Apple preps fix for 9.7-inch iPad Pros bricked by iOS 9.3.2

“Apple is investigating yet another iOS update bug, one that has impacted 9.7-inch iPad Pro devices,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“On Monday, Apple pushed out version 9.3.2 of its iOS mobile operating system,” Whitney reports. “Not long after, people started posting messages on online support forums complaining that the update bricked their 9.7-inch iPad Pro tablets.”

“Many say they received an ‘Error 56’ message, which instructs them to plug their device into iTunes,” Whitney reports. “The current snafu seems to affect only the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, launched in March as the latest member of the iPad family. Why the problem appears to impact only the smaller and newer iPad Pro and not older iPads or other iOS devices is unknown.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Affected? Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your 9.7-inch iPad Pro to factory settings. More info here.


    1. You know, I’ve been using Windows for decades and I have never had anything close to this ever happen to me!

      Who in the world would’ve ever thought that Apple would become far worse than Microsoft???

      1. I’ve been using macs and windows for decades and I’ve never had this happen with macs, but have frequently experienced this with windows. I’ve also never been fooled by the Apple haters who show up on websites oriented towards Apple and try to mask their BS as being true.

    2. Cook is just faking it as a Jobs replacement. He’s too busy trying to grow market share in China and India, as opposed to focusing on quality in their software, which has become a mess.

      I expect in the next year, they will be just another tech company in SV, like a HP, Dell or Xerox. Nothing special, nothing great.

    3. “They have the nerve to force you to install this crap with nagware!”


      Apparently, you don’t know what ‘nagware’ is, ‘cuz Apple isn’t using it.

  1. Didn’t effect us. We have both the 12.9 and 9.7″ pros. I’ve often wondered if these bugs aren’t a reaction to one specific app these users have on their devices… I think it would be worth looking into. It’s always interesting that nobody asks that question.

  2. WTF? What else can anyone expect from Tim Cook? Apple has become an embarrassment? Apple is in total disarray. Apple is in free fall. I expect things to get worse and worse with Cook.

    1. “Apple has become an embarrassment?”
      No. It has not.

      ” Apple is in total disarray. Apple is in free fall.”
      You’re completely delusional. Maybe you should stop drinking the koolaid?

    2. Joe is going for the record in consecutive things humans might say to make them look incredibly stupid and foolish. One Note Doofus Joe is the classic textbook obnoxious snot-nosed cretinous kid. I suppose the thing is to be ignoring him completely since attention is what he craves being the sick bastard he is.

  3. Does Apple not do any testing before releasing software upgrade any more?

    Surely with so many recent stuff-ups it should have learnt a lesson or two. Surely Apple must have automatic and standard pre-release regimes in place.

    Apple needs programmers who can do real programming and not just ones who can only do the pretty images and color the text.

  4. Now that is not a surprise, that has been happening with every major iOS release, and Apple is different, unlike other software makers they don’t just inject small bugs they completely bring down the device by bricking it and will require a roundabout way to make the device working again.

  5. I am one more 9.7 Pro owner here that updated without a problem.

    If you had a problem with the update, by all means share your experience here. I wish the rest of you trolls would go away. You add nothing to the conversation. The fact is there has not been an OS update (any OS) in the past 50 years that hasn’t presented problems for some small portion of the user base. There is no way to test for every potential software conflict, iOS has a mammoth user base. Quit getting hysterical over this.

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