Siri for Mac’s Colorful Waveform Dock icon leaks in screenshots

“New screenshots of a Siri menu bar and Siri app icon suggest Apple is indeed working on bringing Siri to the Mac in its 2016 operating system update,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“The screenshots were shared with MacRumors by a source who has provided us with reliable information about Apple’s software plans in the past,” Clover reports. “In the menu bar, there’s a simple Siri black and white icon that features the word ‘Siri’ surrounded by a box, while the full dock icon is more colorful and features a colorful Siri waveform in the style of other built-in app icons.”

Clover reports, “In addition to accessing Siri through these two buttons, a hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ activation command is also supported.”

Read more, and check out the screenshots, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That Dock icon for Siri is pretty much perfect! Not that we’ll use it because with always-on “Hey Siri” on our Macs, there won’t an Echo in here.

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    1. I have a 98″ (not a typo) Mac. Just hooked up a new MacBook to a really large 4K LG TV and use a little rolling stand with wireless keyboard and trackpad.

      It is just as easy to create a curved screen Mac.

      Multiple monitors come nowhere close to the usability of a “wallscreen”: Enormous room to spread out windows, great for demoing stuff for others, lets me operate without a big desk taking up space, and also lets me work without reading glasses.

      I am drooling at the idea of a 120″ curved screen, but prices need to come down.

  1. The big question will be what year the cutoff is for Siri-capable Macs. My 13″ Haswell Air has the improved mics for dictation so I expect I’ll be ok, but with Apple you never know.

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