Purported photos of iPhone 7 reveal beveled protruding camera, new antenna lines, and more

“Via Weibo, the [below] image is claimed to be a real photo of an actual iPhone 7 back, not a mockup or case,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“Most interestingly in this picture is the new rear camera — it appears to be bevelled and protrude outwards. The camera is also aligned differently compared to current iPhones; it is positioned closer to the top-left corner,” Mayo reports. “The camera hole also appears to be slightly larger than the current 12 megapixel shooter in the iPhone 6s. Unfortunately, people hoping for the camera bump to go away will be disappointed with this leak, as it suggests the bump will continue to be a part of iPhone design for at least another year.”

Purported photo of iPhone 7 rear case
Purported photo of iPhone 7 rear case

Mayo reports, “On the positive side, the new design of the camera does suggest that substantial improvements to photo and video quality are on the cards…”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As per the 4.7-inch “iPhone 7,” this is “closer to real than not” according to our source, he-who-must-not-be-named.


    1. Reasons why the iPhone 7 is heading for stagnation:

      Apple CEO is dreadfully incompetent, distracted and LAZY

      Looks too much like the phone released almost 3-years ago

      Apple is not innovating

      IOS is bricking devices but stupid Cook is still sending us nagware to update with known crappy software

      Cook removed 3.5mm jack in order to charge us a fortune just to use wired headphones

      No clear way to use headphones and charge phone without a $75 adapter from the incompetent

      1. Wow so sticking with the oldest bit of currently used tech i.e. the headphone jack would be your idea of being innovative in the rather strange world you inhabit. Whatever drug you are on i don’t want some.

      2. Wow, for a lazy guy, Cook is taking the time to send people nagware and removing 3.5mm jacks from phones.
        If you’re not getting it, eventually, I see the iPhone going to wireless charging, and the only opening being for the speaker and microphone.

      3. The iPhone 5s was released 2 years 8 months ago you asshat… The iPhone 6 was released less than 2 years ago… that being said, I am not too happy it is essentially keeping the same form factor for another year… but who knows maybe they’ll shake up the release schedule for the next major design change. But do us all a favor and spout your nonsense on another forum, or at least check your facts, dumbass

      4. Oh. Him again…

        I no longer see any point in bothering to even read your points. You’re just a little turd who likes to abuse others because you hate yourself. You post your hate and nonsense anonymously because you’d be embarrassed if anyone could actually look you in the eye and point out that you’re just a little turd who likes to abuse others because you hate yourself.


      5. You can waste a few moments reading any nonsense post from (anonymous) Joe aka Lackluster iPhone 7, or you can save yourself the time and agravation and just skip (idiot) Lackluster Joe’s post. You aren’t missing a thing except major and rampant troll stupidity

        Guess which option is the better choice?

  1. I would gladly have a slightly thicker phone to get rid of that camera bevel and allow a larger battery so that I don’t have to charge my phone twice a day. I wish apple would rid themselves of this silly idea that thinner is always better.

    1. yabooo, that is a reasonable suggestion and I have seen it a number of times in the past on this forum. The camera currently appears to be the limiting factor in iPhone thickness and that makes sense. Unless Apple implements a new folded optics arrangement, there are limits to what can be done in terms of detector array size versus focal length versus aperture, etc. If people want improved photo quality, then something has to give. If increased phone thickness gets rid of the protrusion and enables a reasonable addition to battery life without making the iPhone feel like a brick, then fine, I am all for it.

      Years ago I had a phone with a lump near the top for a Kodak camera. The camera was good for its time and I did not mind the lump too much. That is another option – the whole phone does not have to be thicker.

  2. The camera sticking out is not a huge issue for me because I put mine in a case. The reason I put mine in a case is not for protection but rather that I find the current design too thin to comfortably hold based on how smooth it is. I have had 4 iPhones and the only damage I have ever caused one is on my current iPhone 6 when I was taking it out of my pocket and it slipped out of my hand like a bar of soap and cause a tiny crack on the edge of the glass at the top. I dropped it two other times (undamaged luckily) before I decided that going without a case was probably not going to work for me.

    I would love if they moved the power button back to the top. I can’t believe Tim Cook, Jony Ive or any other top Apple person has never inadvertently turned it off when trying to change the volume as their fingers have been positioned directly opposite each other.

    1. I’m constantly turning the phone off when I hold it landscape mode and use the + Volume button to take a picture. The power button should be on the top OR on the back (I saw this on an Android phone and thought it was GREAT!).

  3. Ironically the biggest problem with the iPhone 7 is that I freaking love my iPhone 6s Plus. Best phone I’ve ever had. Not a single glitch. And when I talk to other people on iPhone 6, I can’t believe how strikingly clear they sound. Anyone else notice this? My phone is fast. It is fast with fingerprint recognition. The camera is fantastic.

    I think I’m going to have to lose it or break it before I start looking for a new one, and that’s a problem.

  4. Hoping the “glass” isn’t flush with the bezel..or sticking out like in the 5..I don’t use a case and having a camera lens be the only thing exposed is bad design (5 lenses scratched easily). I don’t mind the “bump” as long as the lense isn’t sticking out in a way that allows it to contact a surface when the phone is placed on a table face up.

    1. I agree that the lens optics should not protrude from the protection of the housing – hopefully that is not the case.

      I was under the impression that Apple uses sapphire lenses/covers on its iOS products to minimize the risk of scratches. If so, then the lenses are harder than most everyday materials and should not get scratched easily.

    1. It’s unmistakeable that the troll count is going up on this site. Not sure what to make of it. Is MDN linking to new sites in an effort to boost its search rankings, which would bring in a different crowd? Or is it the general ennui the country is feeling as evidenced through this whacky political year? Discontent seems to be this year’s theme.

    2. @Silverhawk1 Banning them doesn’t cure them. Have some compassion! They badly need social interaction, they get that at MDN. It’s healthy for troll hunters too, as it keeps them sharp. Also there is a comedy element with some of the trolls. It would be sad to lose that. Furthermore Apple has played the bumbler all too often, provoking some Apple fans to rant exactly like trolls. The only way I can tell them apart is the quality of the name-calling.

  5. I had to look. *guilty*

    It seems to me that the BUMP is now an incentive for everyone to get a case that negates it. Innovate on Apple! But the BUMP is not a joyful feature.

    I like the new antenna locations. Nicer lines for the artistic eye. Just so long as it works well.

  6. Just grasping at straws but maybe the camera is some sort of fisheye lens that takes 180 degree captures. This, combined with another camera on the front, and software innovations might produce content for VR. This would be innovative – a portable VR recorder.

    1. Interesting idea, but the forward-facing camera on iPhones has always been lower resolution. Maybe that is changing on the 7, but then there would have to be a camera bump on the front, as well. Just imagine the screams of outrage!

    2. Apple could eliminate the need for the camera bump by using a 45 degree mirror to channel the image along the plane of the iPhone, which would provide significant depth for optical adjustment.

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