Potential iPhone 7 leak reveals frame with four speakers, new flash alignment

“Until the day of Apple’s launch event, when the company formally draws the curtain back on the next generation of iPhone, conflicting rumors will almost certainly keep us guessing about the phone’s final design,” Stephen S. reports for phoneArena.

“While we wait for more definitive answers, a new image of a possible in-development iPhone 7 shell exposes us to some further possibilities for the hardware changes that could be coming to Apple’s next handsets,” Stephen S. reports. “The new look for edge-hugging antenna lines is again present (if a bit difficult to see with this odd color scheme going on here), but those edges appear to house grilles for a quad-speaker arrangement – just like on the new iPad Pro models.”

Stephen S. reports, “In addition to the extra speakers, this shell also moves the rear camera’s flash down below the lens, instead of the side placement we’re used to from existing iPhone models.”

Read more, and see the images, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If the sound is anything like the iPad Pros, it’ll be a big improvement from the current iPhone lineup.

Analysts: ‘iPhone 7’ likely to dump 3.5mm headphone jack for second speaker – February 16, 2016


    1. If Apple were “truly” innovating, they’d change the entire back plate into a subwoofer, and then power it so it could loosen bolts and nuts! Anything less would be just so “meh”.

      1. HA! I’m not sure what frequencies you could get out of a ‘subwoofer’ on something the size of an iPhone. But I am certainly impressed with the bass quality of the current Apple EarPods (ear buds). Getting that sound amplified with quality into hardware you could hear coming from an iPhone would seem to be a problem.

  1. It sounds like the iPhone is just a scaled down iPad pro.

    I guess without Jobs coming up with innovative ideas, all Cook can do is to increase the size, decrease the size, change this, change that, but nothing really special that makes the consumer want to buy. Instead, Cook is flying around Asia with bribe money to increase market share.

    Maybe if Cook did something great, he wouldn’t need to toss around bribe money.

    No Jobs, no innovation.

  2. Yehhh, I’m with jambro. It’s obvious that no-one wants to buy all these useless Apple products by the fact that they make the vast majority of the profits of the whole mobile industry. Oh, wait a minute… that can’t be right.

    Seriously, jambro, why do you bother typing such empty, stupid drivel? If you want to troll, at least make A LITTLE BIT of effort… to maybe give your trolling a grain of validity, a tiny fragment of logic and link to reality.

    1. Everyone knows Apple makes their $ from the iPhone, but that pace has fallen because of a lack of innovation, hasn’t it?

      Phone sales are soft and Cook has no idea how to increase it now that the watch is a dud.

      btw, I own both large and small iPad pros with 2 pencils, a 5k iMac, and I even have the 20th anniversary mac. The rest of my family have tons of macs and my very first mac was the Powermac 8100. So just FYI, I follow mac products like religion, but apple’s recent offerings have been duds and copies of competitor products.

      Like I said, No Jobs = No Innovation.

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