planting seedlings and watching them develop slowly over 20 years, as many developers do, Apple is hoping to come as close as possible to creating the sensation of a thick, forest-like wonderland right from the start”

“It’s the scale of Apple’s landscaping plans that seem to have no precedent, arborists say,” O’Brien reports. “Apple has confirmed publicly that the total number of trees planted will exceed 8,000. That’s a big increase over the 3,616 that were on the land before. And it’s well over the 4,422-tree minimum that would have been required by Cupertino planning rules.”

Apple's Mothership" Campus 2 - Street view from East Homestead Road
Apple Campus 2. (Street view from East Homestead Road)

More info and images in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Unapologetically arbored.

Leave it to Steve Jobs and Apple to accomplish something that’s never been done before!

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  1. I find it confusing, that on one hand this is such typical “Apple” and on the other hand product and production is so un “Apple/Steve” like.

    I would like to suggest that Apple is a fluid organization, along the lines of many others and all aspects grow and ebb. What is Apple like, is us, the culture of Mac and all things historically Apple, for good or worse.

    I am happy for the new campus and I am happy to be an Apple customer for as long as I can.

    May peace and rainbows, make your future bright.

  2. Apple is preparing to turn over a new leaf, Eight thousand trees with an average of 200,000 leaves yields 1.6 billion new leaves. Let’s hope at least one of them represents a determination to better serve their loyal Mac Pro users. 🌳 🌿🍃🍂

  3. What’s funny is that the wooden boxes each tree is sitting in probably took a whole tree being cut down to make the box. Hopefully they’re reusable. It’s like using 3 paper towels to clean a glass instead of using 1 paper cup.

    1. Why bother even making the comment? Are you so angelically pure? Own any shoes made of leather? Own any clothes made of artificial materials that come from petroleum products? Any household goods made of plastic? I trust you walk everywhere.

      1. I didn’t say they shouldn’t do it. I couldn’t care less. I just said it was funny. You don’t have to be a complete internet asshole like 99% of people online who are angry like you because they live in their parent’s basement.

    1. Meme. Apple has consistently fumbled and bumbled, including during the Jobs era. But you and Birdseed would rather ignore that fact. Sometimes I think your point is to KILL APPLE. Throwing some arbitrary ‘New CEO’ at Apple could not be a more idiotic idea. But that’s what you’re propounding, aren’t you?


      Then WHO? You have no idea.

  4. I agreed with you until I saw the “whacko” comment. You are much worse than him to publicly say that. I hope you’re mentality and response doesn’t represent this day and age’s thinking. I thought MDN filtered this forum, at least to a degree.

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