Adonit launches new rival to Apple Pencil, $79 Pixel stylus is compatible with iPhone and iPad

“Adonit has been in the stylus game for five years, so when Apple announced it was releasing its own tablet pen last year, I wondered how the company planned to compete,” Caitlin McGarry writes for Macworld. “Now Adonit has a new Bluetooth stylus, the $80 Pixel, which is more accurate and responsive than its older products but still no match for the Apple Pencil.”

“So who might want to buy an Adonit stylus now that Apple has changed the game?,” McGarry writes. “Anyone who doesn’t own an iPad Pro.”

“Take the iPad Pro, and therefore the Pencil, out of the equation, and Adonit’s stylus is a more compelling buy,” McGarry writes. “Adonit has pulled off a huge feat in creating a stylus that can be used with so many of Apple’s products, though the iPad Pro’s pen-friendly display is the obvious winner. If you can’t or won’t splurge on a Pro but want a Pencil-like experience, the Adonit Pixel is a winner.”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve tested some of Adonit’s older styluses, but this one sounds like it’s in different league. Anyone tried out a Pixel stylus, yet?


  1. My favorite and most used device is an iPad Mini with retina display. My wish list is just for a pencil. I want a Pro model Mini. Is that asking too much? 9.7″ is too big most of the time. My old (but still usable) iPad2 seldom gets used.

    So, this might be a way for me to get something like a Pro Mini until apple gets around to doing one.

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