Apple releases iOS 9.3.3 beta to public testers

“A day after Apple rolled out the first iOS 9.3.3 beta to developers, it pushed out the software to public testers,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“Users with an 9.7-inch iPad Pro can’t yet get their hands on the new beta. That’s because iOS 9.3.2 caused trouble for owners of that tablet by bricking the device, meaning that installing the update locked up the devices and prevented them from restarting,” Whitney reports. “The first beta of iOS 9.3.3 apparently does not contain a fix for this problem, though the final product likely will. Apple has said it’s investigating the problem.”

“People who wish to join Apple’s Beta Software Program can sign up at the program’s page,” Whitney reports. “All you need is your Apple ID, and the program gives you access to the latest betas of iOS as well as the OS X operating system for the Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Remember: This is a beta. Don’t install on production or business-critical systems.


  1. Yeah. Got it yesterday… No accessibility fixes. Mail still freezes after sending a message with voiceover active, especially when replying to a thread. Not very uplifting, Apple. But I guess they’re waiting for iOS10 to do anything. The fix is probably either just sitting there on the 10 branch, or is dependent on iOS10 code.

  2. Well guess what, 9.3.2 is still a f*cking BETA TEST!!!!!!

    Bricking idevices in 2016, really Timmy?

    We might as well all be running Windows 10 with forced updates, having to deal with this pathetic nagware that harrasses you literally every few minutes to update to sh*tty software that can potentially brick your device.


  3. ibooks still DOES NOT work. So no change there. Since ios 9.3 till ios 9.3.3 ibooks crashes constantly, the sorting isn’t in order anymore, opening books can take about 30 seconds up to a minute and half and the book covers are missing too or easily get “forgotten” by ibooks.

    People with large librarys have the issue. all epubs that come from third partys (aka not apple, another store or PDFs) are targeted. Like when you have a free epub data from the internet (and by that i mean complety legal and free epubs) that you want to open up, you can’t anymore. And the more of them you have, the worse the app gets.

    Apple empleyees admitted that the developers have to look into the issue. But i feel like they want to let us wait till autumn, which is a joke. (You can also look into the Apple discussion forums where a lot of people face the same issues.

  4. I got on the Dev train to install the public beta of 9.2. Went through all the iterations. My phone got really unpredictable. After 9.2 went public my phone downloaded the first beta of 9.3. That’s when software buttons and occasionally even hardware buttons wouldn’t function correctly. Downgrading to the 9.2 didn’t help. Eventually I had to do a Backup/Restore to get a fresh 9.2 which solved everything.

    DO NOT INSTALL THESE and expect your phone to work as normal. 95% of the time it will. The 5% may drive you crazy.

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